Our Skincare Routines
We’ve had a lot of requests for an updated skin care routine, and we promised it on #coffeetalk a few weeks ago, so here it is! We are obsessed with skincare and always trying new products, so our routine is ever-changing…but here’s what our routines currently look like!

Meggan’s Night Routine:
Step 1: I remove my makeup with this Clinique cleansing balm. It literally melts your makeup off, I can’t live without it. I also just got this one by IT Cosmetics and can’t wait to try – it has pretty amazing reviews!

Step 2: I use this cleanser to wash my face. I’ve been using this for quite some time now and love it. It doesn’t dry out my skin and makes it feel smoother and brighter.

Step 3: I’ve always had large pore on my nose but have never took action on minimizing them until I came across this treatment. Put a tiny bit on a cotton pad and cleanse in circles all over your face. I’ve been using it for a couple months now and I can definitely tell a difference.

Step 4: I switch between these two serums: Korres ‘Golden Krocus Ageless Saffron Serum’ (wow that’s a mouthful!) and Tula’s ‘Illuminating Serum’. I didn’t start using a serum (say serum again) until last year and had no idea how much I was missing out on! It helps even your skin tone, diminishes fine lines + dark spots, and works against aging. The Korres is pricey but a little goes a long way!

Step 4: I’m always on a mission to find the best eye cream – I’ve tried SO many. I’ve been using this one for quite some time and really like it. But also have this one and this one in my medicine cabinet that I use from time to time. I’m kind of a hoarder when it comes to skin products!

Step 5: Okay, so I got this overnight cream during fashion week and have been obsessed since. It feels like my skin is drinking water (if that makes sense? lol) and makes it sooooo hydrated. This is definitely a can’t live without product. You can get 25% off with code SLNIGHT25! The code is valid until 10/31 – don’t miss out 😉

Meggan’s Morning Routine:
All I do in the morning is wash my face, use the pore minimizer, and hydrate with either this cream from Tula or this one by Perricone MD.

Brooke’s Night Routine:

Step 1: Remove makeup using Simple remover wipes. I love these wipes, they are cheap and great for sensitive skin!

Step 2: If you struggle with hormonal acne, this face wash is your new best friend! I discovered it recently and I swear it works miracles (along with the pads in step 3)! Since this is drying, I only use it at night. I use my Clarisonic a few times/week (2-3), at night with this face wash.

Step 3: Every other night (to avoid drying out my skin), I use these anti-acne pads (I also have used and love these). After the acne pads, I use a serum (I use a serum every night) – I love this one, this one, and this one together with this micro roller (collagen boosting!).

Step 4: Hydrate! My skin has been so dry this week out of nowhere (probably with the dropping temps), but I tried this overnight treatment last night for the first time, and I woke up with hydrated skin this morning. I was seriously shocked at how well it worked…shocked! I also love this moisturizer (helps reduce redness) and this one – I alternate between these two normally, but think I’ll be sticking with the overnight treatment during fall & winter. It’s pricey, but it’s a big jar & most importantly it works! I use this eye cream & this or this for my lips (obsessed with both, but can’t live without the Rosebud)!

Brooke’s Morning Routine:
My morning routine is much simpler than my nighttime routine. I wash my face using this cleanser or this one (we keep this in the shower), and moisturize using this moisturizer from SkinCeuticals (one of our favorite skincare lines), or the Tula Day & Night Cream.

Our favorite masks:
This is one of the best masks for hormonal acne.
This is so great for dry or irritated skin.
This one and this one are great for clarifying and exfoliating skin.

Our favorite eye patches:
This one is hydrating and energizing.
This one is the best for getting rid of tired eyes!
This one is great for firming and smoothing.