1. Meggan – I’m getting married in Cabo too and wondering what DJ you picked and who are you using for your hair + makeup?
SO exciting!! We decided on the Kilometro Band! I only have band recommendations from my wedding planner so I’m no help with DJ’s…so sorry! And I still haven’t decided on hair and makeup but a few I’ve researched are Alma Vallejo, Suzanne Morel, and Blanc Bridal Salon.

2. We are moving and getting a king sized bed (finally) do you have any favorite beddings right now?
Meggan: I’m on the hunt for new bedding too! I currently have this duvet in white which I love but I took bad care of it and now it’s kinda trashed 🙁 I’ve been browsing West Elm since their bedding is currently 30% off and really like this one and this one.

Brooke: Me too! It looks like it’s bedding hunting season lol. I have this quilt in gray from Pottery Barn that I love, but looking for a new duvet cover. I love this one (it comes in 8 colors, Sophia has it in the blush and it’s so cute and has held up well), and this one (love all of Serena & Lily’s patterns)! 

3. Do you have any recommendations for a good exfoliator for your face?
We both have & love this one, and I (Brooke) have this microderm set from MK and it’s sooo good – I love that it has a step 1 and step 2 so my skin doesn’t feel “stripped” after!

4. I’m traveling to New York for the first time next spring. Do you have any suggestions on the best neighborhoods to visit/stay in?
My favorite neighborhoods are Tribeca & Soho. I would definitely try to stay there if you can (you can always use hotwire.com to find a good rate). I shared my favorite places to visit in this #coffeetalk post (question #12), and my answers are still the same today!

5. I have a work event in Huntington Beach in December. The event is “black tie optional”. What is black tie optional – so confusing. Do you have any suggestions for outfits?
LOL – right?! Black tie optional usually means that men aren’t required to wear a tux and women aren’t required to wear a full length dress, but either are appropriate! A few dress options we love: this onethis onethis one, and this one!

6. Meggan, I saw you recently went to Nashville for a friend’s bachelorette party. I am in the the process of planning a similar trip and looking for recommendations. What neighborhood did you stay in? Hotel or Airbnb? Also, any suggestions for fun actives during the daytime would be great!
We stayed at a hotel downtown right off Broadway which I loved because it was an easy walk to the bars. A few of my favorite daytime activities we did were: brunch (Tavern and Biscuit Love), Nashville Pedal Tavern, explored the 12 South neighborhood (so many cute shops and restaurants), happy hour at Bartaco, and popped in and out of different bars – live music plays all day long! Two days was not enough time there, I need to go back!

7. I was wondering if you had any ideas on what to get my mom for her 50th birthday? I’m stumped and always love reading your posts on gift giving and your gift guides!
We will be doing a gift guide for moms coming up, so keep a lookout for that one! But, we always think a framed photograph is SO special to moms, and we love and recommend Framebridge (they look SO professional and they’re inexpensive). We also love this necklace, you could do a spa day together (massages, facials, mani/pedi or just one of those options), or a nice tote bag.

8. I had my son 15 months ago and I’m a complete mombie! I have bags under my eyes that are so dark and heavy and was wondering if you guys had any tips or tricks on how to make my eyes look normal again?! Also it seems like you two have so much energy for running after toddlers all day! Any trick to that either?
Omg first of all we love “mombie”! We’ve never heard that before but are definitely going to start using it, lol! We use eye creams and masks to help minimize bags under our eyes. Our go-to eye creams are this and this (talked more about this one on Wednesdays post here). And a few of our favorite eye patches are these tripe oxygen energizing patches, these cucumber ones by Peter Thomas Roth, and these icy ones. And we both swear by this intensive skin serum corrector. As for energy, we would be lying if we didn’t say we rely heavily on coffee 😉 It may not look like it but most some days are a struggle!

9. My question is about the Sugar Bear Hair gummies. I remember one of you posting a picture saying you started taking them. Did you find an success with hair growth? If so how long until you saw results?
That was me (Meggan) and I definitely saw results! They give you the option to buy three bottles (1 per month) or six bottles but I started off with one to see if I liked them/saw results. After the first month I noticed growth and ordered a few more bottles. I would definitely give them a try!

10. I’m being asked to put together a christmas/birthday list and wondering if you guys have any ideas that stand out that come to mind? Maybe things on your list? I’m usually good about finding those “it” items that I want but this year nothing is coming to mind!
We’re working on our wishlists right now and will be sharing them next week, so stay tuned for those! But, great things to ask for as far as “big ticket” items are: a great leather jacket, a handbag – loooove this one, or a watch (love this one and it’s on sale!)!

11. Meggan, will you share your color scheme for your wedding and which bridesmaid dresses you chose?
My wedding is going to be very neutral – mostly white with hints of blush and gold. My bridesmaids are wearing white maxi dresses (letting them pick what style they want) from Show Me Your Mumu. I am obsessed with all their bridesmaid dresses – such a laid back, boho vibe. Perfect for a beach wedding!

12. I am headed on a family cruise over New Years! I am looking for a cute suit, I am loving one pieces and high waisted bikini bottoms. I know you both traveled shortly after having babies, mine will be 4 months and I’m still nursing. I’ll also be chasing a 5 year old 😉
One pieces or high waisted bottoms are pretty much a must these days 😉 This bikini is cute and looks like it will hold everything in! This classic black one is cute and so is this stripped one-piece.

13. I bought this coat in pink but have no idea what to wear it with! Any suggestions?
You can definitely dress it up or down! It would look cute with a cashmere sweater (like this), skinny jeans and converse – kind of like she styled it here. For another casual look you could do a chunky ivory sweater, beanie, jeans and booties. We would to soft greys, creams, and tan to soften it up.

14. Do you ladies find people look at you like your celebrities when you’re shooting in busy areas?
No – people probably just think we are weirdos 😉 lol just kidding!…kinda. Most of our outfits are pretty casual so people probably think we are tourists trying to get a good picture!

15. I recently painted the interior of my front door black, or what I thought was black but ended up looking like dark charcoal (color was BM Wrought Iron). I’m just not feeing it…any suggestions for nice black paint color?
Meggan: Ugh paint is hard – I’ve been at the paint store 100 times this week looking for colors! I’m not painting any of my rooms black but my girlfriend was sending me some of her favorite colors that are in her house and one is DEA 187 Dunn Edwards black. She said it’s a really good black and doesn’t look charcoaly (is that a word?).
Brooke: For doors/trim, if you are wanting black, my suggestion is to just go for a high gloss black (just a true black)! This is why – ahhhhh, so good!

16. I’m headed to Laguna Beach, CA for Thanksgiving with my boyfriends family and always do a horrible job packing when I visit in the fall/winter because I can never figure out the weather! It will be high 60’s/low of mid 50’s. Any suggestions on what to pack?
I feel you! When I (Brooke) used to live in Orange County it was a serious struggle figuring out what to wear in the winter months b/c it’s cold in the morning, but if I tried to wear a sweater and boots I was dying of heat in the afternoon! I think the key is layering and casual sneakers or booties (I always got SO hot when I tried to wear OTK or riding boots). I would pack jeans (just got these and love them), sneakers (we both have and love these), booties, tees (this one is our favorite), a plaid shirt, a moto jacket (have it, love it), and a few ponchos or cardigans! At night, you can obviously bundle up in a sweater/coat – especially if you’re by the water, but you’ll want to keep it easy to “un-layer” during the day when it gets warmer. Have so much fun!

17. Brooke, where did you go out to eat in/around Montauk? My family lives there and we go every year for Thanksgiving but so many places are seasonal and closed for winter!
We went to Scarpetta Beach (at Gurney’s) and it was SO good, and fun – definitely recommend it! The bar is also a great spot to grab a drink before or after dinner! We also went to Harvest which had amazing food and was packed (because it’s one of the only places open), but has more of a “hometown” feel where Scarpetta Beach definitely has that “city” vibe! Both had amazing food & I would recommend them! If I had to choose one it would be Scarpetta! On the way home we stopped at Goldberg’s Bagels and had one of the best breakfast sandwich bagels EVER, then stopped again for coffee at Jack’s which was so cute.

18. I’m in the process of decorating my new office at work and want to make it a calming/zen atmosphere. Any suggestions?
A couple things that help our spaces feel zen are live plants and an essential oil diffuser. These terrariums are great for succulents and the perfect size for a desk (bonus: succulents are easy to take care of!). These glass cloche options are really pretty too! Oil diffusers are great for relieving stress. Our favorite ones are lavender, peppermint, and lemongrass. I actually used essential oils for Camden when he was colic to try and help calm him down.

19. What face product wold you guys recommend for scars and uneven coloring? Dark circles? I feel like I have so many scars from past blemishes.
I have this serum and love it – it helps even out skintone. Getting a facial would definitely help too, and you could talk to the esthetician about scarring – I know it’s pricey, but a lot of people swear by laser treatments to help with uneven coloring and acne scarring. For dark circles, we love eye creams (this onethis one, and this one) and color corrector (we both have and love this one – orange tones cancel out dark circles, put this on under your foundation or concealer).

20. One of you posted a velvet sweatshirt on snap the other day – where was that from?! I need it!
I bought it it at Nordstrom (here) and got a size 4!

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