1. I’m looking for an everyday winter coat, preferably with a hood. I would love your suggestions!

Brooke: I am obsessed with this one that I posted on Wednesday & have worn it every single day now that the temps have dropped. I walked around the city in it all day yesterday and stayed so warm, I love it!
Meggan: I like this French Connection parka and have always loved this one from J.Crew. Both are super cute and on major sale!!

2. Brooke – I know you posted your skincare routine a couple weeks ago, but which products specifically did you find best to work for clearing acne?
My favorites for acne are: this PTR cleanser, this PTR mask, this mask, and for treatment pads I love both these and these!

3. This is fitting for coffee talk – what type of coffee do you girls buy? I’m in a rut when it comes to buying it in store and would love some suggestions for some well flavored coffee!
Brooke: I buy Duncan Donuts original coffee – SO good, I got Meggan hooked as well lol!
Meggan: Yessss Brooke got me hooked when I stayed at her house in September! I also like Starbucks blonde roast and the breakfast blend medium roast. I’m not much of a coffee snob and will drink pretty much anything!

4. Do/did you guys ever struggle to keep up with blogging in the sense of constantly having to shop and buy new stuff? Did you ever feel like you were trying to make money but always having to spend more? How do you balance that out? I feel like it is just constant spending…although that isn’t a terrible thing. ;)
When we first started blogging it was definitely a struggle. We wanted to buy new things all the time so we could have new content to post. But that obviously isn’t attainable, and our men would kill not be happy with us! We try to invest in pieces that are always in style and spend less on trend pieces to mix in each season. 

5. I have a work holiday party coming up – any dress & shoe suggestions?
We love this one, this one, this one, and this one! For shoes – this pair and these would go with any of those dresses!

6. Meggan – I am having a hard time coming up with bridesmaid dresses for my destination wedding. Do you have any suggestions?! Also, how are you going to prevent tan lines the days before your wedding?
I researched Cabo photographers and looked at the weddings they’ve shot to see what everyone was wearing which was super helpful! And of course browsed on Pinterest for hours ;) For tan lines I’m going to have to be really careful since I’ll be there a whole week before my wedding. Lot’s of sunscreen and strapless bikinis!

7. Can you recommend a contemporary quilt pattern? 
Brooke: My grandma made a quilt using this pattern for Avery when she was born, and it turned out SO cute!
Meggan: A chevron pattern or this pattern would be my top options!

8. I need a new wallet, please help!
Loving this All Saints one, this Botkier one, and this classic Stella McCartney is on sale if you want to go the designer route :)

9. I’ll be in NYC the week before Christmas (bucket list!) and need outfit suggestions for walking around the city but still looking cute (and warm!). Also, outfits for dinner/drinks?
I would for sure pack a warm coat like this one or this one (have & love both), comfortable jeans or leggings (I like to wear these walking around the city) and a cute pair of sneakers. I walked around the city all day yesterday in these and they were so comfy! I ordered 1/2 size down from my normal sneaker size. A hat, mittens (these are so warm and 50% off!), and a scarf are a definite must for staying warm! For dinner/drinks, I love this dress for a fancier date night, and this sweater with jeans and these velvet pumps (SO pretty in person) for a more casual/city look.

10. I have a TV appearance coming up in a few weeks and wanted to know what you recommended for blouses/dresses that are camera-appropriate? I’m thinking something fitted and flattering, but also not too girly.
We would stick to a solid pattern and definitely something fitted/flattering. This blouse is pretty and would look cute tucked into a skirt or pants. This dress is simple/flattering – you could throw on a faux fur vest or statement necklaces to add some flare.

11. I was wondering what oxygen drops you use in your water all the time in your snapchat?
I use these drops and get them at Whole Foods. I put it in my water when I wake up in the morning and if I remember, one more time in the afternoon. You can read about the benefits here – so good!

12. I’m also decorating my house right now and I’m wondering what home things are on your Christmas list? Thanks!
Meggan: I’m asking for this bar cart, this buffet, and this mirror. Yes, I’m slightly obsessed with West Elm ;)
Brooke: I’m asking for things to fill my new shelves in our TV room – I just bought one of these candles and I’m obsessed! It looks so real…the flame flickers, and you can program the time you want it to come on/turn off!  I’m asking for more of these, and I need candle holders for them. I love this one & this one! I ordered this rug as a “house present” for my hubs – he will be thrilled lol ;).

13. I would love your suggestions for a long dress to wear to a winter wedding in Tahoe! I recently broke my foot and instead of wearing my gorgeous new oxblood suede heels, I am going to be in a huge black soft boot-cast :(
Ohhhh nooo!! We are sure you will still look fabulous ;) There are so many long dresses we love right now it will be hard to narrow it down! Butttttt the back of this dress is amazing, obsessed with this one, love this cold-shoulder, and this off the shoulder one!

14. I love your skincare recommendations! I was wondering if you could share what you used while pregnant and/or nursing?
Meggan: I used all my Tula products while I was pregnant and nursing! The only product I had to cut from my routine was retinol.
Brooke: I used Tula as well, and Mary Kay. I wasn’t using any acne products at the time (my hormonal acne showed up only after having Avery – uhg!).

15. I would love to hear from you girls on your favorite workout pants and tops. I’m always on the hunt for flattering and affordable workout clothes. I haven’t been a big Lululemon customer in the past (I usually go for Zella) but am considering buying pants for the first time and would love to hear your favorites. I feel like it is hard to find good workout clothes that last long and are the right, flattering cuts. And any other brands or styles you recommend! Thanks!
We totally feel you – we’re always looking for cute, comfortable, and affordable options for workout gear. Zella is great for that (have these pants and these), but honestly both of us have to agree that Lululemon is just a step above quality wise (price goes up as well). We still wear and love Zella (especially for the price), but if you’re considering buying Lulu, we would say go for it! The pants and tops wash so well and last forever (I’ve had this pair for 4+ years). I always check their sale pieces and have found some great deals (most around 50% off)!

16. I am currently six months pregnant and struggling with how to dress the bump. Any suggestions?
Ugh! Finding outfits during pregnancy can be a serious struggle. We bought a lot of maternity basics/staples (tees, long sleeves, skinny jeans) and mixed in pieces we already had like cardigans, vests, jackets, etc. I love Brooke’s outfits here and here – basic dress and top mixed with items she already had in her closet!

17. Could you please give me some suggestions on cute holiday dresses? Options for work parties and family parties would be great.
We will actually be doing an entire post for holiday dresses next week with all categories, so check back next week for that! Also check question #5 above for some work party options!

18. My husband and I got invited to our first adult only Christmas party. The invite said cocktail attire, and I am trying to figure out something cute to wear. Any ideas?
This red dress is pretty, love this bandeau one (could do some fun heels with it), this embellished mini is pretty amazing, and so is this!

19. I am from Arizona and we just don’t really get a winter. This year I am spending Christmas with my in-laws in Boston and am looking for winter staples. Cute casual outfits and some things to wear out to dinner…help!
You will definitely need a coat but probably don’t want to spend a ton since you only need it for this trip. I have this one and it’s on sale right now for 47% off – comes in a few colors to pick from! A few sweaters options are this poncho, this fair isle knit (fun for the holidays!), this grey pullover, and this cowl neck. You can wear all these casually or dress them up for a nice dinner. A few other things you will need is a scarf (obsessed this oversized one), versatile boots, and a hat (I have this one in black and love it). This sweater dress is also a cute option for dinner!

20. I have my engagement pictures coming up and I am looking for a long red dress to wear. I would also love to do a more casual outfit, again red/holiday colors. Would love if you could help a sister out!
For long red dresses we love: this onethis onethis one, and this one. For a casual/fun holiday look we love: these mittensthis hatscarfsweater, and boots (so cute and just went on sale)!

21. What are your favorite pajamas to sleep in? And what do you do with your hair at night so it’s not a disaster in the morning?
Meggan: I honestly just sleep in a tank and underwear. I can’t sleep in pants or I get too hot! But I always find the cutest jammies at Target to lounge around in. I just got these and love them!

Brooke: I sleep in oversized tees and underwear lol, that’s pretty much it! I’m with Meggan – I get so hot when I sleep, I can’t wear anything else! But my favorite cute pajamas to lounge in are these – I swear they are so comfortable, we get a new pair every year for Christmas. I sleep with my hair in a bun on top of my head.

Leave your questions for next week below or email them to brookeandmeggan@somewherelately.com with #coffeetalk in the subject! xo