1. Any ideas on cute affordable gifts to get your bridesmaids for being in your wedding? I have about $100 for each girl and I want to get them something cute that they’ll actually keep.

We love the idea of jewelry that they will wear again – we love this necklace and this bracelet. If you want to add a little more, these mugs would be so cute and girls would love them!

2. What protein powder do you use? Do you use it everyday or just after workouts?
Meggan: I use this protein powder (tastes good!) and drink it in my morning smoothie everyday. I usually do one scoop protein, blueberries, 2 tbsp chai/flax seed blend, spinach or kale, water, and ice. Or I like banana, pb2, protein, spinach, water and ice. I always add a green, you can’t even taste it!
Brooke: I use Isagenix – it’s my favorite tasting protein. I use it every day in my protein shakes (usually for breakfast). 1 scoop chocolate, 1 scoop vanilla, 1/2 banana (frozen is best), handful of almonds, ice (if no frozen banana), water…yumm so good! It honestly tastes like a milkshake! 
3. Can you suggest some end of summer dresses to wear for my birthday brunch that can also transition into fall dressing?
We’re thinking a long-sleeve or a sweater dress is the way to go. We love this one – it would look so cute with a pair of booties and a fedora. We also love this one and this one.

4. I’m looking for a pair of black booties for fall that have a chunky brown/wooden heel – I can only seem to find ones with black heels! Any suggestions?
These, these and these (low heel) are all great options! If you want a peep toe, we are loving this pair and this pair!

5. Any suggestions for classic pieces to keep in my wardrobe? Something like a Kate Middleton style!
Definitely a LBD, a blazer, dark skinny jeans, ballet flats, and classic pumps!

6. As a mom of four littles under 7, I’m looking for outfit suggestions that can be styled with sneakers but still look cute and put together!
We pretty much LIVE in our sneakers! You can see some looks we styled here, here, and here. But honestly we think you can wear sneakers with pretty much anything. Our go-to’s are casual dresses, shorts, skinny jeans and basic a tee. We also posted some of our favorite looks on this post!

7. My husband and I are going on a weekend getaway to Chicago for our anniversary in October. Any recommendations on where to stay/eat and what fun things we should do? Neither of us have been!
So fun! You should stay in the River North/downtown area so you’re close to shopping and tourist spots but I would definitely recommend on venturing out to different neighborhoods for dinner. Wicker Park, Bucktown, Lincoln Park, and Old Town are fun all fun! Some good spots in the West Loop (my neighborhood) are Formentos, Au Cheval, RM Champagne Lounge, Bar Sienna, and Duck Duck Goat. Some other favorite restaurants are Table52, Big Star, Pump Room. Summer House, and GT Fish & Oyster. If you want to get drinks with amazing views I would recommend London House, Terrace at Trump, and The Signature Lounge. Some touristy activities you must do are: the architecture tour, shop on Michigan Ave, Bears game, bike along the lake, kayak tours, Shedd Aquarium, and cruise around Millennium Park.

8. What are both of your favorite movies?
Meggan: I’m so bad about watching movies! I haven’t seen so many classics and hardly ever watch new ones that come out! Kyle still can’t believe I haven’t seen Top Gun 😉 Some of my all-times are Bridesmaids (how can you not die of laughter?!), Shawshank Redemption, Mean Girls, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Blow, and wait for it…Star Wars!!
Brooke: This is hard because I feel like I’m going to forget my favorites! But off the top of my head: How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (probably my all time favorite), the Taken movies, The Holiday, and Argo!

9. Brooke have you used the PMD yet? If so would you recommend it or would you rather stick to another exfoliation method?
I actually haven’t used it yet, but I plan to soon! As soon as I use it a couple times, I’ll be sure to report back with my take on it – the reviews are amazing!

10. I’m going to Thailand soon and was hoping to find a cute backpack (not huge) to wear instead of a crossbody bag since there will be a lot of walking. Hoping for under $150!
We are dying to go Thailand, it’s on our bucket lists! This one is cute (love the pewter!) and under $100. A few other ones that are practical but cute are this quilted one, this tasseled one, and this perforated one. This one is also sleek and cool. Have so much fun!

11. I have a girls trip to Nashville next month and would love your suggestions for a “going out” outfit that’s under $100. I’ve already purchased this bodysuit that Meggan featured a few weeks ago.
Ah so fun!! I’m going over Labor Day weekend for my girlfriends bachelorette party and can’t wait! A few things I’m packing are this striped topthis dressthis skirt (going to wear with a casual tee and platform sandals), and this top. Some other cute options under $100 are this dress, this lace up romper (need these to go with it!), and this jumpsuit.

12. Meggan, where is the cute baby book from you put on snap?
It’s from Mushy Book. I’m not into the cartoon-ish baby books and my friend recommended this one to me and I love it! It’s the most stylish baby book ever!

13. I’m 21 weeks pregnant and starting to pop! I haven’t bought anything maternity yet to wear and I’m worried I’ll be living in sweats and giant unflattering tops for the next 5 months. Can you share some of your favorite items you wore while expecting?
Meggan: I lived in these jeans from Gap (love full panel!), this chambray top, this sweater, this long sleeve and this dress. I didn’t go to crazy and just wore a lot of basics that I could mix and match.
Brooke: I loved all of my denim from Destination Maternity/Pea in the Pod, and my favorite bottoms were THESE leggings (felt like sweats, but looked cute), a lot of tees with button ups over (flannel, chambray, etc), and oversized sweaters. I didn’t buy a ton of maternity, but Target always has some great, inexpensive options!

14. What are both of your favorite perfumes? Do you switch seasonly?
Brooke: I have four favorites (I’m really picky about scents): this one, this one, this one, and this one. None of these are super floral or super heavy – I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of any of them.
Meggan: I’ve been using Chloe forever and I loveeee it! I’m so bad at remembering to test out new perfumes – I’m sure there are some yummy ones I’m missing out on!

15. Meggan, is there any story behind the spelling of your name? I really like it!
Thank you! My mom says it has no meaning and just threw in another G to be different. Kyle’s family calls me 2G, ha!

16. What do you use to clean your hardwood floors?
I use Bona spray & a Bona microfiber mop and I love it (I vacuum first). I think it’s the best hardwood floor cleaner I’ve tried – it is kind of a pain to spray the bottle and then use the mop, but it works a lot better than the spray/mop combos.

17. Brooke – I just saw your feature in People Style Watch, congrats! How did you get featured? Would love any tips as a blogger, thanks! 
Thank you! They actually reached out to me because they were working on a feature for bodysuits. However, I think you could always reach out to a brand/company asking about a feature – if you are going to reach out, I would have a ‘pitch’ in mind.

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