Day at The Bean
We are soaking up our last weeks in Chicago and have a bucket list things we want to do (it’s mostly places we need to eat lol!) before we leave. I’m getting so sad that our days are winding down here. There’s so many things I will miss about here – the people, the parks, the food, the culture…pretty much everything but winter 😉 Yesterday, we bundled up and brought Camden to The Bean since he’s never been. He was amazed and probably a little confused lol but he seemed to enjoy it. He loved running under it and looking up at his reflection. It’s the little things!
I’ve been on the hunt for a collarless coat and was so happy when I found this one from Banana Republic. It’s great for fall and transitioning into winter. It’s not too thick so you can wear chunky knits under and not feel like a stuffed sausage 😉 I went down a size (xs) and it fits perfectly. It also comes in green which is gorgeous!
I am obsessed with these booties! They passed the comfort test (walked around the entire park with no problem) and are soo cute! I might ask for them in nutmeg or olive for Christmas…orrrr maybe just buy them now because I don’t know if I can wait 😉

That face – he looks like a man on a mission! It’s so hard to get clear pictures of him now – all he wants to do is go go go!

Kyle is 6’5″ and pretty slender so it can be hard to find jackets and tops that are long enough or aren’t boxy. We go through a lot of returns when we shop for him so we were super stoked when everything we ordered from BR fit!

On me: coat (on sale!) | sweater | jeans | bag | sunglasses | booties

On him: coat | sweater | pants | sneakers
Before we leave we are planning on going to the top of the Sears Tower (Kyle has never been!), a cooking class at the chopping block, getting a drink where we had our first date, and bringing Camden to the LP zoo one last time. And of course going on a food tour of all our favorite restaurants. Anything else you think we should hit up?
More favorites from Banana Republic…

In collaboration with Banana Republic