1. I’m looking for face mask suggestions – I see you post them on snap a lot. I’m wondering which ones you use, and why? 

As you’ve seen on snapchat, we’re face mask obsessed! We’ve narrowed it down to our top 3 favorites for you. THIS ONE gently exfoliates dead skin cells (that “dull” look) without being drying, THIS ONE is our favorite acne-fighting mask (but can be drying so limit use to once or twice a week), and  THIS ONE evens your skin’s tone and texture while firming.

2. I’m looking for some band tees – have you seen any cute ones recently?
We love this one (only $24), this one, and this one!

3. What would you suggest wearing for a “dressy-casual” wedding in late October in South Carolina?
A fall wedding in South Carolina will be gorgeous! Since it’s dressy-casual we would suggest something between a sundress and cocktail dress. This one is pretty (love the color), this one is super cute (I wore it for fashion week), and this mesh one is fun/different.

4. I would love to hear your experience with different skincare procedures – micro-planing, chemical peels, etc. I’m 38 & feel like I need to take better care of my skin, any thoughts?
Brooke: I’ve never actually done any procedures to my skin – the only thing I’ve ever done is a facial, but I’m about to change that! Meggan has had great experience with laser treatments, and after talking to our friend Becky at NYFW (who’s mom owns a med-spa), I’ve decided to hop on board! She suggested the Halo and BBL laser treatments.
Meggan: I’ve only done one BBL treatment (last December) and plan on doing another one this December. Following that I’m going to do the Halo treatment that Brooke mentioned. I want to do the BBL on my chest too because I have sun damage (damn you baby oil) that I hope I can get rid of before my wedding. I’ve never done a chemical peel but it’s on my to-do list!

5. Any suggestions for affordable loafer mules? 
We love this pair (just went on sale!), these are amazing and come in 3 colors, were kind of obsessed with the color & details of this pair, and these look really similar to the Gucci pair that everyone has right now!

6. I am recently engaged and looking for a fun way to ask my bridesmaids to be in our wedding! (there are 8 girls) any suggestions?
You could buy (cheap) bottles of wine or champagne and attach a cute label or just a tag on top with ribbon, a small bouquet of flowers,  and we also love this idea which is super affordable!

7. I know you ladies love Miami and need your help! My husband and I are going with another couple for NYE. We are young (29 & 30) so want a fun night out, but don’t want to go to a club. Any suggestions? Would love some cocktail options and great dinner spots.
My absolute favorite dinner spot is Casa Tua – it’s so beautiful and snag a table on the patio if you can (reserve far in advance for NYE), also love Prime 112! Drinks at the Delano, Fontainebleau, or any of the beach hotels would be fun. We’re not up on the latest and greatest drink spots, but these have been super fun and not a “clubby” scene!

8. I’m attending a wedding in October at a country club in San Diego and would love any ideas of dresses/heels to wear. I’m at a loss since I want to be fall appropriate, but still chic. 
We are loving this dress (especially the color!) for a fall wedding! It would look cute with classic nude or black heels (like these or these) or you could switch it up and do a closed-toe pump like these. I (Meggan) just got this dress in wine and LOVE it. I would wear a shall with it in case it gets chilly at night but it is seriously a great dress!

9. I have a wedding coming up at the end of October and am struggling trying to find the perfect black dress to wear. I would like it to be cocktail or formal. I also just bought a maroon velvet choker from bauble bar that I would like to wear with it. (I believe Brooke just got the same one). 
This dress is seriously stunning and would look so pretty with the choker, also loving this one, this one, and this one!

10.  I have an upcoming trip to Napa/Sonoma at the end of September & am struggling with what to wear. Could you guys send me ideas for daytime and night? I know it is warm during the day and chilly at night. I was hoping for some cute, affordable dresses (love Free People) during the day and jeans at night. 
For daytime we love this jumpsuit (would look cute with sneakers, sandals or booties!), this dress, or this maxi dress. Nighttime you could definitely do jeans with a cute top like this or this (love it with the scarf!) or even this jumpsuit. This cape blazer is also super cute!!

11. Have you seen any cute straw hats that fit well? 
We both have (and love) this one! Also love this one and this one (seriously the string on this is amazing – I always say I need a string on mine so it doesn’t blow away lol). 

12. I love both of your hair colors so much! I wish I could do something similar, but I have a natural auburn/red color that I have never done anything to. I am thinking about adding some balayage it give it some dimension but I can’t find anything that will resemble my hair color to go off of, and I’m too scared to go in without a photo of what I like. Any suggestions?
We think you could definitely do balayage on auburn hair! Tons of great inspo here (not sure exactly which shade your hair is, but there is a good range here). They could always deepen your base if you wanted a different look, but you should go for it! We would suggest asking them what they think would be the best option/least maintenance!

13. Do you have any recommendations for a work bag? I don’t carry a laptop, but commute via train everyday. I want something practical and stylish. I have the Chloe Marcie handbag, but wanted to switch it up with something new!
Obsessed with the Marcie bag! Some other options we love are this Rebecca Minkoff tote, this colorblock bag, and this gorgeous Clare V. bag. If you are looking to really splurge, we are dying over this YSL bag 😉

14. I’m looking for a black or charcoal grey wool fedora or short-brimmed (not floppy) hat for winter, and I’m wondering if you have any favorites you’d recommend.  While I love the designer brands (Rag and Bone), I’m hoping to stay under $100.
Some of our favorite hat finds of all time have been super budget-friendly, so we definitely don’t think you have to spend big $ (à la Rag & Bone) to find a great wool fedora! We’re loving this one, this one, and this one!

15. I’m obsessed with these (since they come up a bit higher on the ankle and have a more pointed toe), but would love to find a pair under $150 that have a flat to mid-heel. I live in Chicago and the winters can really suck here, so I’m looking for something practical that I can wear to work, but also could go to happy hour in.
This pair looks similar and they have so many good reviews – they aren’t flat like you want but people say they are comfortable and easy to walk in! A few other options are these (on sale!), these, and these.

16. Looking for something cute to wear to a collage football game. I’m not a huge fan of the team, but I still want to look cute and show support! 
We think distressed jeans, sneakers or booties, a tee, and a plaid button down unbuttoned would be super cute, casual and fun!

17. Any budget-friendly silk camis? They are so popular right now, but I can’t find one that’s cute and affordable. 
I splurged on this one because I fell in love with the color. A few other ones I found that are under $100 are this one (love the lace), this one, and this oneThis one is faux silk but it’s so cute and on sale for $12! I would never know its “faux silk”!

18. I’m looking for a gift for my friend’s baby, and want to stay away from generic gifts (baby clothes). Anything you ladies would recommend that were lifesavers for you? 

Meggan: Honestly my favorite gifts were diapers and wipes!! I didn’t have to buy either for almost 5 months because I got so many – it was seriously amazing. You could make a cute diaper cake and put some other fun/small things on it (toys, diaper cream, bottles).
Brooke: A sound machine and this baby bath were life savers for me. A traveling sound machine for the car is clutch too! Avery’s favorite gift is this blanket – it’s so soft and she won’t sleep without it!

Thank you for all the questions! For next week you can comment below or email us at brookeandmeggan@somewherelately.com with #coffeetalk in the subject. Have a great weekend! xoxo