1. Do either of you use any specific product for shine in your hair? What are some of your favorite products?
Brooke: I don’t use a specific product for shine, but I love this oil and this blow dry spray and think they both help to keep hair healthy/shiny.
Meggan: I use this silkening gloss and love it!

2. Meggan, how did you find your wedding planner? Are there any websites you suggest that have information listed out about vendors, etc. kind of like the knot? The Knot only caters to US locations and I am in desperate needs of wedding websites!
Kyle actually found our wedding planner on Instagram – he was searching Cabo wedding hashtags and came across our now planner! I’m sorry I’m going to be no help with the vendors because I found my planner right away and she has set up all our vendors for us. I did a little googling and it looks like this site might be helpful?!

3. What are some of your favorite places to look for home decor online for a decent price?
 Etsy (for vintage rugs), Overstock (free shipping & love the reviews – that’s where I found my dining chairs), Amazon, WalMart (see our faves here), and Wayfair.

4. I’m going out of town next week and looking for suggestions on what to wear on the plane both ways. I’m traveling with a group, so would like to look cute, but comfort is also key!
These leggings (our favorite!) would look so cute with an oversized sweater, a scarf (to use as a blanket on the plane), a baseball hat, and sneakers (ummm how good! adding these to my car now)!

5. iPhone or Android? I’m looking to upgrade my current iPhone, but not sure I’m ready to make the switch! What do you girls use? Pros/Cons?
We both have iPhones, and don’t have experience with Android so can’t really say pros/cons for that -but we’ve heard great things about Samsung phones!

6. Any ideas for cute and affordable raincoats?
This one is super cute and comes in at just under $100 (and it’s reversible!), we love this one in green, and this one is great in both blue and olive!

7. I’m in the very beginning stages of starting my own fashion/lifestyle blog and would love some advice. What are some ways you find useful to build a strong and loyal following? Any mistakes you have made that I can learn from?
How exciting, congratulations! Share with all of your personal friends/family on your own social channels and ask them to follow you on this new adventure (that should give you a good base to start from), use hashtags, comment on other blogs/instagram pages asking them to visit your page, and geotag locations (in public places/fun restaurants, etc) on instagram. Learn about SEO (we honestly don’t know the first thing about SEO, and are actually researching/learning now for ourselves). If you saw our snap yesterday, you know we definitely don’t recommend buying followers – it’s only going to set you up for failure in the end (and bad self-esteem!). Best of luck to you!

8. Brooke- Where is the gold bracelet from that you wear in most of your pictures?
It’s from Cartier – the ‘love’ bracelet. I found several budget-friendly options here, here, and here.

9. Can you recommend some cute sneaker options for little girls (age 7)?
My girls have these and I love them – they go with everything! We also love this pair, these and these.

10. I am getting married in January and am looking for a nude ankle strap sandal that isn’t too tall since I am only used to wearing booties at work most days.
I’m standing up in a wedding next month and we are wearing these nude sandals. The heel height isn’t too high and they are under $100! This pair and this pair are also good options with low heels. If you want something with a little flare these are pretty!

11. Too many booties, too little time! What are some of your current favorites?
We’re in love with this pair, these, these, and these! Ahhh – so good!

12. I work in a business casual office and because of my commute (that involves hauling around a toddler, taking a train and walking city blocks) I have to do the in office shoe change. Any suggestions for shoes that are comfortable but also would look stylish with my work clothes while heading into the office?
#girlboss! These ballet flats (in black leather) would pretty much go with everything & they have amazing reviews (super comfortable), these booties also have amazing reviews and are waterproof (great for a commute), these loafers are so cute and on trend, and these quilted loafers look so comfortable and would look great with work clothes as well!

13. Do you both work out every day? Or what is your work out schedule each week and what do you guys do for exercise? How do you fight cravings? 
Brooke: No. I’ve been SO so bad lately, it’s frustrating and almost embarrassing…but I’m human! I was working out and eating healthy consistently from Jan – May (I did BBG and loved it!), but then I got shingles and our home renovation started the same week & I basically quit then and haven’t started up again. We were eating out for every meal (no kitchen for the whole summer), and I couldn’t get to the gym b/c I had to be home during the day to make decisions about the house (next time I’ll hire a designer to help!). I’m frustrated I let it go for so long (and lost all the progress I made), but just had to come to terms with it – it was not an easy time to eat healthy & work out. BUT I plan to get back to it next week because I’ve been feeling SO tired, and just flat out bad – headaches, stomach aches, etc and I know it has to do with my eating and (lack of) exercise! I plan to do BBG again, it’s hard but I love it – I’ll be snapping the workouts like I did last time, so follow along if you want to do it with me! When I am eating healthy, I fight cravings by finding healthier sweet/salty options like Yasso frozen yogurt bars, Special K chips (they are good!), and popcorn (using seeds on the stove). I can’t completely cut out everything that is “bad” for you, or I know I’m setting myself up for failure, I think it’s more about moderation.
Meggan: I try to go to the gym 4-5 days a week but that doesn’t mean I do intense workouts every time. Sometimes I go and just power walk on the treadmill for an hour and watch a show 😉 I see it as a little break from Cam, lol! But on days I’m not feeling lazy I want to get a good workout in I start with 30 minutes of cardio either on the treadmill, stair master, or jump rope or a mix of the three. Then I will do arms/legs/shoulders – whatever I have planned for the day. Followed by abs and stretching. Last winter Kyle and I worked out together every nigh so I learned how to do a lot from him but I also like watching the Tone It Up videos on YouTube for more ideas! To curb my cravings I usually make whatever I want in a healthier version. For example if I’m craving spaghetti I’ll make it with zucchini noodles. Or if I want ice cream I’ll have a frozen greek yogurt bar (love the Yasso ones!).

14. I am looking for the perfect fall coat that matches almost anything. I feel like the army green utility coat is a bit overdone. Have you seen any coats that are gray or black that would work for fall?
Love this one, this one, this one, and this one!

15. I  looking for black flat boots ( not over the knee or a bootie) that will fit nicely over jeans/ works pants. 
A few options we are loving are: thesethese, and these!

16. I’m going to see Kanye West next week and am struggling to find an outfit. Thinking a bodysuit with jeans/shorts or a cool dress with a choker but I’m running into a hole because I can’t find the perfect outfit lol. I know there’s a specific vibe of his concerts and I want to fit in.
We love your idea for the outfit! Some cool bodysuits are this lace up, this one with a built in choker, or this velvet one (so on trend!). These booties would go with the vibe you want too!

17. I have a question for Brooke…We’re purchasing a new home (yay!) and I love your RH sofa and chairs. Do you have down filled cushions?  How are they holding up? If you could do it all over again, would you do anything different?
Congratulations, such an exciting time! Yes we have the down filled for everything but one sofa, and I’m super happy with it. I wish we would have done down fill for everything, I think it holds up so much better and is more comfortable! I don’t think I would do anything differently (except order the one sofa with down fill instead of poly) – I’m happy with the color (sand) because it ships quickly, and it’s so neutral you can change the look of the room without buying new furniture. We ordered our counter stools and dining chairs in the perennials fabric because it’s more durable/kid friendly, but our sofa/chairs are Belgian linen.

18. What are your favorite nail polish colors for fall? 
For nude we like “Don’t Bossa Nova Me Around” and “Do You Take Lei Away” (just got this yesterday and love it!!). We also like “Plum Paisley”“Lincoln Park After Dark”, “You Don’t Know Jacques”, “Field Fox”, and “Licorice”. You can see what some of them look like on a post we did here.

As always leave your questions below for next week or email us at brookeandmeggan@somewherelately.com with #coffeetalk in the subject! Love you all! xx