1. What are some stores/brands that you like for cute, affordable clothing?

Meggan: Right now I am obsessed with the brand Lucy Paris – everything is SO cute and pretty affordable. I just got this top and this vneck dress. J.O.A is another brand that always has the best sweaters and dresses (can be found here and here). Blanknyc has good quality jeans and faux leather pants that are pretty reasonable.
Brooke: Agreed with Meggan – Lucy Paris is great, and I also love Nordstrom Rack, Express, H&M, and Zara. I also just try to be on the lookout for great sales (if you check our weekend deals posts, the pieces are mostly all super affordable).

2. What are your favorite candles? Especially fall/holiday scents?
Brooke: I bought this one & looovvve the scent! I ordered this one the other day – I can’t wait to get it, I love NEST candles! Also, Bath & Body Works has some of the best smelling candles for holidays, I need to make a trip there!
Meggan: I just got this maple pumpkin candle from Target and OMG it smells amazing – I seriously want to eat it! I also have a few Nest candles around the house. My favorites scents are bamboo, cedar leaf & lavender, and grapefruit.

3. I’m going to an October wedding in Minneapolis. As you ladies know from growing up in the Midwest, it could be freezing! Any dress suggestions? The event has kind of a fall boho vibe.
Love this maxi (obsessed with the ruffles and color!), this long sleeve dress, and this cold-shoulder maxi. Hopefully it won’t be too cold yet but you can always bring a shawl just in case!

3. How tall are you both?
Meggan: I’m just about 5’4″ ;)
Brooke: 5’5″ or 5’6″ – it changes every time I’m at the doctor lol

4. Meggan, you are so good about cooking every night! Do you meal prep for the week and make one trip to the store or do you plan + shop as the week goes?
I typically try to plan all our meals on Sunday night so I can make one trip to the store on Monday AM (the store is wayyy to busy to deal with on Sunday nights). I try to make recipes that have some of the same ingredients so I don’t have to buy too many things. For awhile I was spending a lot on groceries so I have been trying to be better about cutting down costs. I make a lot of recipes from my Skinnytaste cookbook and always pinning new ones here!

5. I’m on the hunt for a cozy grey cardigan, long camel cardigan, and grey boots for fall. Any leads you ladies have would be appreciated!
I love this gray cardigan I posted the other day (size down 1 size) and it’s under $60! We love this camel cardigan, these boots and these booties!

6. Brooke, how do you get photos with nobody in the background on the streets of NYC?
We don’t always get a perfect/people-less background, but we try to find streets that aren’t super busy. Or if they are busy (like crosswalk photos), we just shoot as soon as everyone has crossed the street – sometimes it’s more difficult than others.

7. How did you get your hair back in shape post baby? I feel like I can not recover after my second baby (and he is 2). I have so much breakage and baby hairs. Any tips?
Brooke: I don’t feel like I have – I still lose a lot of hair regularly, but my baby hairs are finally growing out! Have you tried vitamins for hair? I know Meggan said she loved these!
Meggan: My baby hairs are finally starting to grow out and look somewhat tamed. I try to limit putting heat on my hair, always use heat protection spray (I like this), and use a conditioner for damaged hair. And yes, I did two months of the gummies Brooke linked above and think they are working! I need to order another month supply.

8. I’m looking for a good quality, neutral colored wallet for fall. I’m hoping to find a continental-style one that’s under $75. Any suggestions?
This one is cute and comes in three colors and so does this one, and also love this in nude.

9. Looking at purchasing a pair of Le Specs. Do you ladies like yours?
Meggan: Yes I love mine! I have this pair in black and really want them in another color because I wear them so much. You can see what they look like on here and here.
Brooke: Yes, I love mine! I have this pair & this pair.

10. I’m looking for a backpack diaper bag for my little set to arrive mid November. I’d love it go be leather or faux leather, be reasonable priced (under $200), and not scream “diaper bag” so it can easily double as a grab and go purse!
We love this onethis one, and this one!

11. I bought the AG ankle jeans you suggested a couple weeks ago and LOVE them! They fit perfectly and make my legs look super skinny. Could you recommend a similar pair – one with similar destroyed denim and one without? I will love you forever!
This is a great (non-distressed) pair, and we love this dressed pair in black – they are seriously the best!

12. I’m going to NYC with my girlfriends (we’re in our early 30’s) in late October. I would love some cute outfit ideas for shopping, a broadway show, and dinners!
For shopping: this henley with these jeans (our absolute favorite, true to size) and these booties
Broadway show: This dressthis one, or this one
Dinners: this top with black jeans, or this dress with this moto jacket.

13. Have either of you had experiences with hair extensions (clip vs. tape ins) and any brand you would recommend?
Meggan: I used to use clip-in’s in college and actually liked them! I can’t remember the brand but I know I got them from Ulta…sorry I’m not much help!
Brooke: Sorry – I don’t have any advice, but I always see girls using clip-ins that look really good! I’ve heard (not so good) things about tape in, so I would try clip-in first!

14. I am almost 7 months pregnant with our first baby girl and have a maternity photo shoot coming up towards the end of October in Chicago. I was hoping you could help me with ideas for maternity friendly dresses to take pictures in? I love how these pictures turned out but can’t find anything similar!
This dress and this dress look somewhat similar – just a different colors and shorter! This dress is pretty, love this one, and this one would be cute too!

15. Can you recommend a few work-appropriate bag options that are under $200 and could fit a laptop and resume? Neutral colors would be best.
We love this one (comes in two neutral colors), this one, and this one (under $50!)!

Please email your questions for next week to brookeandmeggan@somewherelately.com with #coffeetalk in the subject or you can leave them below. Have a great weekend loves! xx