1. My boyfriends birthday is coming up and I need help with gift ideas! He is a business man that loves to travel.
A nice, new travel bag could be a great idea – we love this one and this one. Tons of great travel-related items for him HERE. Or you could plan a weekend getaway at a fun spot near you (or take a short road trip!). 

2. My sister’s bachelorette party is in October in Kansas City. Any recommendations on dresses/outfits to wear? She would like us to wear black!
This one is SO cute and perfect for a bachelorette party! A couple other options are this long sleeve one, this off the shoulder, this lace-up, or this midi dress.

3. I’m going to a black tie wedding. What are your thoughts on wearing a black, knee length, fancy, extremely high quality dress? Does that fit the bill? Or does it need to be floor length?
We think it depends! Typically floor length is preferred for a black tie event, but everyone is totally different (some couples may think a knee length is perfectly fine)! We think it would be fine – it sounds like a beautiful dress and would probably be totally acceptable at a black tie event! We say go with what you feel most comfortable in!

4. Meggan, your apartment always looks so clean in your snaps. Do you have a cleaning schedule? What’s your secret? Lol!
Okay so I’m kindaaaa a neat freak, which can be a blessing and a curse now that I have a toddler, lol! I’m learning to not let the little messes drive me crazy 😉 I don’t follow a cleaning schedule – I just tidy up everyday while Cam naps and after he goes to bed. Our apartment isn’t that big so it’s not too hard.

5. I just started blogging and I’m wondering what the best way is to transfer/resize my photos to use on Instagram? Do you use the same filters on your blog as you do on Instagram? If so, what’s the best way to do that?
We don’t resize our photos when we put them on Instagram – we let the insta app do that for us, and have never had an issue. We do use the same filters on our blog as we do on our instagram (we use VSCO) – we like to keep it as consistent as possible.

6. Any tips or tricks for keeping clothes and accessories organized? Do you do regular clean outs as you get new items?
Meggan: I try to keep all me tanks, tees, long sleeve, short dresses, maxis, etc all hanging next to each other. I always gradually clean out my closet. If I notice I haven’t worn a shirt in awhile (about a year) I’ll ask myself if I think I’m really going to wear this – if not get rid of it.
Brooke: I’m so bad at keeping my closet organized! I’m in the process of creating a closet/office in a den off of our bedroom, so I’m hoping the extra space will help with that lol! I’m with Meggan – I try to keep an eye on things and clean out regularly. I just donated 4 garbage bags full of clothes, and when I started the clean-out I thought I’d maybe have one bag to donate – I try to be really realistic (I used to save everything) about what I will/won’t wear again.

7. I am going to Vegas next month with my husband and a few other couples. It’s going to be a one year anniversary trip since we got engaged there at the Eiffel Tower restaurant! I am looking for some Vegas appropriate dresses – but not trying to spend a lot since I live in Iowa and I’m a mom and probably won’t wear them ever again. Any suggestions?
So funnn! This long sleeve dress is so gorgeous, this one is definitely ‘Vegas,’ you could easily wear this one again in so many different ways, and we are obsessed with the cold shoulder on this one!

8. I’m going to a wedding in Hilton Head, SC in November and it’s “casual beach attire”. I’ve never been to a beach wedding and have no idea what to wear!
For a casual beach wedding, we would suggest these dresses: one, two, three, four.

9. I want to step my ring game up. I have been on the search for some cute small dainty diamond rings or stackables that I can wear everyday and aren’t too expensive. I’ve been having a hard time finding some and knowing which fingers to wear them on! 
You can wear them on whatever fingers you want! We usually wear ours on our middle finger and ring finger. Here are a few of our favs that under $100: this skinny band (comes in a thick version too), this open cuff one, this set of stackables, and this bar ring.

10. I recently read The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, and went through a massive closet and apartment cleanse. I am now trying to focus on only buying things I absolutely love. I am definitely on a budget, but willing to spend if the item is right and will last a long time (quality and style!). I’m curious if you were to make a capsule wardrobe of 10 pieces under $300, what would you buy? 
We would buy a basic white tee (have this one and love it), a pair of skinny jeans (in a dark or black wash), a pair of distressed jeans, a moto jacket, a chambray shirt, a black skirt or dress, a utility jacket, a gray tee, a great cardigan, and a striped shirt! Whew – that was kind of hard to narrow down 10 pieces, but those items can all be worn with each other, so it’s the easiest way to start a capsule wardrobe (minimal pieces, maximum outfits).

11. What do you ladies do for your guys on their birthdays? I’m trying to plan my boyfriends and would love some ideas!
Meggan: Honestly, we usually just do dinner and drinks at a fun spot in the city. Kyle and I are pretty low-key when it comes to birthdays! Buttt I think it would be fun to surprise him with tickets to a concert or sporting event he likes! Or a cooking class would be fun too.
Brooke: I try to surprise him with something I know he wants, but hasn’t bought himself, but he can be difficult to shop for! He loves traveling, so a quick getaway is always a great gift for him! I think guys appreciate events (like a getaway, concert, dinner, or sporting event), and that way you don’t have to worry about if it will “fit” or he if will like it!

12. I’m going to Europe in December and would love a cute but practical tall boot. Not over the knee and a flat sole. Warm is a must and waterproof would be nice (still want to be stylish!). Under $200 would be ideal but realize that could be hard with boots. Thank you!
We love these (and they’re on major sale!), this pair is super cute & waterproof, these are guaranteed to be warm (also on sale!), and these look so comfortable (this brand always is) and we love the lace-up back!

As always, leave your questions for next week below OR email us at brookeandmeggan@somewherelately.com with the subject #COFFEETALK! Thanks ladies! xx