1. How often do you both wash your hair? With the summer heat, pool hair and post sweaty workouts, I find myself wanting to wash my hair every other day..ugh! And any suggestions on inexpensive hair masks?
Meggan: I try to only wash my hair 2-3 times a week. I agree it gets hard when you have sweaty gym hair. A trick I’ve done is to splash water on the roots and blow dry. Or I just live in hats ;) I’ve been using this hair mask for years and can’t live without it!
Brooke: I usually wash mine twice/week – but agree, it’s super difficult when you’re getting sweaty at the gym and at the pool! I try to just wear it up until it’s time to wash it again, thank goodness for dry shampoo ;). 

2. Do you know where I can find a cheaper version of the Marysia scallop one-piece swimsuit? I’m looking for a good one-piece that can be worn to baby swim classes.
This one has a high neckline but looks similar and it’s only $43! This is another great option, and we love this one as well! 

3. What are your favorite white gel nail polishes? Do you feel they get dirty looking quickly?
Meggan: My go-to whites are OPI alpine snow and CND cream puff. I always to two thick layers of polish and one thin layer which I think helps make it last longer. But I do feel like they get more dirty looking then other colors but still last about two weeks!
Brooke: I love Funny Bunny & Romantique (which is a bit more pinky than straight white). I agree, they are more difficult to take care of, but I just try to be extra careful when I wear white polish (no peeling oranges for example), and always washing my hands lol. 

4. Any suggestions/tips for a first-time mom with a newborn? My baby girl is 10 days old and I am finding adjusting to my new life is difficult…lack of sleep and constant breastfeeding has me feeling overwhelmed and exhausted! Any advice on how to deal and get through the day would be so helpful!
The good news is, it gets better! We totally know how you feel mama, it can be so challenging the first few months…but you will start to adjust and feel better soon! The best piece of advice we have is to take any help you can get – whether it’s from family members, a significant other, or even a nanny…moms need it! A nap and a hot shower can be total game changers in the first few months, as well as some quality “me” time which can be hard to come by, but is so important. A drive to Starbucks, a mani/pedi…even just 30 minutes to yourself can really help. We always feel like getting up and out of the house can be helpful also – going on a walk, heading to the mall, or anywhere but home. It can be intimidating to take a new baby out and about, but we always felt better when we were out for a little bit each day…it can get lonely and depressing being home alone with the baby all the time. Another great piece of advice we received from the baby nurse was when the baby sleeps, YOU sleep! Rest is really what your body needs those first few weeks so try to relax, put on Netflix or your favorite movie, and rest! And just remember, it gets better! ;)

5. What kind of bra do you wear under bodysuits/backless tops?
Meggan: I use this one and have never had any problems with it – a different one I tried fell down a lot. This one from Target seems to be the same and it’s only $17! If my top is backless but a little loose, I like to wear these petals. One benefit of having smaller boobs ;)
Brooke: I only wear the petals, they are my go-to! 

6. I have a wedding in Austin, Texas…have you girls ever been and recommended an area or place to stay?
 I haven’t been in forever and I’m dying to go back but I asked my friend who’s parents live there and this is what she said: I wouldn’t say Austin is like NYC or SF where neighborhoods are big enough to have specific vibes but Rainey Street and South Congress are great places to stay. Rainey St. is houses converted into bars and there are lots of fun ones with live music, so an Airbnb around there would be super fun. South Congress is really central and also has fun bars and restaurants. Some specific hotels: Hotel Van Zandt (Kimpton property on Rainey), South Congress Hotel (super cool, right on South Congress), Hotel San Jose (hip, minimalist), and JW (downtown, brand new).

7. Meggan, the lilac dress you wore for you engagement pictures is sold out. Any other dupes you know of?
This one looks very similar (plus it’s on sale) and this one is strapless but comparable! 

8. I’m wearing a black dress for a black tie wedding and want to accessorize with gold, but I’m having a hard time finding gold heels. They’re either gaudy or the gold glitter ones (cute but I know I’d never wear them again!).
We found a few options! These are pretty (can definitely be worn again!), this pair is simple and classic and these are cute too!

9. I’m pregnant and would like to wait till about 15 weeks to announce – I have some weddings coming up and would love suggestions of dresses that do a nice job of hiding the bump without making me look like a frump!
This dress is gorgeous and you definitely wouldn’t look frumpy, and we also love this one – black is always slimming and you could accessorize it easily!

10. Any suggestions for raw hem skinny jeans?
I have these and love them (and they’re on sale!). We also really like this pair, this pair (under $100), and this pair! You could also buy a great pair of skinnies, and cut the hem yourself! 

11. Any suggestions on where to find pretty, age-appropriate one piece swimsuits with matching sarongs for middle aged women? I’m going on a trip soon and want to look fashionable even though I’m not a size 2. Also looking for coverups!
La Blanca has a lot of pretty one-piece suits and coverups that are age appropriate! Really love this strapless one (it comes in 5 colors!) and this cross-back one. Miraclesuit also has fashionable one-piece suits. This ombre maxi coverup is pretty, this kimono, this sarong, and this boyfriend shirt coverup. Have fun on your trip!

12. I’m loving all the kitchen renovation snaps! What is the color of the kitchen cabinets and walls?
Thank you! Our walls are not painted yet (just sheetrock), but the walls throughout my whole house are Benjamin Moore China White (which you may have seen on snapchat) – a white that doesn’t have a yellow or pink undertone. The cabinets are Diamond and painted by them during production – the color is white

13. What would be some good outfits for the 4th of July in Los Angeles? I want to be prepared for whatever type of party it may be (casual or cocktail type). I would be okay with showing some skin as long as its tasteful. Less is more ;) I was thinking a white dress maybe? I really want to make a lasting impression on people I meet there.
We are obsessed with this dress and can’t believe it’s under $100! Also love this dress & this one (so cute for a holiday party!) as well, have a fun time at the party! 
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