New In: Beauty Products
Hope you guys had a great weekend! We stayed pretty busy with the Taste of Randolph, Father’s Day brunch, and our engagement pictures (better late then never right?). I wore this simple white maxi with these sandals and this dress with these nude heels. I can’t wait to see how they turned out! My friend Jacqui was in town from Tampa and took them for us. You have to check out her website and insta – she is crazy talented and takes gorgeous pictures. Okay, on to today’s post…I’ve got so many new beauty products to share!
I’m all for anti-aging products (insert hand raising emoji here) and have been so impressed SkinCeuticals. I’ve been using this lotion after cleansing twice a day and really feel like I’ve seen improvement on my skin. It’s really hydrating and and lightweight. I’m guilty of being terrible about putting sunscreen on my face in the past. Mainly because I could never find one that I absolutely love and didn’t leave my face feeling sticky. I honestly give this one five stars. I can’t even tell it’s on after I apply. And lastly, this mask. I use it weekly to deep clean my pores and really like it. I have no problem paying a little more for skincare…skin is forever!
I’ve snapped these gold eye patches by Peter Thomas Roth a few times – I seriously love these!! I know I saw that a lot but it’s true! You put them on for only 10 minutes and your eyes feel rejuvenated. I always use them on no makeup days so my eyes look refreshed. Kyle even likes to use them 😉 This cream helps lift and firm your skin and leaves an amazing glow. Sometimes I wear it alone or mix a little in with my moisturizer. I also got this cucumber mask. I haven’t used it yet but heard good things and can’t wait to try.
On to some new hair products…I expressed my concern of dry hair, so this shampooconditioner, and mask were recommended. I would highly recommend this if you color your hair or put a lot of heat on it. My hair feels stronger and softer. This spray is used for messy, beach waves. I like it because it doesn’t leave your hair feeling crunchy like some sprays do.
This dry shampoo is great. It absorbs the oil and smells good!
These brushes are the holy grail of makeup brushes! I’ve had them for months and still keep them in the box because I’m too afraid of ruining them! This is the Elite Smoke Set and can be used on your eyes, brows and lips. And this is the Elite Smoke Oval 8 brush which is used to apply foundation.
Urban Decay overload! This weightless ultra definition liquid makeup is so great. It’s exactly what the name is – weightless, defining, and natural. It’s great for summer when you want that “no makeup, makeup” look. Hope that makes sense! I use shade 1.5. I throw this compact in my purse – it’s a bronzer, highlighter and blush all in one. Perfect for on the go! I rarely wear eye shadow but when I do, I keep it subtle. These shades are laced (matte) and sin (champagne shimmer) – both are very neutral. They have so many fun colors and the names of them are so amazing (foxy, maui wowie, fireball – lol!). I use the regular setting spray so was excited to see they came out with a cooling spray for summer!
sin (champagne) | fireball (peach with pink shift) | gilded honey (caramel honey)

That was a bit of an overload (I’ll post a little more about them on snap – username is @somewherelately!) but let me know if you have questions about any of the products. Have a great Monday babes! xx