1. I need help finding a new black destroyed denim! Meggan, I loveeee your Joes but unfortunately I think they are sold out. Do you have any other fave black denim that you own or any pair you plan on purchasing soon? Help please!
I just bought and am obsessed with THESE (on sale!), they feel like pajama jeans LOL!

2. I am in the market for a new affordable phone case, suggestions? Thanks!
We love all Sonix cases (how cute is this one?!) and they aren’t crazy expensive! Zero Gravity has some really cute ones too – love this and this!

3. Meggan, we have a wedding coming up in two weeks (it’s going to be hot), can you give me some outfit ideas for my little man (13m old)? Thank you! 
I would do a short sleeve button down with a bowtie, suspenders khaki shorts, and Converse. Is there anything cuter then a baby boy in suspenders and a bowtie?! This button down (could be worn again) would look so cute with this set – love the navy and cognac!

4. I love the Levi jeans you post a lot about but can’t find them in my size anywhere 25/26. Do you have any suggestions, I just love them?!
We just checked everywhere, and it looks like they are sold out in your size :(. We would suggest keeping an eye out as they will probably (hopefully) be restocked soon! 
5. Brooke, I was wondering if you could explain or do a tutorial on how you make a raw hem on your jeans?
It’s really super simple! I’m not careful at all b/c I like a more “worn in” look to my jeans, so I don’t mind if they are a little jagged/uneven. I simply put the jeans on, mark the length I want them to be at, take them off and cut across. I take the fabric that I cut from the first leg, and put it on top of the other leg (so I can make them the same length), and use that as my pattern to cut the second leg. After I cut them, I pull on the strings of the raw hem to get it to loosen up a bit, and fray it as much as possible. I then wash and dry (drying is key to get the frayed look). And that’s it! 

6. I am going on my bachelorette party in September to New Orleans and want to get a few new “white outfits” to wear for the occasion. Would love your suggestions!
We love the cut of this dress – SO cute & under $70, obsessed with this romper, and this jumpsuit would be so chic with nude heels if you’re looking for something a little more conservative!

7. I am needing some good ideas for bridesmaids gifts. I have five bridesmaids who live in all different cities and would love to make each gift special/unique but don’t want to spend a fortune. I would love any and all suggestions at this point.
It would be cute to do their state or city on a necklace (so many affordable options here), personalized stationary, framed print of their city (love this gold foil one!), candles, or jewelry for the wedding day.

8. I love the clarity and contrast of your photos. I currently use VSCO app but would like more tips on photo editing. Also what camera do you guys usually use? I’m currently in the market for a new camera. Thank you ladies!
We are going to put together a whole post on how we edit our photos, so stay tuned (but we also use VSCO)! We both have the this Canon camera and love it!

9. Can you talk about your everyday jewelry? (I know Brooke talked about her hamsa pendant a few weeks ago.) You both have such great layering and stacking pieces! Thanks!
Brooke: I either wear the hamsa necklace or this one (with my girls’ initials), my wedding rings, love braceletthis ring from LA KAISER, my love ringthis ring from Irina Victoria, and a pair of studs (my favorite, on sale!).
Meggan: I wear this bar necklace, love ring, namesake ring from Kerry Gilligan, this rose gold band, and this gold band.

10. I’ll be traveling in a couple weeks to Singapore and Thailand for a month—what are some easy outfits / pieces that’ll withstand the heat, be versatile, travel well and of course, be super cute? 
So jealous! Thailand is on our bucket list! We would pack a lot of dresses and rompers – they don’t take up a lot of room in your suitcase and are easy outfits! Also, when we travel we bring a lot of basic/versatile pieces that can be mixed and matched (like tee’s, tanks, shorts, skirts) and accessories. We love this romper, this maxi (SO cute), this t-shirt dress, this tankthese jean shorts, this cami dressthis fedora, and this dress

11. Meggan, I’m obsessed with your iPhone case! Can you please share where it’s from? 
Thanks! It’s by Zero Gravity and I got it from Revolve (here).

12. Saw you ladies recommended eye cream last week, do you have a moisturizer favorite? Under $50 as well? 
We both use this one from TULA and love it, and I (Brooke) also like this one from Clinique. TULA saw all of our posts about their products, so to thank us they are offering our followers a free gift with purchase right now with code: SLDUOGIFT! Any $50 purchase will come with our favorite travel duo (this one!) – which is a $54 value! We honestly loooove TULA products and use them twice daily. We use the cleansereye creamday & night cream, and serum every day. 
13. I just had a baby and we have a wedding to attend next month (ugh). I always love your outfit suggestions, and I’m looking for something to hide my post baby bump. Help! 
This one would be great b/c the print would disguise the bump & it’s flowy, this one is so cute (only $68 and comes in three great colors!) and would definitely hide the bump, and we also love this oneThis little guy will totally help you and make you feel 100xs more confident (we have and love)!

Leave your questions below or email us at brookeandmeggan@somewherelately.com with #coffeetalk in the subject! xx