Wedding Season – our tips & favorites
Wedding season is in full swing, and whether you’re planning your wedding (like Meggan), or attending one (both of us!), you can find everything you could possibly want & need (and then some) at Nordstrom
Brooke’s Tips:
Bridesmaid Dresses – I purchased my bridesmaids’ dresses at Nordstrom, and now they have an entire section dedicated to bridesmaid dresses under $200 – great when you’re trying to stick to a budget! Order your bridesmaids’ dresses as early as possible because it can be really difficult to find sizes for everyone (especially during wedding season!). So, the earlier you order, the more likely they are to have sizes for all of your girls. 
Shoes – I wore these shoes for my wedding (almost 5 years ago!), and they were so comfortable…I’d definitely buy them again! Comfortable shoes are a must to get you through the entire day/night! This pair is a great budget-friendly option.  
Consider Two Dresses – I wore two dresses, which was probably my favorite decision looking back. My ceremony dress was so tight and heavy, I wanted something I could be comfortable in for the reception & dancing. If you don’t think two dresses is in your budget, take a look at this one (under $100), this one, this one, and this one! All of these dresses would be so cute and comfortable for the reception.

Meggan’s Tips:
Dresses – Shop around for dresses even if you fall in love with one at your first stop. I’ve only looked once (going to more boutiques & Nordstrom’s Wedding Suite in a couple weeks – thank you for all your suggestions on snap!) and fell in love with a dress there. I still think about the dress everyday but need to see what else is out there just to be sure. Also, try on styles you don’t think you like. I tried on a dress I found on Pinterest and was obsessing over. I ended up not even liking it! The dress I fell in love with is a material I thought I hated. You just never know, so go in to it with an open mind!

MOB Dress – Your mom is probably stressing about finding a dress as much as you are (I know mine is). I feel like they are hard to find because some look way too maternal or too flashy. Nordstrom has a huge selection and if you book an appointment in store they help you find exactly what you are looking for. I think this dress is gorgeous (love the drop waist) and so is this one. My mom and I are heading to Nordstrom when she comes in a couple weeks, I can’t wait to see what she finds. Help your mom as much as possible, she wants to look good too and wants your approval.

Hire a Planner – Your wedding planning is supposed to be enjoyable, not stressful! With so much to do it’s easy to turn into bridezilla so having help is major. I would 100% suggest one if you are planning a destination wedding. This quote I found sums it up perfectly – “The truth is, planning a wedding takes a lot of time, energy and focus. Sure, some bits of it are fun and exciting, but then there’s the endless research, details to remember, payments to make and so on which aren’t so much fun but are necessary. Using a planning means you’re in control. It’s your day, your way, but you have a specialist working on your behalf to do the legwork, reduce your stress and ensure every detail is your kind of perfect.” Yes to all of it!


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