1. I’m going to Puerto Rico for the holidays and am looking for coverups, daytime dresses/rompers, fun dinner outfits & a versatile hat! 
I thought about having my bachelorette party there, it looks SO pretty! For coverups we love this skirt, this duster (comes in three cute colors), and this fringe one. Some daytime options are this maxi dress (doubles as a coverup), this romper, and this simple romper. For nighttime we are kind of in love with this stripe maxi (so fun!) and this skirt (amazing!). This is a bit of a splurge but we both have this hat and are obsessed with it. Have so much fun!
2. Meggan, can you recommend some West Loop dinner spots?
Formento’s, Girl & the Goat, Momotaro, and Au Cheval are a few of my favorites. And I’m dying to try Duck Duck Goat and High Five Ramen.
3. The life long struggle continues to find the PERFECT pair of white jeans that aren’t see through, and fit just right without making me look like a beluga whale.. trying to find a pair that’s mid to high rise and ankle length. Also looking for a distressed pair and one not. Thank you girls!
 Lol we had this problem forever too – why are white jeans so hard to find?! Our favorite pairs of distressed are this pair (on sale now!) & these FRAMES and non-distressed are the AG legging ankle jean.
4. I’m going to a cocktail attire event in December and I’m looking for a dress to wear (also hope to wear it for family photos)…the dress needs to be slightly conservative, and I’m a new mom (so not too tight in the stomach). 

This dress is stunning & comes in 2 colors, we love details & bell sleeves on this dress, and this one would be super flattering!

5. I am getting married in July and just started the process of looking for wedding dresses! So far I have visited BHLDN. Where did you get your dress and do you recommend any dress shops in Chicago?
I tried dresses on at Dimitra’s, Mira Couture, BHLDN, and Ultimate Bride which was where I found my dress. I also had an appointment at Alice and Ivory but cancelled because I had my dress. I thought Ultimate Bride had the best selection – there were two I was absolutely in love with and had a hard time deciding. Such an exciting time, have so much fun!
6. I have a friend’s wedding in Chicago in December and was wondering if you had any suggestions for a winter dress. I’ve never been to a winter wedding (brrr) and struggling to figure it out! It’s just cocktail attire, not black tie. Also, any coats to wear with it since it will probably be freezing!
For a winter wedding long sleeves are a must! We love: this dress, this one, this velvet dress, this one (would be super warm – dress it up with pumps and statement earrings!), and also love this jumpsuit (hello pants!). Two coats that would go with any of these looks are this one, and this one!
7. I work as an event planner (for a university in Chicago) and we have an upcoming “Presidential Inauguration” and I hate wearing stuffy suits. It will be chilly (in Nov), can you please help find a business outfit that’s not “stuffy.” It does not need to be a suit (skirt, dresses, pants are fine).  
Okay, not sure if you watch Scandal…but we’re thinking something very “Olivia Pope,” she always looks SO good and her outfits are very “presidential.” 😉 We love this blouse with these pants, pumps, and a coat with a great collar!

8. Meggan, when are you moving to Dallas? So excited you are moving to my city!
We are taking off sometime the second week of November (3 weeks ahhh!) after the movers pack our stuff up. Kyle’s mom will be here and is going to fly to Dallas with Camden and Kyle and I are road tripping! We closed on our house last week and some of the new furniture we’ve ordered is already there and unpacked – it’s killing me that it’s there waiting for us. I’m anxious to get settled in!9. I’m looking to splurge on a new bag ($300-$500 range) and would love your suggestions! Preferably something neutral and can be worn on your shoulder.
Love this Rebecca Minkoff bag, this Clare V. totethis satchel (LOVE it in olive), and this suede hobo bag. #treatyoself

10. Brooke, will you be doing a home tour on the blog? We are in the middle of a remodel and I’m dying to see your renovations!
Yes! As soon as everything is finished – I’ll hopefully have the kitchen posted before Thanksgiving! Everything was supposed to be finished by July 4th, but we’re strong into the 5th month lol. Everyone said double the expected timeline you’re given, and it’s true!

11. Looking for a cute long sleeve bodysuit for fall! One of you was wearing an off the shoulder one earlier this week that you posted on snap. Where was it from?
It actually was this top but for bodysuits we love this one (comes in 3 colors), this henley bodysuit, and this one that can be worn two ways!

12. The temperature is finally dropping where I live and I’m looking for some chunky sweaters that are under $100. Any suggestions?
This could be a long list but we will narrow it down to five 😉
one / two / three / four / five

Thank you so much for sending your questions every week – we love hearing from you guys! For next week, leave your question in the comment section below or email them to brookeandmeggan@somewherelately.com with #coffeetalk in the subject. Have a fab weekend! XO

Image via Emily Luciano