Amazing Moments
Wedding planning is in full swing over here so I thought it would be fun to share our engagement pictures and tell the story of how Kyle popped the question! We got engaged last September and aren’t getting married until June 2017. It seems like forever away but with how fast time is going, I’m sure it will be here before we know it!
We went to Dallas for Labor Day weekend last year for a long weekend of swimming and hanging out with Kyle’s family. Kyle’s mom offered to watch Camden one night so we could go have a long-overdue date night. Before dinner Kyle wanted to do a blog shoot at this spot he saw online. I was ready to and came downstairs and he was wearing his dinner outfit (long sleeve button down) and I kept telling him to change because he was going to die of heat doing a blog shoot in that! It was SOO hot that day. He claimed we were going straight to dinner but I told him we would have to come back so I could pump (mom life!) so he could change then. He wouldn’t change and I was annoyed he was being stubborn 😉 
He brought me to the Dallas Arboretum and it was gorgeous! We walked around to a few different gardens. Then we walked to this gorgeous pathway of trees and he snapped some pictures of me. He told me that something was missing and I looked around kind of confused, and then I looked back at him and he was getting down on one knee. I immediately started crying bawling (thank you hormones) and asked him if this was “real life”. I actually asked him that like ten times and he was finally like YES stop asking and let me speak! I blacked out a little too…did that happen to anyone else?! His sister and her husband we’re hiding and captured it all on camera. It was perfect. 

We went back to his parents house and were surprised with champagne and a mini party. Kyle booked us a suite at Hotel Joule (forever my favorite!) and dinner at Fearing’s. We drank an obscene amount of champagne and had an amazing night celebrating. I was definitely thrown off-guard because we had talked about getting engaged the following spring or summer. Looking back now, he was acting a little funny before we had left for the “blog shoot”. He seemed a little nervous and opened beers for us – but I would have never thought he was about to propose!

I love hearing people’s engagement stories, and because of that I’ve partnered with Simply Stylist and Dove to share the love story of Louisa and Rob. I love that Dove is celebrating the fact that sometimes the moments that make us sweat, are the most amazing of them all! First date, engagement, moving, having a baby…the best moments in my life have definitely made me sweat. In Dove’s Amazing Moments campaign, they put to test their Clinical Protection Antiperspirant during a real women’s surprise proposal to the love of her life – yes SHE proposed!! It is so sweet! What is an amazing moment that has made you sweat? Dove Clinical Protection offers undeniable wetness protection and has ¼ moisturizers to care for skin.

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Photos by Jacqui Cole Photography