Red For The Holidays
Happy Monday! I’ve been so busy this last week with our move I feel so out of touch with life lol. We left for Dallas Friday afternoon after the movers loaded our apartment. It was bittersweet but I’m excited to get settled here! We are staying at Kyle’s parents until our truck arrives and in the mean time getting things done around the house. You can follow along on snap to see our progress!
I wore this outfit while I was in Seattle a couple weeks ago (but planning to wear it for the holidays as well!). I picked up this dress from Nordstrom while I was there (I’ve said it before but the store is amazzzzing!) and was so happy I packed my over the knee boots to wear with it. I’ve had these boots for a couple years now and so happy I decided to splurge on them. They suede is soft and they stay up (major plus with suede boots!) and they are so versatile. If you are hesitant to buy designer shoes, I would recommend getting them from Nordstrom. One of the strings on my boots was starting to fray and they exchanged them without any hesitation. That is some serious service right there!!
Everyone needs a cashmere scarf in their life! They are SO soft and truly the warmest. I got mine as a gift from Santa 😉
The boots look so cute with skirts, jeans, and dresses!

Okay I am off to get some things done around the house. We have to repaint (long story) and I need to figure out what colors to do. I’m so bad at making decisions I’m sure it will take me forever to pick!
A few more things I’m eyeing for the holidays…


In collaboration with Nordstrom