#coffeetalk & a THANK YOU Giveaway!

1. Any tips on flying with a (mobile) little one? My girl will be 15 months for her first flight, and we’ve been stressing over when to fly (nap time?), what to bring (should we pack the carseat or rent one?), etc. HELP!

Brooke: I know it’s different for every baby, but whenever I’ve tried to plan travel time around nap time, it doesn’t work. It’s definitely more difficult when they are mobile because they don’t want to stay in their seat or on your lap for very long. I would wait as long as possible to board (I know they offer pre-boarding for families, but that just means more waiting in a tight space for your baby), and bring new toys (and snacks!) your baby has never seen before. Try to pull out a new toy every hour (or so) for your baby to play with. Walking up and down the aisles is kind of necessary at this age to keep them busy/entertained. If she will sleep, then you’re all set…sadly, my girls (VERY) rarely sleep on planes, so you just kind of have to roll with the punches. Try not to stress, and just apologize to those around if you if your baby starts to act up ;). Most of the time people are very understanding and willing to help entertain your baby! We have packed our own car seat as well as rented one, and I prefer to pack my own because I know it’s clean, and I know how it works. We use this protective bag and check it (for free!).
Meggan: Camden always slept on planes until a couple months ago which was a rude awakening for me, ha! The last time I tried to time it so he would nap on the plane it ended up being a nightmare because he was overly tired. So now I plan for after his nap so he is in a good mood. I would bring your own carseat (only because you never know what a rented carseat has been through) and if you’re flying Southwest ask if the flight is full. If it’s not you can bring the carseat on and she will have her own spot! As for what to pack: a lot of snacks and new toys. Snacks are pretty much the only thing that gets us through lol! And seriously don’t stress! People fly with their kids all the time and most people have headphones in anyway. I like to sit in the back of the plane because the engines are loud and it drowns out the noise 😉 If you are bringing milk/juice/food pouches through security put it in a separate bin so they can test it quickly.
2. Brooke, where is that necklace that you always wear from?
My girlfriend got it for me for my birthday, but it’s this one & I love it!

 3. My boyfriend and I have an “anniversary” coming up (not married) but he got me a small gift and I want to get him a little something.. I was thinking maybe a black leather bracelet? Not sure but could certainly use some recommendations!
Guys are so difficult to buy for – we feel you girl! One thing that’s always a safe bet is a watch. We love this onethis one, and this one! A leather bracelet is also a great idea – this one is awesome, and we love the details on this one! You could also plan a fun date night & take him out (guys are used to doing all the planning, so it’s a fun change!). Happy Anniversary!

 4. Brooke, I loved your natural makeup for your date night last weekend. Could you tell us what products you used? I’d love to see a short tutorial on snapchat! 
Thank you! Here’s the breakdown: primer (my all-time favorite), using a damp beauty blenderfoundation (I always go back to this one…always! ‘bamboo’ shade), color corrector (‘bisque’ for dark circles), concealer (‘vanilla’ shade), setting powder (the best setting powder ever created!), bronzer (best bronzer for an ‘instant tan’ – it’s matte so it doesn’t look like you caked on bronzer!), blush (‘gingerly’ shade), eyeshadow palette (favorite mattes ever! I use the black one for the eyeliner with this brush), brows (‘chocolate’ shade), and mascara. My friends kept telling me I looked so tan and asked if I had been at the pool all week (LOL more like stuck in my house as ‘general contractor’) – it was the same day I used THIS self tanner, *EDIT* okay just found THIS SET on major sale,  it’s SO worth it! I think having a (fake) tan makes your makeup look better instantly! I can definitely try to do a snapchat tutorial for you!

5. Meggan, what cookbook are you always snapping recipes from on SnapChat? Looks so good!
It’s the Skinnytaste Cookbook and I love it! She slims down recipes (hello chicken enchiladas, lasagna and chicken parm) that you don’t want to cut out of your meal plan. Some of her recipes online (here) but her cookbook has so much more.

 6. What did your moms buy from the Nordstrom sale? I’m a little older, so some of the things just don’t look the same on me ;). I’ve seen both of your moms on the blog/snapchat and they have great style, so I’d love to see what they bought!
Meggan: My momma got these booties, this poncho, and this blouse. She is coming to Chicago next week and we’re planning on making a Nordstrom trip so I’m sure there will be more to add to this list 😉
Brooke: My mom bought this poncho (adding to my cart in gray also!), these sneakers (orange/pink combo) and this top for her workouts, this vest (in gray), this cardigan, this nude lip set, this watch, and this sweater tank! She asked me to help find her some flat booties – I love this pair and these are great as well!

7. Do you ladies exfoliate your face with any special products, brushes, or peels?
Yes! We both use THIS (on sale now!) and love it! We also use this scrub to exfoliate and love the consistency – it’s a gentle, but effective scrub!

8. What are your favorite boutiques in both your cities, NYC and Chicago? Also, do you have a favorite boutique in another city?
Brooke: I love OTTE in NYC, it’s my favorite! I don’t visit a ton of boutiques necessarily, because basically every single brand has their own store in NYC, and then you’ve got Barneys & Bergdorfs!
Meggan: I unfortunately don’t go to a ton of boutiques…I do most my shopping online because I don’t like toting Cam along. But there are a couple cute boutiques I used to shop at on Southport (the cutest street in Chicago!) when I used to live in the area. Sorry I’m not much help!

9. I’m on a tight budget, but want to buy a few goodies from the #NSALE! If you had to choose your top 3 (budget-friendly) items, what would they be? 
THESE faux leather leggings (they are the best & sell out everywhere every year!), a great pair of booties – love THIS PAIR, and a coat or jacket – this one is so amazing and only $65!

10. Finally going to splurge on a more expensive bag, probably Gucci or YSL! I know you both have a nude and black one. Should I do a nude or black one? Which color do you always find yourself carrying more?
Brooke: I definitely use my black bags a lot more often than my nude/tan bags, so I would say if you’re going to splurge on a classic, make it black!
Meggan: I agree with Brooke on going with black – that’s the one I use most. If you need any suggestions I am loving this Saint Laurent and this Gucci 😉
11. I’m looking for a pair of skinny frayed hem jeans. Have you guys seen any good ones?

Yes! I (Meggan) have this pair of Hudson jeans and really like them! Also love this pair (on sale for $45!), this pair and this pair. We’ve also both cut our own hem!

12. Brooke – what are those camel wedges you posted on snap? Need!
They are these from Chloé, but this pair is identical and much more budget-friendly!
 13. What are your go-to face masks? How often do you use them?
Meggan: I have a lot of favorites (kind of a face mask junkie!). This one from Tula, this deep pore cleansing mask (full post on it here), this cucumber gel one by Peter Tomas Roth, and this clay mask from SkinCeuticals.
Brooke: I love THIS ONE from PTR for acne (seriously the best for treating acne!), and THIS ONE for detoxifying and hydrating – it feels so good in the summer! I also love the clay mask from SkinCeuticals that Meggan mentioned.
14. I just discovered a few wrinkles — one between my eyes on my nose and hints of crows feet at the corners of my eyes. I’m religious about skincare and still look young, aside from these new wrinkles, so I’m kind of freaking out and want them gone! What products/beauty treatments do you recommend to help? Also, would you recommend a little Botox or at minimum a consultation to potentially fix this? I’m 28 and this cannot go on — please help!
We both just got this Stacked Skincare Serum & Microroller and honestly honestly are already noticing a difference! Read the reviews, we feel the same so far and we just started using it! We also got the peel and can’t wait to try it – stay tuned! We also love THIS eye cream for the crows feet. I (Brooke) just purchased THIS tool (on major sale!) and can’t wait to try it out – I read SO many great reviews, and finally decided to take the plunge! I (Meggan) have got botox a few times and love it! I say go for it – it’s not permanent if you don’t like it. But be careful, the worst side effect is addiction 😉
 15. I know you both sell gently used clothing on a separate Insta account — great idea for those pieces that aren’t super worn but you just don’t see yourself wearing anymore! What do you recommend for those of us without a huge social following aside from donating clothes to make a little extra cash?
Both of us used Poshmark before creating our instagram – it worked well for us! I (Brooke) did a post on my old blog about selling items on Craigslist, and I think all of these rules apply to selling clothes/accessories as well!


16. I am expecting my first baby and I’m wondering what you would recommend to put on the registry? Also, what strollers do you have? Thanks so much!
We both have Nuna strollers – Brooke has the IVVI and Meggan has the MIXX. As far as registry items go – a bathtub is good to have, diapers (you’ll always use those!), a thermometer, changing table/pad, bottles, velcro swaddles, a Rock n’ Play, pacis…pretty much anything you think you will need! We would stay away from “gadgets” because most of the time they don’t end up working out lol. Baby swings and bouncy seats are also a great idea (they come in very handy 24/7 ha!).

17. Help! I’m about to be a first time mom and all the nursing wear I find is either hideous or not close to my style! Any great recommendation for clothing that is cute and great for nursing moms. I don’t want to compromise my style just for functionality. 
We totally understand! THIS button down would be perfect for style + function (plus we love the fit!), THIS tee has a deep V (for easy access) and is very flowy – perfect for nursing (and it’s on sale for $15!), and anything strapless is obviously super simple – this top is gorgeous and comes in 3 colors!

18. What music do you listen to while working out? Would love some suggestions!
Meggan: I’m bad about downloading music so I just listen to Pandora – usually Calvin Harris or Hip Hop BBQ radio (so many good throwbacks lol!).
Brooke: I usually just listen to Calvin Harris radio or Kanye West radio – anything fast-paced is best for me when working out! My favorite song at the moment is “This is What You Came For,” by Calvin Harris and Rihanna!

19. Do you ladies wear foot petals/pads to prevent your feet from sliding forward when you wear heeled sandals? 
Not usually but we have a few in our closet for backup. If you ask a sales associate at a department store they will give them to you for free!

20. I just moved in with my boyfriend to his one-bedroom apartment and, as you can imagine, all the furniture/decor is pretty manly/bare. Do you guys have tips for adding smaller, gender-neutral touches to brighten up the space // make it feel cozier for a girl?
Accessorizing can really change a space and make it feel cozier and more gender-neutral instead of so manly. Add a throw to the sofa – obsessing over this chunky knit one in gray! Switch out the rugs for some pretty neutral pieces – love this kilim rug. Adding drapes to a space can dramatically change the look and feel – you can find very inexpensive drapes at IKEA! Add a fun mirror to the wall, and pick out some favorite accessories together to really make it suit both of you!

…and NOW for the really exciting part of today’s post! We were talking yesterday, and decided we wanted to do something fun (aka a giveaway) for your ladies because we appreciate and love you all SO much! This blog wouldn’t be possible without you, so THANK YOU! We were talking about how we’re both finally caving and buying a pair of Hunter Boots for fall/winter, and decided we should gift one to one of YOU also – tall or short, and any color you want! THIS pair is the one we’re getting! Enter below, and GOOD LUCK! We will be announcing the winner on next week’s #coffeetalk post! xx


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