5 Simple Ways To Make Your Home Look More Expensive
We’re both in transition when it comes to our homes – Meggan will be moving to Dallas in a few months & Brooke’s home is undergoing major renovations. We’re always switching things up in our homes, and now with our new spaces, we’ve got all things HOME DECOR on our minds. As we do with our personal style, we love to mix high & low when it comes to our homes. You can easily make your home look more expensive with these 5 simple tips:
1. Declutter – when it comes to a “nice” looking space, less is usually more. An overly decorated space tends to look cluttered, not cute. A simple, clean space usually looks more $$$. 
2. Update Lighting – Changing lighting (either replacing old fixtures with something more contemporary or adding a light fixture) can dramatically change the look of your space for the better. Even a small task lamp or simple floor lamp can add a lot to a space. 
3. Add Texture – Adding multiple textures to a space really helps to “warm” it up. Try adding baskets or a jute rug for a natural feel, wood to warm up a space, chunky knits for a cozy look, and more modern materials like lucite. All of these items will create a cohesive, layered feel. 
4. Stay Neutral – With your “big ticket” items (sofa, table, chairs, etc) keep it neutral. This also goes for paint colors – taupes, whites & grays are our favorite colors for walls. It’s seriously incredible what neutral paint can do for a space!
5. Go green – Adding fresh flowers or plants to a space will bring a fresh, clean feeling you’ve been missing. You can do real or faux, but we prefer fresh! 
As we mentioned, we’re on the lookout for new pieces for our homes, and found all of these items over on Walmart.com. We couldn’t believe how many things we’ve already added to our favorites list – this comforter seriously looks like one I just saw for over $400, I’m in love! Almost everything ships for free – totally amazing for furniture (we loathe paying the $199 delivery fee most furniture stores charge!). Our favorites are the wishbone chair, tulip table, tufted bed, and the mirrored coffee table! 


In collaboration with Walmart