1. Do you have any vest suggestions that are versatile – e.g. could be worn to yoga, running errands, or even work?

This vest is so cute and could be worn to any of those places (easy to dress up or down), and we also love this one and this one!

2. Meggan – I just got engaged and was wondering who took your engagement pictures and what company did you use for your save the dates?
Congratulations! Jacqui Cole did our engagement pictures (you can see our pictures here) and I used Wedding Paper Divas for my save the dates! Working with WPD was so easy and stress free. I worked with a designer and she had so many great ideas it was hard to narrow it down to one design. I would highly recommend!
3. Really wanting some plain but stylish scarves for fall/winter like this grey one. Any suggestions?
A few options we are loving are this onethis one (in my cart!), this one (simple and comes in so many colors!), and this one. Might have to get them all, ha!
4. Can you share your hair routine and tools/products you use? Love the slightly wavy but casual look – how do you achieve that?
Meggan: I try to only wash my hair a couple times a week (I take body showers daily though don’t you worry! LOL) so it doesn’t dry out. I rotate between this shampoo and this one (both are for hydrating) and use this conditioner. The conditioner is a must-have I can’t even travel without it! I have a lot of products because I like to change them up but my favorites are this primer, this blow-dry spray, and this platinum hot spray. I try to let my hair air-dry as long as possible and then dry it at the end. I section off my hair and use this curling iron (I don’t know how to use a wand, ugh!).
Brooke: I’m with Meggan – only wash my hair about 2 times/week – this has helped my hair so much! The last time I got it cut was February (so bad, I know…I missed my summer appointment) and I was just looking yesterday and was shocked to see I don’t have any split ends – but it’s definitely time for a cut! I use a few different shampoos (I think it’s good for your hair to switch it up): this onethis one and this one & the coordinating conditioners. My mom has this shampoo and loves it – I’m going to try it next! I use a lot of different products (product junkie), but my favorite combo lately is this sea spraythis mousse, and this blow dry spray (I use a tiny amount of each product). To get my waves, I use this curling wand (on sale!) first, then straighten the very ends with this flat iron and finish with this hair spray.
5. I’m so excited it’s legging season! What are your favorites (comfy and/or dressy)? 
Meggan: Brooke got me hooked on this pair by Spanx and I also really like this pair for comfy outfits 🙂
Brooke: Yes those ^^ are my absolute favorite and can be dressed up or down (I wear mine with boots, heels, and sneakers). They just came out in this color (on sale!) and I’m obsessed! I have been wearing these all week and they are so comfortable (but more casual), and I really want to get a pair of these (on sale!)!

6. Any suggestions on cute white everyday sneakers? Something you can run errands in or travel that are affordable and comfortable?
You can’t really go wrong with the adidas ‘Stan Smith’ sneakers – we both have them and love. These Nikes are also extremely comfortable and perfect for everyday, and if you want to splurge, we are obsessed with our GG sneakers!7. Going on a pub crawl and I want to wear my black leather bolo/wrap chocker. Can you give me some outfit ideas? I live in Boston so it’s chilly at night but warm inside the bars.
We think black jeans, with a gray tee (this is on sale and worth it, favorite!) & a lace bralette would look so cute with a bolo choker (like this look!).

8. Meggan – where is your  gold ring from that has your son’s name on it? I’m looking for Christmas ideas! 
It’s by Kerry Gilligan and it’s called the namesake ring. I stack it with two other rings and it’s my absolute favorite. It would be a great Christmas present!

9. Can you post your current skincare routines? 
Yes – we will be doing a full post on them next week!

10. Brooke, I LOVE your hair. What do you ask/describe to your hairdresser to get your color? Hair goals for sure! Meggan, I looove yours too, but I unfortunately can’t get that blonde lol. 
Lol, thank you – you’re too sweet! I ask for balayage highlights and I don’t want them to be brassy. I ask for cooler tones and I bring a lot of photos for them to reference! It’s really important to say what you DON’T want in addition to what you DO want. 😉

11. I’m trying to add you guys on Pinterest, but I can’t find you…can you post the link to your page?
Sure, here you go! All of our social links are on the top right-hand corner on the blog if you ever can’t find us 🙂

12. Do you two have any Halloween plans this year?
Meggan: My mom will be here and we plan on bringing Camden trick or treating in Lincoln Park. There is a cute street that is completely decked out! Other then that….not much (I’m getting old)! In college we used to make duct tape costumes every year (so uncomfortable). I will post some pics on snap today….they were pretty epic, lol.
Brooke: We are thinking of having a party (for adults), but not sure yet! We will take the girls trick or treating and my hubby’s mom will be in town, so we’re going to be busy!

13. Meggan, what size did you get in this sweater you posted on FB?
I got a size small!

14. We are going to a football game in November. Any suggestions on outfits where I can keep warm but still look cute?
A couple different options: a team crewneck sweater, moto-jacket (love this one), skinny jeans, tall boots (like these), and a beanie. Or you could do the same outfit with an oversized scarf and switch out the boots for hunters!

15. We have family photos coming up in the beginning of November. Do you girls have any advice or suggestions on how to style your family? I have 2 daughters one is 6 and the other is 3, and a 3 month old baby boy.

We prefer choosing a few colors that look good together, and not too many prints (if one of you is going to wear plaid or buffalo check, that should be the only print). Some color combos we love that aren’t too obviously matchy are: gray + black + ivory + denim, navy + burgundy + mustard, blues + blush tones, ivory + burgundy + navy. Solid colors typically look best in photos as well as long sleeves (on everyone). For this kids, we love this combo: 6 year old (in wine), 3 year oldthis this for the 3 month old. Matching pieces for you: this sweaterthis sweater dress, and this jacket.

16. I just got a pair of black suede over the knee boots, but I don’t have a clue what to wear them with or if it’s even possible to make them work appropriate Side note: my office is pretty casual (people wear jeans, t-shirts, and sneakers). 
My old office was casual too and I wore my OTK boots all the time. Skinny jeans, a basic tee, with a blazer or jacket was my go-to. This outfit and this outfit are also simple but super cute and easy to re-create!
17. Every year the Catholic school our kids go to have a big annual fundraiser, dinner, dance. This year it is November 5 and cocktail attire. Any recommendations on a couple dress options for this fancy night out. I prefer short length dresses since I am shorter, thank you! 
Love this dressthis dress (stunning!), this one (the details are gorgeous!), and this one!

18. Ladies, I need some ideas for some basic tees for fall. Anything cute to put under oversized cardigans paired with jeans and my Stan smiths or booties. Also anything to pair with a leather jacket. 
We both have this tee and in a couple colors and love it! Also love this one (it’s so soft) and this one. Band tee’s are cute under leather jackets – loving this one and this one.
19. I’m looking for a throw-on-and-go long-sleeved sweatshirt dress for the winter.  Something easy and comfortable for days in which I’m chasing the kids or running a bunch of errands.  Any that you like?
This striped one is super cute and would look so cute with sneakers (just added to my cart) and this one looks so comfortable! Love how it’s styled on the model with a baseball hat and sneakers. Also love this one…all of these actually!
20. I’m a bridesmaid in one of my best friends weddings in LA. We are picking our own black cocktail dress to wear. Since I wear black all the time, I’m struggling to find something that’s “special” while still being fairly traditional for a wedding. Any ideas? 

We love this one (the back is amazing), this one (love the neck and ruffle detail!), this one, and this one!

Thank you for all the questions! For next week please email them to brookeandmegga@somewherelately.com with #coffeetalk in the subject or you can leave them below! XO