1. I love you Gucci Dionysus – what’s the next bag on your radar?

We both have (and are obsessed with) this bag! Brooke just bought this mini velvet bag, and this one is on Meggan’s radar!

2. I’m looking for a good anniversary dinner spot in Chicago, any suggestions?
Blue Door Kitchen & Garden, RM Champagne Lounge, or GT Fish & Oyster.

3. I was hoping you could help me track down a dress! I’m looking for a black or navy midi slip dress for under $100. I’d love for it to be silk but I don’t know if it’s even possible to find under $100!
This one is pretty much spot on, and we also love this one in charcoal!

4. Do you girls have any suggestions for cute couple costumes that aren’t too cheesy?
Sandy and Danny (from Grease), Morticia and Gomez Addams (so fun), Bonnie and Clyde (easy to make this costume), and elderly couple, zombie bride and groom, Mr & Mrs Smith (timely with the breakup of Brangelina – this look would be fun and super easy to create), a mermaid and a fisherman, pregnant 50’s era housewife and the milkman (lol), and bank robbers. Just a few ideas that we think aren’t too cheesy!

5. Brooke, what kind of milk do you use in your Nespresso frother – mine doesn’t froth like that (I use almond milk)! 
I use organic cows milk, however it doesn’t always get a lot of foam. The milk I was using when I was snapping was organic from Coscto (Kirkland), but this week I picked up milk from Whole Foods and the foam does not stay on top – it “bubbles” away. I’ve read that skim milk froths better, but I always use 2% – I’m not sure what the secret is!

6. I’m going to a college homecoming tailgate/game in November and a college formal in November and I need help with cute outfit ideas! I live in Philadelphia so it gets pretty cold. What should I wear?! 
These leggings (our absolute favorite – and on sale now!), with boots (these would be great b/c they wouldn’t get ruined from mud/beer & food spills) with warm socks or liners, a cozy sweater, scarf (obsessed & under $50!), a warm coat, fun mittens & a hat

7. Traveling to Miami first week in November with my husband. Looking for fun dinner outfits, mostly casual. We will have one business casual dinner while we are there however. Thanks for your help! Also, your fav restaurants not to miss – we are staying at the Fontainebleau!
We’ve always loved this dress and it comes in SO many fun colors! A few other options are this jumpsuit, this top + skirt combo, or this dress (so cute with some fun booties!). Some favorite restaurants are Casa Tua, Prime 112, and there are a couple great restaurants in the Fontainebleau!

8. I’m looking for a pair of classic nude heels, like the Christian Louboutin “So Kate” pumps, but not as expensive.  Any dupes?
This pair is a really good dupe, and a super flattering cut! We also love this pair, this pair and this pair (nearly identical and under $100)!

9. Brooke, how did you stay so skinny when you didn’t have a kitchen? 
OMG, truthfully I can’t even believe this is a question (no offense!), only because I don’t feel that way. I was in pretty good shape (probably the best shape I’ve been in since my wedding) at the end of May. This was right when I got shingles & our kitchen was gutted – aka the moment I stopped eating healthy and working out. I think because I was in pretty good shape at the time, it helped slow the decline lol. I definitely lost ALL progress I had made which was super frustrating, but I didn’t actually gain any lbs – I lost a lot of muscle…and it turned into fat (muscle weighs more than fat, so that could explain why I didn’t actually gain weight). I’ve been feeling so bad lately (touched on this last week) – headaches, stomach aches, sluggish, etc. and I blame it all on my diet/lack of workouts. So, while I looked ok in clothes, I definitely wasn’t/still not feeling great or confident! My clothes are definitely fitting much tighter and I’m ready to get back to the gym! Sorry I don’t have better advice, but that’s my reality! I think if you’re doing a kitchen reno and trying to eat healthy, a makeshift countertop and a sink are essential…the only sink I had was so tiny it was difficult to even wash fruit in, and we had no countertop since our whole main floor was pretty much gutted at the same time. 

10. I’m looking or the perfect jacket for fall to go with my Stan Smith Adidas. One that’s comfortable, yet fashionable that can be worn everywhere; from the grocery store to church, etc. can you help me?!
A few options are this pocket coat, this drape front jacketthis cozy knit jacket, or this leather trim one – all so versatile and can definitely be worn with sneakers!

11. Any suggestions for a kitchen backsplash? I have white shaker cabinets and we are installing Quartz Torquay countertops. Looking for something other than the marble or subway tile look. 
This is super pretty, love this, and this is super fun cement tile – comes in lots of colors as well!

12. Do either of you have any upcoming trips planned? Looking for some recs!
Meggan: I don’t have too much planned since we have the wedding and honeymoon in June. But I’m going to New York this month (always a good idea!), Seattle in November, and Cabo in March to do some wedding planning!
Brooke: We don’t have any trips planned, but I really want to start traveling more – it’s hard with Sophia’s school schedule and not having any family close. But, we’re hoping to head somewhere in the next couple of months – would love suggestions!

13. Do you wear the outfits you wore at NYFW again and in your everyday life or are they a one time outfit? Would love to see how you style them in your cities and not just for fashion week!
Yes we definitely wear the clothes again! We brought a ton of pieces that we’re already in our closets (sneakers, jeans, jackets, etc) and mixed and matched with new/fun pieces. The best part about fashion week is you can literally wear whatever you want!

Hope you all have a fab weekend! You can email your questions to brookeandmeggan@somewherelately.com with #coffeetalk in the subject or leave them below for next week! xx

Picture by Emily Luciano