Our Drugstore (and other inexpensive) Beauty Favorites – everything under $15

Here today with a reader request (from this post) of drugstore beauty favorites! A lot of our beauty products are on the more expensive side (not crazy expensive, but also not drugstore), but there are quite a few products we LOVE all under $15! Everything on this list is truly something we love – we have a ton of drugstore beauty products, but only put our absolute favorites on this list for you!

Rose Salve – this is probably our #1 favorite inexpensive beauty item. There’s nothing better for chapped lips/skin. HANDS DOWN best best best ever (we even like this better than expensive lip serums we’ve tried!). We love this one (on sale!) and this one.

Simple Face Wipes – These are perfect for days when you’re super lazy, and don’t feel like removing your makeup. I have sensitive skin and these don’t irritate it at all.

Rimmel Lipstick – This is my favorite nude drugstore lipstick ever! The consistency is perfect, and the color is amazing (I use shade 14).

Burt’s Bees lipstick – We both love the color options this lipstick comes in, and the consistency is great!

Maybelline Lip Liner – I love love love this lip liner (I use the shade Toast)! It’s creamy, and doesn’t rub off quickly.

NYX matte lip cream – this is so good! We love the shades: Stockholm, Tres Leches, and Milan.

Flower Cheek & Lip Chubby – I have this in the shade ‘Apricot a lot,’ and I love it! It really works great for both cheeks and lips and the color is perfect!

Maybelline Dark Circles Eraser – I really loooooove this concealer, it’s the only drugstore concealer I’ve tried and love. I’m really picky about concealer and need FULL coverage – this gives it to you and I love the application, it’s super easy!

NYX Color Correcting Concealer – This palette is a great drugstore color corrector option. The consistency is great, and it works well! I also love this color corrector for redness (my main issue).

L’Oreal Instant Tan Lotion – I linked this the other week along with my favorite self-tanners, but again this is awesome! It goes on easily without streaking (I mix it with a little lotion), gives you instant color, and dries quickly! We also love these tanning towels!

Flower Mascara – This is a new one we’ve recently tried & love! We love the option of adjusting the brush to achieve different lash looks!

Bottom Lash Mascara – We didn’t even know we needed this until we tried it and now there’s no turning back! No under-eye smudges or mistakes with this little guy!

L’Oreal Telescopic Mascara – This was the ONLY mascara I used for over 3 years, and I love it. It’s still at the top of my mascara lists (of any price!). I have pretty lame lashes naturally, and this makes them nice and long without being clumpy.

We love finding new drugstore favorites! Please let us know what we need to try in the comments below! xx