1. What did you both do for your save the dates for you wedding?
Meggan: Mine were pretty simple! I used one of our engagement pictures (they turned out so good I had to!) and did gold foil for the writing. I worked with a designer from Wedding Paper Divas which made it a lot less stressful!

Brooke: We actually didn’t do a save the date! We got engaged in June and married in November (I hated the process of wedding planning, so moved it up 6 months), so there wasn’t really time for a save the date.

2. What are on your Christmas lists?

We’re putting together our wishlists for a separate post, so stay tuned for that!

3. You both dress so chic and totally always representing mom bosses to me. How do you prioritize meal planning, getting to the market, keeping the house clean, etc.
OMG lol! You are way too sweet because we definitely feel like we can’t “do it all” and struggle on the daily! During the week we aren’t so chic (think sweats and yoga pants lol), but we try to pull it together on the weekends haha! Meal planning just takes a little prep – we pick out which recipes we will use for the week (usually out of our favorite cookbook), and head to the grocery store once/week. We both try to keep the house as clean as possible all the time so we aren’t left with huge messes at the end of the day (happens easily with kids). It took me (Brooke) a long time to get it together when it comes to keeping the house clean b/c we had only ever lived in small apartments before moving to our house (smaller space = easier to keep clean), but I feel like I’ve finally gotten into a rhythm. My girls (Sophia really) are responsible for cleaning their rooms and playroom every single day – I started this when she turned 4 and it helps me SO much. I clean for about an hour (not fun, but it has to be done) every evening while the girls eat dinner. That’s the only way I can keep up with it. I know if I let it go (even a day) I’ll regret it. My husband also helps me a lot – he will clean up after dinner and helps me clean on the weekends as well! One thing I still suck at is laundry – I swear it’s a never-ending pile!

4. I think I saw a long time ago on snapchat one if you were getting tattoo removal (I think it was on the back of your neck?)…was it super painful and does it make the tattoo completely disappear? Also, what was your tattoo of and why did you remove it? Thinking about getting one removed but I’m super nervous and wondering if it’s worth it!

Brooke: Yes, that’s me! I’m still in the process – I have a small tattoo of a dove on my neck that I got in college (so dumb lol!). I was told it will take between 2-5 treatments before mine goes away. I’ve had two treatments and it’s still very much there! I’ll keep you posted as to how long it takes, but eventually it will completely disappear. The process is quick (like 45 seconds!), but it’s expensive ($200 per session) for what it is. It hurts but it’s not crazy painful and just feels like a sunburn the next day. I think it will be worth it in the end, b/c I want it gone! If you really want yours off, I would go for it!

5. What are some of your favorite drug store makeup items? What do you splurge on (makeup wise)?
Meggan: My favorite drug store items are this mascarathis soft matte lip creamthis eyeliner, and Sonia Kashuk makeup brushes! I like to splurge on blush (Nars is my favorite), highlighters, and foundation. We both just got the Dior Airflash foundation and can’t wait to try!
Brooke: I love this L’Oreal mascaraNYX liquid lipstick, and Rimmel lipstick (#14). My splurges are this primer (so so good for dry skin), this foundation (also can’t wait to try the Dior!), and a beauty blender (I’d consider this a splurge for a sponge).

6. Brooke, I die at your love bracelet! What size did you get/how did you decide how you wanted it to fit?
My husband actually guessed based on who was helping him at the store (lol he thought our wrists were about the same size) & I wear a size 16. When he gave it to me I was 8 months pregnant and thought it was too tight (hello swollen body!), so went to exchange it but ended up keeping it b/c the next size up was too loose. I think just trying on different sizes will help you determine which size is best for you! 

7. I can’t help but notice you are both in happy relationships with your husband and fiancé. I know how you guys both met – I think I actually saw that in another coffee talk question – but I’m curious how were your past relationships and how did you get through any rough breakups?
Meggan: I went through a rough break-up with a guy I dated for about 4 years. On top of the breakup, I was going trying to figure out my next career move (stressful) and my mom was diagnosed with cancer so it was a really hard time. I leaned on my friends and family to help get through it. And wine of course 😉 But honestly I think if you are going through a breakup and can afford it you should travel. Traveling can teach you a lot about yourself and gives you time to clear your head.
Brooke: I’ve also been through a rough breakup (I think almost every girl has & in the end it makes you a stronger person!). I distracted myself with school (was in college at the time) and spending as much time as possible with my friends. It’s definitely hard at the time and you feel like it will never get better, but we promise IT DOES! Our biggest piece of advice is to never settle!

8. Will you guys please keep snap chatting?! I know you said you are digging IG stories but snap is so fun!
Yes for sure – we like snap wayy better! The only annoying thing is it kicks us out if we’re both in it so sometimes it’s easier to do IG stories! 
9. Trying to figure out how many bridesmaids are “too much”? How many bridesmaids did you both have, any advice?
Brooke: I had 6 bridesmaids & felt it was a great number. I would probably liked to have more, but let’s face it…asking someone to be your bridesmaid is a big commitment on their part (especially with a destination wedding), so I kept it to my closest friends (4) and sisters-in-law (2).
Meggan: I have 9 – which I feel like is a lot but I couldn’t leave anyone out lol! I have my two sister-in-laws, two aunts, and five friends. I always thought I’d have a small party but oh well!

10. What (if any?) plastic surgery have you done? I am considering but scared to take the plunge and would love to know what work you had done if you have!
Neither of us have had any plastic surgery, so we can’t really give any advice here!

11. I’m going to be visiting some family over the holidays in Long Island. My husband and I want to get into the city for date night or maybe during the day. What are some must stop places to eat, sip coffee and maybe even be toddler friendly?
A lot of places in NYC are toddler-friendly even if they don’t appear to be! The restaurant on top of Bergdorf’s is really fun and surprisingly kid-friendly, Buddakan is probably our favorite restaurant in the city, Bubby’s is so great for breakfast/brunch and very kid-friendly, and for coffee I love Toby’s Estate, Blue Bottle Coffee or Cha Cha Matcha! I’ve heard Two Hands is great but have never been there!

12. I just ordered some more Tula products and got the overnight cream. It feels great on my skin but it has a really weird smell. Is that normal from your experience or should I talk to the brand?
Yes, we noticed the smell at first too but now we are used to it!

13. I’m obsessed with the Burberry coat you posted yesterday, but it’s just not in my budget right now. Do you know of any that have a similar style around $300?
There are definitely some great alternatives in that price point! I love this onethis one, and this one – all under $300.

14. I’m interested in purchasing an espresso machine – what one do you have?
Meggan: Santa brought me this one last year for Christmas 😉 It’s super easy to use and makes yummy lattes!
Brooke: I have this one and like it as well, but if you only want espresso I would go with the one Meggan has (I have that one also) because the one I use now makes coffee and espresso & doesn’t have as many espresso capsules to choose from.

15. I would love to hear how you girls grew your blog? I feel a little clueless about what to do and I would really like to see my instagram and blog take off more than it has. Any insight would be awesome!
We don’t have any secrets when it comes to growing our blog, we feel like we’ve seen people “take off” much quicker than we have, and we’re okay with that! While we have certainly grown, it hasn’t been overnight – we’ve been blogging for 3 years at least 5 days/week. We try to instagram at least 3 times/day (doesn’t always happen, but that’s our goal). It’s great to have goals of growing, but make sure you’re blogging because you LOVE it! When we started blogging, we talked about how we could only dream of it becoming a “full time job,” but it seemed like such a far reach rather than a reality. We think posting consistently with quality content and clear, bright images is key to growing your instagram. Engaging with other bloggers and brands is also a great way to get your name out there on instagram as well!

16. My husband and I are taking a short trip to New York right before Christmas. I am looking for some restaurant suggestions. Maybe something for lunch in Soho and any good dinner recommendations?
I mentioned some favorites above (question 11) but for lunch in Soho The Butcher’s Daughter is great, by CHLOE is always packed (never been but heard it’s amazing), Jack’s Wife Freda, and the restaurant inside Nomo Soho (so pretty!). Great dinner restaurants: Buddakan, Beauty & Essex (has mixed reviews, but we went and loved it!), Tao Downtown, BondSt, Koi (multiple locations), La Sirene, and Catch.

17. I’m trying to find a pair of jeans for my husband that don’t shrink up and fade too quickly. Do you have any recommended brands, especially ones good for slim physique?
Both of our guys are built long and lean, and honestly we think spending a little more on a good pair of jeans is the best bet!
Meggan: Kyle loves his DL1961 jeans and AG jeans. I try to avoid washing jeans as much as possible so they don’t fade!
Brooke: My husband said his favorite pairs are from J.Crew (this pair – on sale!). He swears the secret to keeping them nice is getting them dry cleaned instead of washing at home.

18. I have a pair of dark rinse, high-waisted flares sitting in my closet and no idea what shoes to pair them with in fall and winter. I live in Cali, so it’s not thaaat cold, but I’m wondering if there’s something other than summery platforms that would work?
We think chelsea booties (like these) or ones with a high heel (like these) would look super cute for a casual look. A platform oxford could look cute too!

19. Meggan – in one of your snaps from Seattle you snapped a black top with a choker detail, where is that from?
The brand is Wayf and I got it from Nordstrom (here)!

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