1. Do you ever order from SheIn? I’ve heard bad things but they have cute, cheap stuff! 

Yes, we’ve ordered from SheIn a lot – it’s kind of hit or miss when it comes to sizing (be sure to check the size charts), but we pretty much love most of the items we get! It’s great if you want to purchase trendy items but don’t want to spend a lot.
2. I love you fireplace from Instagram stories, where did you get your screen and accessories?
Thank you, you can see the whole before and after here! The screen is built in, but all of my accessories are from Crate & Barrel. We have this wood holder and this tool set. They also have some awesome screens
3. How do you wash your sweaters?
Brooke: I have most of my sweaters dry cleaned, it’s worth it – they will last so much longer! If I do wash them at home, I would turn it inside out & put it on the hand wash (or delicate) setting and be sure to use cold water. If it says dry clean only, definitely don’t try to wash it at home.
Meggan: I also get most of mine dry cleaned. I used to wash them on my own and seriously ruined them all!

4. Brooke – I am recently engaged and already feeling the wedding planning stress! My fiancé and I had always discussed getting married at his childhood home in North Carolina, however we are running into some logistical issues. Long story short, if we have both the ceremony and reception at the house, the reception would have to be around the pool. I am not a big fan of this idea and worry about people accidentally falling in or someone getting too tipsy and purposely jumping in for fun. I know you had your reception around a pool and wondered if you had any advice?
We didn’t have any issues with anyone falling or jumping into the pool (luckily, lol)! If you guys do end up getting married there I wouldn’t worry about it & just have fun! I loved having our reception around the pool because I thought it was so pretty (without any extra decorating), so I say go for it!

5. I live in Chicago, and my boyfriend needs a new winter coat. Where would you look for your guys?
Our guys also love Canada Goose (hard to beat, they are so warm), but if you’re looking for something a little less expensive, Patagonia has great jackets (love this one), and we also love this one from North Face.

6. I bought this coat, but the quality is terrible! I’m looking for a black, trench coat style winter coat. Any suggestions? 
UHG – how frustrating! We love this one, this one, and this one!

7. Could you guys link some of your favorite over the knee boots? I’m looking to buy some, but don’t know where to start or what I want exactly!
Meggan: I really love my Stuart Weitzman boots which are pricey but this pair looks just like them and have great reviews! My other favorite pair is this pair I featured on the blog yesterday.
Brooke: I have and love this pair and this pair! Both go with so many different outfits which I love.

8. My moms birthday is coming up (60!) and I’m looking to get her something unique but affordable. Any ideas?
If you have any special photos together, we LOVE Frambebridge – the quality is so great – it looks like a professional framing job & it’s affordable! We also love gifting our moms jewelry – like this necklace or perfume – a new scent for a new decade!

9. I am getting married and wondering what pairings you prefer with engagement rings? Do you like the two tone look or do you feel it is trendy and a more classic/timeless choice is a better route? 
Brooke: I like both! My engagement ring and wedding band are both platinum, but I like the two tone look as well, so actually wear a thin gold band (that was an anniversary present) between my bands. I love that it can both two tone and not.
Meggan: Kyle and I are getting married before we go to Cabo and for that I got a thin rose gold band. And for our Cabo ceremony I got a classic band to match my ring.

10. I’m looking for a cute, possibly shift dress that I can wear with my over-the-knee boots to my parents anniversary party. Would love your suggestions!
We love sweater dresses or shift dresses with OTK boots – like this one, this one, or this one!

11. I have a ton of weddings this year and most are my best friends. I’m looking for unique, meaningful gifts to give them since we’re so close. Do you have any ideas? And Brooke what was your favorite gift you received? Would also love a good gift to give the bride before her big day!
Meggan: I was in one of my best friends wedding last weekend and we all wrote her a letter and put them in a book for her to read while we got ready. It was special and something she will always have! We did the same for my other friends wedding but made a book with pictures on Shutterfly.
Brooke: One gift we received that was super special was our wedding invitations cut in thin strips (so they curled up) and placed inside clear Christmas ornaments – it was SO thoughtful and unique. It’s so fun to see them on our tree every Christmas, I love it! Another fun gift one of my girlfriends gave me was this set of Mr. and Mrs. glasses.

12. I just moved to NY (from Dallas) and am realizing how unprepared I am for winter. What shoes do you guys recommend for cold weather? I’m looking for boots (low heel/riding boots) and booties that will keep my warm but won’t get destroyed.
Hunters (or rain boots) with warm liners – waterproof is key to keeping your feet warm! If you don’t want rain boots, these are a great alternative since they’re waterproof (and super cute)!

13. In last weeks #coffeetalk you mentioned you both had blogs before you started this one. Are they still up? I’d love to look 🙂
Meggan: Mine is still up and it’s pretty slightly embarrassing but I’ll share anyway! It’s called trying to make fetch happen and I really didn’t have a clue what I was doing (or wearing, HA!) 😉
Brooke: Agreed with Meggan lol! Mine was Decorgreat – I started it focusing mostly on interiors (a lot of DIYs). 😉

14. I’m looking for a dress for a wedding in Mexico in January. I’m attending as a guest and want something comfortable but cute. And I’m 5’10” so a long dress usually doesn’t work well with my height!
This one is pretty and gives us major Mexico vibes! Also love this mini (how cute are the sheer sleeves?!) and this off the shoulder is pretty!

15. I’m looking for the perfect faux fur vest that’s a light brown color (with dark/light brown and white all mixed together). I can only find solid black or solid brown. Any ideas?
We love this one & this one – both are mixed colors! This one is also really cute!

16. I’m in my mid 30s and am starting to notice my makeup settling into my fine lines, mainly just my crow’s feet (aaahh!). Do you have any primers hat you love for fine lines/wrinkles?
Brooke: I feel the same way (have never had Botox yet, but considering it soon!). I swear I found THE BEST combo last week at Sephora that gives my skin so much more of a glow! I never thought I would stray from Smashbox primer and Laura Mercier foundation (I still love both), but the sales guy suggested a few new products for me (I have dry skin), and I honestly couldn’t believe the difference it made! This primer (goes on first) followed by this illuminator (1 pump all over face), and finally this foundation. While I definitely don’t think there’s a magical ‘cure,’ this makes my face feel extra hydrated (which helps fight the look of fine lines), and I’ve been super happy with it! If nothing else, I’d for sure go for the primer!
Meggan: Okay so it sounds like I need to hit up Sephora and get everything Brooke just listed because I have no answers for this one 😉 Fine lines SUCK! I do get botox from time to time (I swear it’s addicting) but only on my forehead.

17. I’m going to a wedding in Estes Park, CO in late December and would love to find something similar to the long Reformation dresses but less expensive. Any ideas?
I’ve been to a wedding in Estes and it was sooo pretty! This red maxi is gorgeous, love this velvet dress, and obsessed with this lace numbaa!

18. I’ve been eye-ing this pair of OTK boots…they’re a bit of a splurge for my budget, so I’m wondering if you could give me some tips on how to wear them? I’m a small town Iowa girl and don’t want to look too “pretty woman.” Also, can I transition these to winter? Or are they more of a fall staple?
We get what you’re saying with looking to “pretty woman” 😉 If we wear our boots with dresses we do long sleeve (see our looks here and here) or flowy dresses. You can also wear them casual with jeans and a sweater like I did here and here). And you can definitely transition them to winter!

Leave your questions below for next week or email them to brookeandmeggan@somewherelately.com with #coffeetalk in the subject. Also we got a ton of questions this week and are both traveling so couldn’t finish them all. If you don’t see yours it will be posted next week! XO

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