Our Tips For Getting The Best Beauty Sleep
Hi ladies! Hope your week is off to a great start…we have been super busy and things aren’t slowing down anytime soon. How is next week already Thanksgiving?! With the holidays being such a busy time of the year, we wanted to share some of our secrets to getting the best beauty sleep you can! Because nobody wants bags under their eyes for holiday pics. 😉 
After (a lot) of trial and error, here are the tips we’ve found help us get the best sleep and wake up feeling refreshed:
1. Set your “body clock” – (try) to go to bed at the same time every night. This will train your body and brain to be on a consistent sleep schedule. This is obviously not as easy during the holidays, but try to stick to your normal bed/wake times as much as possible! 
2. Put. the. phone. down. Studies have shown that being on your phone (or watching TV) before bed negatively impacts the quality of your sleep. This is obviously hard for us, but we try to put our phones down 45 minutes before bed. 
3. Create a nighttime routine/ritual: Having a routine reminds your body it’s almost time for bed. For us that’s having a cup of (decaf) tea, washing and moisturizing our faces, and reading for 30-40 minutes. Any book recommendations? We’re always looking for new ones! 
4. Use a silk pillowcase. This tip is more for your skin & hair than anything – silk pillowcases help your skin retain moisture (so great for winter!), and silk is  much more gentle on your face than other fabrics. A ton of celebs swear by a silk pillowcase for their skin, and we’re hopping on this bandwagon! 
5. Sleep with a humidifier on. I shared this tip last year and swear by it in the winter! Using a humidifier keeps my dry skin moisturized during the winter when it’s usually uncomfortably dry! 
6. Steer clear of salty foods and alcohol close to bedtime. Another tip that is a bit more difficult to live by during the holidays, but consuming too much salty food or alcohol before bed will only leave you waking up with puffy eyes (we’ve all been there!). 
After getting sufficient sleep, we rely on great eye creams to help us look more awake and refreshed (especially if we had a rough night). You guys know we are obsessed with eye products, and these 3 from Mary Kay are really good! If you’ve read our skin posts from the past, you know we’ve been using MK products for a long time – it’s a brand we always go back to because we know the product formulas work well with our sensitive skin! My mom has actually used the TimeWise Volu-Firm Eye Renewal Cream for a long time and I recently started using it – I love the applicator, and I loooove the soothing eye gel…it feels SO good on tired eyes! 
As much fun as the holidays are, it’s also an important time for us to give back. This year, with the purchase of one of the three eye products above, the Mary Kay Foundation will be selling the Limited-Edition Beauty That Counts Sleeping Eye Mask for $1 – each dollar will be directly donated to the Mary Kay Foundation which is fighting to put an end to domestic violence. The holidays are the perfect time to give back to a cause that is special to you, and this is an extremely easy way to do that! 
We mentioned the silk pillow case above but this is a game changer – it benefits your skin and hair! They make good stocking stuffers. 😉
I’ve been on the go lately with my move to Dallas and getting little sleep (yawwwn!) and have been trying to take extra good care of my skin. I just started using this firming cream and already noticed results. The skin around my eyes feel hydrated and look brighter. It also helps even skin tone (bye bye under eye!) which is a major plus!

What are some things you do to get the best beauty sleep? We’d love to hear! xx

In collaboration with Mary Kay