Renovation Realities: My Kitchen
Happpppy Monday ladies, hope you all had a great weekend! We’re going on week 4 without a kitchen, so I thought I’d give you an update as to what we’ve done, what the plans are, and some design decisions we’ve made (as well as a few decisions I need help with). I feel like I can’t make a decision to save my life…I’m second guessing everything I had planned, lol…I need major help! Okay, here we go…
KITCHEN BEFORE – Stuck in the 90s! 
Check out that UFO light lol. The photos below were taken when we were packing everything up before demo so please excuse the mess and missing microwave. 
Since demo, the wood floor has been laid, electric is complete, and we’re in the process of closing the walls. You can see the new wood is obviously a different color than the adjacent – we will be refinishing all of the floors in our house at the same time. You might remember we refinished the floors when we moved in, but we’ve had  a few issues with them (the stain has started coming off in certain spots and peeling), so we are going to redo them again. This is what our kitchen looks like today.
We have red oak floors, and want to go for a brown/gray finish. I saw this on Pinterest and liked a few of these colors…do you have a favorite or another suggestion?! I think my favorite is the classic gray & jacobean mix. 
If you follow us on Snapchat (somewherelately), you may have seen our lighting options. We still haven’t decided on pendant lights for over the island, but these black cone pendants won by a landslide on my snapchat survey, and they were our original choice so I feel like they might be the winner. Here’s the overall look at the moment with those pendants…

Okay, need more help…the wall that our range & hood are on will only have lower cabinets, no uppers. Right now we have a stainless steel hood, but I started wondering if we should do something different…shocker! Here is the rendering of that wall…the range hood will actually extend to the ceiling, not just sit on the wall as it looks in these pictures. 
Here is the look we were originally planning for with the stainless range hood:
But now I’m second guessing it after seeing a few ideas that I loooove on Pinterest (of course!). The first option is a shiplap hood like this one:
And the last option would be a subway tile range hood (without the wood shelf surround):
Which one is your favorite?! #soconfusedoverhere
Please please let me know what you think, I’m struggling!