1. I’m looking for a dress for a September wedding that is a little bit on the ‘sexy’ side. Suggestions? 
Yassss! We love this one (simple but sexy and classic!), this one, and this off the shoulder.

2. Meggan, I’m planning a destination wedding as well. Have you faced any struggles yet? Is your planner in the US or Mexico? What’s the average cost of a wedding planner? 
So far I haven’t had any struggles and fingers crossed that’s how it goes for the rest of planning (wishful thinking right?!). My planner is in Cabo and I actually found the company on Instagram doing some major stalking 😉 I flew down to meet with her last November to go over things and get it started – my planner is from Amy Abbott Events. However, it is not necessary to do that. My planner said a lot of her clients do it all through Skype – which is amazing! I honestly have no clue on what the average cost is. I would suggest finding a couple different ones in the area, look through their portfolios and jumping on the phone to discuss services and to get some quotes. Good luck with the planning!

3.  I’m going to make my first designer bag investment, and  I really want a medium sized bag that can also be versatile. I need it to be good for day and night time. My style is classic with an edge, which is pretty similar to you guys. I was wondering what you would suggest to start with? I would like to stay in the $2500 range…eventually I’ll buy that Chanel though. 😉
So exciting! We love this one, this one, this one, and this one – all classic, beautiful bags that will go with any/everything!

4. What under-eye patches do you use/like?
Meggan: I recently got into eye patches and I’ve become obsessed! My favorites are these gold patches and these energizing eye masks.
Brooke: THESE are the only ones I’ve tried so far (need to try more, I have a few others in my beauty stash) and I really love them! They feel so great on tired eyes – I have them on right now ;), and I feel like my bags truly did disappear.

5. I’m looking for the “perfect pair” of skinny jeans but the thought of jean shopping sounds terrible! I tend to buy the same styles of pairs from the same store that just fit okay. I’m wondering if you guys have thoughts on top brands (Paige, Joe’s, J Brand, etc) that tend to be the most flattering?
Meggan: I love the AG ankle legging jeans (go down one size) and recently got my first pair of the Hudson ‘krista’ jeans and I’m so impressed with the fit. And I’ve recently had really good luck at Abercrombie too – throwback, I know!
Brooke: I just got these jeans, and have been wearing them non-stop. I LOVE them – they fit so well and are really comfortable. I’m normally a 26, but had to size down to a 25 in these.

6. I would love to know the story of how you met your men! How long have you been together and what is your favorite thing about them?
Meggan: Kyle and I knew each other from college. We never hung out but he did buy me a shot once and I have a picture to prove it – SO random! He lived in San Diego after he graduated for four years and moved to Chicago to get his MBA at Northwestern. He put on Facebook that he was moving, I messaged him, and the rest is history 😉 I told my friends right away that he was the one and it turned out I was right. We’ve been together for a little over two years but it seems like A LOT longer then that. There’s so many things I love about him its hard to narrow it down to one thing…he is genuine, caring, loyal, and generous.
Brooke: I met Chad during a girls’ trip to Miami with one of my best girlfriends! He was living at the hotel (for work, going back and forth between Miami and Chicago) we were staying at, and we started talking…realized we both lived in Chicago, had mutual friends, and both had dogs named Kingston (crazy, but true!). We went on our first date in Chicago the following week – at Mercadito, and the rest is history! We’ve been together for SIX years, I can’t even believe it’s been that long! Our 5th wedding anniversary will be in November. My favorite things about him are his loyalty & ambition.

7. I have a wedding in Mississippi in October (will be 60-65 degrees) and the wedding is not a formal setting. The bride said the level of dressy is similar to that of a bridal shower – any dresses you recommend?
This long sleeve dress is cute, love this pleated midi, and this maxi!

8. Any vitamin c serum recommendations?
Meggan: I just ordered this one but haven’t got it yet. The price is right and it has amazing reviews (12k of them)! I will be sure to follow-up on how I like it!
Brooke: I’m on the hunt for a vitamin c serum as well, so stay tuned!

9. I have my baby shower next month and want to wear a white dress and want to spend less then $100. I love your taste and was wondering if I can get some help!
Congrats 🙂 We think this long-sleeve one is super cute, love this skater dress (on sale!), and think this one would be perfect! This one isn’t white but it’s so cute and looks comfortable!

10. My little boy just turned one and used to sleep so well, and recently he has been waking up every hour at night 🙁 Any tips or tricks you recommend?
Oh no! We feel your pain! Could it be teething? It definitely sounds like a phase, so as stressful/tiring as it is right now, we would suggest try not to change anything and just tough it out – it will pass! We both use these teething tablets on nights it gets really bad and they seem to work. If you start to get concerned or it seems to be hanging on, definitely ask your pediatrician!

11. I have engagement pictures in the middle of October and looking for jeans/top/boots. Any suggestions!?
Love the idea of your casual looks – we love this sweater with these jeans & these booties. Another look we love would be these jeans with these boots and a chunky sweater.

12. I’m moving in with my boyfriend next month and wanted your input! Do you ladies have advice for us girls who are new to this? What are some issues (if any) that you guys ran into when co-habitating? Any advice on how to avoid fighting “over the little things”?
Communication is key! It’s definitely a big change, and can cause a little tension in the relationship, so always being open and honest is best. If something is frustrating you, try to approach it in a calm way instead of saying, “It’s so annoying when you do….X.” Before you move in, decide how you’re going to handle the cleaning, cooking, and laundry – seriously sounds so silly, but if you have different definitions of “clean,” it could become an issue. Maybe one of you does the dishes, one does the vacuuming, etc. Lastly, have patience! It will take time to find your new way of life living together, so just try to remember that – and when you get mad, try to remember why you decided to live together in the first place ;).

13. Meggan, I’m having a hard time finding a destination wedding dress…HELP! Any designers you recommend or online boutiques?
When I think of destination dresses I picture light, airy, flowy. BHLDN has some gorgeous options along with Saldana VintageGrace Loves LaceBo & Luca, and even Revolve’s wedding boutique has some gorgeous gowns!

14. What are your favorite wines? Sorry, I know you snapped them but I didn’t screenshot fast enough 😉
Meggan: I love Apothic Red Blend, Kim Crawford sauvignon blanc, and Kung Fu Girl riesling. I used to never drink white but my in-laws got me hooked on the last two!
Brooke: My favorite whites – Santa Margherita, Kris, & Mer Soleil Silver (unoaked chardonnay). Rosé – La Belle Colette & Whispering Angel. Red – any pinot noir or a blend (I don’t have any specific favorites).

15. My BFF decided to get married next weekend and I need something to wearing. I’m standing up with her but it’s also a pretty casual low key wedding. I just had a baby (4 weeks out) and well my body is not back to pre-baby. Can you give me some affordable options under $100? I can wear any color!
This dress, this one, and this one are all under $100 and very forgiving for a post-baby body. Don’t forget your best friend – these Spanx, seriously make you feel so much better after baby!

16. Any suggestions for fall engagement photo outfits? I’m thinking one casual and one dressy!
We think you should definitely go for something neutral and classic with your looks – nothing like looking back at old pictures and saying “what was I thinking?!”. For casual, this dress would be so cute with these booties (love the sand color) or a sweater, jeans, and boots. For dressy, this dress in mulberry is gorggg – perfect color for fall too!

17. I have a formal, outdoor wedding coming up and looking for shoes and bag to go with this dress. Since it’s outside I don’t want to wear a high heel! Any suggestions? 
First of all, we are obsesssssed with that dress. It’s so stunning! These sandals would be perfect (and comfortable!), and we think a super small clutch like this one would be perfect with this look – let the dress make a statement! STUNNING!

18. I’m pregnant with my second and am trying to get organized and plan ahead for family photos this fall for our annual Christmas card. I will be about 7 months pregnant by November and need some outfit suggestions (me, hubby, and 2-year-old daughter). I don’t want it to be matchy-matchy, just put together.
We love the color combos Jessica Alba did with her family here. Dress options for you: 1 (with a long cardigan and booties), 2, 3. For the hubby these pants with this chambray shirt, and this dress or this one would be so cute for your daughter. All of these pieces go nicely together, but they aren’t too coordinated which we love!

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