1. Do you have any suggestions for eye creams that are under $50? I have sensitive skin and no discoloration, just looking for one to help age well (or not at all lol).
We both use the Tula revitalizing eye cream and think it would be great for you (we also have sensitive skin!). It is very moisturizing, helps reduce fine lines, and keeps your eyes looking refreshed. It’s also great under makeup. We also have THIS one and love it (just over $50), and we’ve heard amazing things about THIS ONE (only $18!), but haven’t tried it ourselves – check out the reviews though!

2. How did you decide on your kids names?
Brooke: We had a few different names at the top of our list each time, and we would say them out loud and decide which was our favorite and felt “right.” I looked at every website, book, and list possible…I had a LOT of names that I loved and my hubby was like no way lol (his requirement is that it needs to look good on a resume – ha!). However, we never set the name in stone until they were born…just in case! 😉
Meggan: I had the hardest time coming up with boy names! It was between Hudson and Camden so I would just write them out/say them all the time and Camden was the one that stuck! I first heard the name from Kristin Cavallari.

3. Meggan, what does your arrow tattoo mean, if anything?
It has no meaning…lol! It was one of those spontaneous outings with my friends. Head to snapchat (@somewherelately) to hear the story 😉

4. I’m having a low key bachelorette party in Tuscon, AZ and I have outfits planned for the night, but need daytime casual outfits. I’m already wearing a white romper and jumpsuit at night, so I wanted to change it up and do something different during the day! What do you guys think?
We love this romper (it’s so fun for daytime!), this bodysuit with cutoff shorts (perfect for AZ!), and this linen midi dress if you’re looking for a more casual vibe.

5. I need help finding a handbag for fall – one that is under $200 and goes with neutrals!
This shoulder bag is so perfect for fall and it’s on major sale (goes back to $230 after the sale) – love the leopard and black combo! This drawstring tote comes in four colors (love the taupe) and is only $36. This tassel bucket bag and this tote are great options!

6. I just got engaged and was wondering if you could share some cute ideas for asking your bridesmaids and groomsmen to be apart of your wedding party? How did you guys do it and what was your advice?
Meggan: I gave all my bridesmaids a bouquet of flowers and a card (this one) when I asked them. My friend recently asked me with a bottle of wine that had a personalized label which was so cute (and who doesn’t love vino?!). I also love these mugs – so many cute options! I personally wouldn’t go too over the top, stick to something simple and sweet.
Brooke: It’s been 5 years since I asked my girls to be bridesmaids, and I didn’t do anything cute – just called each of them and asked (because we lived far apart). I feel like people didn’t really do cute things 5 years ago like they do today…but love all of Meggan’s suggestions above! If I was getting married today, I think I would do something like this.

7. I just bought an oversized brim hat like you two have been wearing! How and when can you wear one?! Can I wear it inside a restaurant? Can I wear it in the evening?
You can wear it where ever and whenever you want! We wear ours with jeans & a tee, dresses, to restaurants, running errands, happy hour, really whenever! You can also totally wear it in the evening, but it’s a little more difficult (we think!), and we typically stick to wearing it during the day.

8. I’m stumped on what to get my fiancé for our wedding day gift. Any recommendation would be appreciated!
wallet or a watch (love this one & it’s on sale!) are great gifts – a watch is special because he could wear it on the day of your wedding. You could have a jeweler engrave your wedding date on the back! Cufflinks would also be a great gift – you can get personalized ones like these.

9. I am looking for an outfit that is between daytime work attire and “going out” at night for my work party. I would ideally like to keep the cost around $100 or less. I was thinking either a dress or romper/jumpsuit. Would love your suggestions!
This dress is super cute and on sale! Also loving this jumpsuit (could wear a blazer over it at work), this printed dress, and this jumpsuit (would be cute with wedges!).

10. Meggan, I’m moving to Chicago in a few weeks and I need some hair salon recommendations. I’m a natural blonde and really want to dye my hair brown!
I go to Solo Salon in West Loop and can’t recommend them enough! I go to Lauren but she recently moved to LA so I just catch her whenever she comes back to Chicago (she announces it on her instagram @laurlombardo). But I would also recommend going to Chloe, she’s done my hair and is great at coloring. I’m getting my hair done for a much needed touchup 😉

11. I would love some advice on swimsuits (preferably white) for my destination wedding. They need to be appropriate to wear around guests for our events, excursions, etc. Would love some coverups to go with!
There’s so many white suits we are loving right now! This one is cute (and on sale!), this Marysia one has always been a favorite, and this off-the-shoulder is amazing! This stripped one is really cute and only $16! We are also huge fans of Triangl swimwear – they have SO many cute options. Love the white top with floral bottoms. Perfect for a destination wedding! This crochet caftan is a cute coverup and so is this maxi!

12. What do each of you like to wear on airplanes to look but comfy, especially during the summer months?
Meggan: I seriously wear this jumpsuit with white sneakers almost every time I fly in the summer. It is beyonnndd comfortable and so soft. I throw on a chambray button down if I’m chilly on the plane. I also have a couple knit midi dresses (like this) that I like to wear. I’m all about being comfortable when I travel now, especially since I have a little guy that crawls all over me on the plane!
Brooke: I usually wear these leggings with a tee, and bring a cardigan or a scarf (I’m always freezing on planes), a hat, and sunglasses! The air on airplanes makes your hair really limp, so I like to just put it up in flight, and throw my hat on when we land.

13. I have been searching high and low for a cute dress for my wedding welcome party. I was thinking maybe a maxi, have you ladies seen any that caught your eye?
This one is simple but pretty (love it with a small belt like the model is wearing), this floral one (amazzzing), you could dress this one up with some fun jewelry and sandals, this one is gorgeous and comes in so many colors! AND just found this lace one! Very bridal-ish and something you can wear again and again.

As always, leave your questions for next week below or email them to brookeandmeggan@somewherelately.com with #coffeetalk in the subject line. Hope you all have a fab weekend!! xx

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