1. What products do you use in the shower?
Meggan: I kind of have a long list! I’m always trying new shampoos and currently rotate between Biolage Hydratherapie, Kérastase Bain Magistral (good for really dry/colored hair), Kenra Platinum Revive, and this Cuvée Beauty shampoo which I’m really loving. I’ve been loyal to this conditioner for years – it makes my hair SO smooth and easy to brush. And for body wash I use Dove or Bliss.
Brooke: I use this shampoo (54% OFF!) & conditioner for highlighted or blonde hair – it cuts the brassiness & I love it! Someone suggested it to me on snapchat, and I think it works so well! I’ve also been using this Kérastase shampoo (switching off between the two shampoos). I just got the Cuvée shampoo Meggan mentioned also, so I can’t wait to try that! I switch off my body washes to whatever I feel like buying when I need a new one, but this one is my favorite inexpensive body wash – seriously love it!

2. I’m heading to Sonoma in late September for a wedding at a winery. Any suggestions for a cute long dress to wear?
That will be gorgeousss!! We love the details on this dress, obsessed with this one (in pink), this flowy one is so cute and so is this off the shoulder.

3. I have sensitive and acne prone skin since having my boys. I know you both like the Tula skincare line but is there any other products you would recommend? Feeling like I’ve tried everything with little to no results!
Brooke: I know we chatted a bit on Snap about this, but these pads & this mask are my go-to for hormonal acne along with my TULA cleanser – PS today is the last day our TULA coupon code is available (SLDUOGIFT for a free complexion booster duo with any $50 purchase)! I’m actually making an appointment to go to the dermatologist because I think I may have rosacea :(. My skin has been so red and itchy lately & I feel like I need a professional opinion instead of trying to self diagnose – especially since rosacea will worsen if it goes untreated. So far, all signs point to rosacea…uhg!
Meggan: Tula has been working wonders on my skin (the best it’s felt in awhile) but I also really love the SkinCeuticals line. The face cream is lightweight and doesn’t leave your skin feeling oily or clogged. One tip is to make sure you’re taking all your makeup off and then cleanse. I used to think cleansing was the only thing I needed to do to get makeup and dirt off. Now I use this cleansing balm before I wash my face it really makes a difference. Also, I started using Chlorophyll drops a few months ago and think it’s really helping. They have SO many health benefits (anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, deodorizer…the list goes on and on) but is especially good for our skin – you can read more about it here. I bought the drops at Whole Foods but you can also order them online here.

4. Brooke, how do you get your hair to grow so quickly?
My hair & nails have always grown super quickly, I don’t take any supplements or vitamins – sorry! One thing I think does help is to not wash your hair often (less wash means less heat/damage). I try to only wash my hair twice a week. It’s a blessing and a curse – when I chopped my hair, I felt like I didn’t really get to enjoy it before it grew out again. I have a hair appointment this weekend & can’t decide what I’ll do – chop it or let it grow?! Meggan tried these gummies and said they actually really work for her, so you could give those a try!

5. I was hoping you could give some recommendations on a black personal assistant/bridal assistant dress? It’s for a September wedding up North!
This dress is really pretty & we love the detail of the back, the details on this dress are great, and we’re kind of obsessed with the neckline & hem on this one!

6. Do you know of any good gym bags? Preferably black!
Brooke: Both of my gym bags are black and I love them both equally! I use this one if I don’t need to bring a lot of things & this one (also doubles as my diaper bag) when I’m toting more than will fit in my backpack!
Meggan: I use this backpack but also love this tote from Lululemon.

7. What’s your opinion on loafers? Any recommendations? Do either of you have a pair/plan to get a pair?
We love loafers! We’re not sure if we will get a pair or not (whenever we try them on, both of us feel like they don’t look as good on us as they do on other girls), but we’re definitely going to try some out. Here are our favorites at every price point: #1 ($68), #2 ($180, okay we’re in love with this pair, sizes are going quickly!), and #3 ($595, the ‘blogger favorite’ – everyone has these & they are awesome!).

8. Do either of you recommend a product to use when letting your hair air dry? The sea salt sprays I’ve tried aren’t fully cutting it since they kind of add a little frizz. If you do suggest a sea salt spray, do you have a special technique?
Brooke: If I let my hair air dry, it looks like a mess (sadly). If yours can handle it, though, I would recommend an oil (like this one), followed by a mousse or gel (I’ve heard great things about this one which is formulated for air drying hair!). When your hair is dry, you could always add some waves using a curl stick (my favorite one is on major sale!).
Meggan: I’m with Brooke, when I let my hair air dry I know it’s going in a bun :( I envy girls that can let it air dry and go on with their day! But I do use this primer and this styling lotion – I like them both because they help maintain frizz and don’t weigh your hair down.

9. Please share details on your CLUSE watches – they are gorgeous!
Meggan: I have this one – love the rose gold, white, and black combo!
Brooke: I have this one & I’m obsessed. The gray is so perfect and I love the simplicity!

10. Curious on the etiquette for how much to tip for services such as waxing, mani/pedis, and cut/color?
Brooke: I always tip 20% on beauty services, I think I read that somewhere a long time ago and it’s just stuck with me.
Meggan: I also always tip 20%!

11. I’m a bridesmaid in a wedding next month and need a comfortable nude heel/sandal to wear. Preferably under $100 and not too distracting from the dress. Would love your suggestions!
I’m in a wedding in a October and we are wearing this sandal – it’s simple, nude, and the heel is low. A few other suggestions are these strappy heels, this small wedge or this small ankle strap. All are very classic and wouldn’t distract from the dress!

12. What do you feed your littles? I’m in a rut with my one year old!
Meggan: Luckily Camden is a good eater and will eat anything I put on his plate! I try to stay away from processed foods but of course that isn’t always realistic. Some things he loves are sweet potato “fries” (toss with a little EVOO, pepper, and garlic salt – bake at 425 for 40 minutes), spinach cakes, black bean burgers (can make a big batch and freeze), steamed veggies, this lentil pasta with sauce, yogurt, tons of fruit (berries, peaches, bananas, watermelon, cantaloup) grilled or pulled chicken, deli meat and cheese, waffles, eggs, greek yogurt pancakes, quinoa with mixed veggies, baked fish (tilapia or cod) and quesadillas. I’ve been wanting to try this mac and cheese too! We try to give him what we’re eating for dinner but he’s usually in bed by the time we eat…that’s our quiet time ;)
Brooke: Avery is SO picky – she ends up throwing most of her food on the floor! Sophia would (and still does) eat whatever I gave her, so it’s both challenging and frustrating trying to figure out what she will/won’t eat. She loves carbs! Fruit & pasta are her two favorite foods and she would eat only those foods for every meal if given the chance. I’ve been (unsuccessfully) trying to get her to eat meat, but it’s not happening. My go-to’s lately are blueberries, oranges, apples, kiwi, watermelon…basically any and every fruit, edamame, broccoli, carrots, pasta, string cheese, these waffles, almond butter toast, scrambled eggs with brown rice, greek yogurt, oatmeal and these pouches for on the go. I really try to keep it as natural/healthy as possible, but sometimes it just doesn’t work. We had the best pediatrician when we lived in the city and she always told me, “Parents create picky eaters. If they don’t eat what you give them, don’t try to get them to eat something else just so they eat. Teach them they need to eat what you give them. They can go to bed hungry every so often, it’s not going to kill them. They will learn they need to eat what they are given.” Definitely stickler advice, but I don’t want a picky eater, and I don’t want a toddler who only wants processed foods, so I’m going to try to remember her advice! We’ll see if it works or not ;).

13. You ladies always have the cutest sneakers, any new ones lately?
Brooke: I literally just pre-ordered this pair this morning, I am ob-sessed (how amazing is the color?!)! They are already sold out here, so I had to jump on it before they sell out everywhere! I also bought this Adidas pair from the Nordstrom sale and love them – I went down a 1/2 size.
Meggan: I’m a little late to the party but I just got these Adidas – I’m usually a size 7 and got a 6. I’m also loving these Vans and these Dolce Vita sneakers in taupe!

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