3 Things On My Mind Today
Good morning loves! It’s been a minute since I’ve done one of these posts…so here we go! 
1. I’m beyond ready for fall weather! This summer has been SO hot & humid, like too hot to even take the kids to the park. Fall is my favorite season (it’s what I missed the most when we lived in California), and I’m ready for boots, sweaters, scarves and fires in our backyard! I just added these boots to my cart, they will be SO cute over skinny jeans – I love the heel. Meggan bought these shoes (ahh-mazee) last night and they have a similar heel, so great! 
2. Sophia turns 4 tomorrow & I can’t even believe it! I honestly feel like she was just a baby…it’s so fun to see her grow, but I have to admit I wish time would slow down (I’m sure every mom can relate!). Her tantrums are becoming less and less (hallelujah!) – this age is great! She appreciates things, gets excited about things we do on the daily (like going to Target & baking cookies lol), and she helps me SO much around the house. She cleans her playroom + her room, and makes her bed without any help from me. She’s very independent and I love that about her. This fall we will start the application/interview process for kindergarten, and I can’t believe it’s already time for that! I’m more nervous than she is for sure! For her birthday, she asked to go to the beach…so we’re headed for a mini vacation today. We also bought her this stroller for her baby & can’t wait to see her reaction. It looks just like this Bugaboo stroller, but it’s for a doll – so crazy!
3. Confession: Meggan and I text pretty much all day about things on our wishlists – bags, shoes, you know. It can be dangerous sometimes lol. We were talking the other day about “crazy” bags & how they’ve made their way to the top of our wishlists – not something you’d wear every day, just something different and fun. We love this one, this one (so obsessed with this one, but not the price tag), and this one…do you have a favorite? Stay tuned to see if we actually pull the trigger ;). 
PS – one more thing. Cuvée is offering our readers 20% off their site with the code: somewherelately20. I just shared my favorites on snapchat (username: somewherelately). The products smell amazing! Have a great day ladies! xx