1. I’m looking for new snow boots under $200. I like this pair but am open to suggestions.
We love those Sperrys but a couple more options we found are these (look so warm!), these, and these.

2. Can’t wait to see more of your homes! Brooke, I know you said you’ll be sharing yours…Meggan, will you also be sharing photos of your new home? I love both of your interior design styles!
I’m nowhere close to having it fully furnished/decorated but once it’s done I will definitely share. There’s a lot to buy when you go from a tiny apartment to an actual house!

3. I’m looking for a structured nude/neutral tote that I can use primarily for work, but would work for the weekends as well. I’ve checked out various Kate Spade & Michael Kors totes, and while I like that budget ($400 or less), I’m wondering if there are other options I haven’t come across yet.
We love this one, this one (love the studs and it’s on sale!), this one, and this one!

4. My boyfriend and I are heading to Turks and Caicos – any restaurant, activity, or hotel recommendations?
Ahhh I am so jealous…Kyle and I talk about Turks at least once a week because it was so amazing! I would definitely recommend staying on Grace Bay – it got rated one of the best beaches in the world. We stayed at the Coral House but there are a few resorts on it that all looked gorgeous. We stayed at the house for most of our dinners (I had a two week old LOL) but you must eat at Coco Bistro…so yummy and good vibe! One day we did a conch snorkeling tour which was so fun. We caught our own conch and the tour guides made fresh ceviche with it! One day we walked along the bay and stopped at a couple of the beach bars – definitely stop at Jimmy’s Dive Bar.

5. When you first started blogging, how did you reach out to brands to collaborate with? Or did they come to you? Would love any tips you have about spreading the word of a new blog!
We didn’t really work with any brands until our blog was over a year old – our first “sponsored post” didn’t happen until 1 year and 1 month after we started our blog. We blogged 5 days/week for that year without ever working with a company (we did it for fun because we loved it!), so try not to get discouraged if you’re just starting out! We did get a few things sent to us from brands (they usually found us), but you can definitely reach out to brand to introduce them to your blog. It’s easy to find their PR contacts online. When you email them, be specific in how you’d love to work together, or which product in particular you love. Most importantly, be authentic!

6. I just purchased a navy Proenza bag, but not sure if I should keep it. What colors would go well with it? Should I exchange for another color?
We love navy! It goes with a lot of colors – camel, nude, burgundy, white, black (yes we like black & navy), mustard…a lot of options! But if you’re second-guessing yourself, black is always always always a safe bet!

7. What filter/app do you use on your insta photos?
We use VSCO filters – we like A6, A9, A8, F2.

8. I’m ready to invest in a classic black designer bag. I have been eying this Gucci one but I am open to suggestions! My budget is around $2500.
We love that bag! A few other classic options we love: this YSL one, this one, and this one. You really can’t go wrong with any of these options!

9. I’m starting a new job on Monday and I’m so nervous about what to wear! It is a casual marketing company with lots of young employees. I don’t want to be too professionally dressed or too casual. Any suggestions? The weather is “SoCal cold” aka 60 degrees!
With a casual dress code (and wanting to be on the safe side), we would do something like this: black jeans, a fun graphic tee, a blazer, and booties (obsessed with these and they just went on sale for under $100!) – perfectly “neutral.” Good luck on your first day love!

10. I have been relentlessly searching for the perfect “wrap coat” in either black or camel. I swear I have looked at every website imaginable and I just can’t find the perfect one that isn’t crazy expensive but still a quality piece. I’m wondering if either one of you may know of something that I missed?! (here & here for examples). 
This one by T Tahari is so pretty and just went on sale. It’s still a little pricey but it’s classic and you will be wearing it for a long time. A couple other options are this one and this one. Hope one of those works out for you!

11. Meggan, where is your cardigan from that you posted on snap the other day?
I just got it from Revolve (here) and went down a size! Brooke actually ordered the same one after I told her how much I’ve been wearing it ;).

12. We are getting family pictures done in a couple weeks and are wearing neutrals. They are outside and I live in Idaho (it’s freezing!) and wondering what you would choose for full outfit choice?
Those are going to turn out so cute, I love winter family pictures. This family looks so cute in their neutral outfits – I would do something similar. A long sleeve shirt/blouse, faux fur vest, jeans, and boots (love these). You could switch out the vest for this shearling jacket too – so cute!

13. What DSLR camera would you suggest getting for a new blogger just starting out? Something in the $300-$400 range would be preferable.
We both have and love Canon cameras (we have this one), but for a beginner camera this one is a great option! Buying a 50mm lens will really step up your photo game – it’s a great prime lens for portraits!

14. I’m trying to transition my boring diaper bag to something more chic or designer, yet still be functional for my everyday mom life. Can you suggest a stylish handbag that aren’t so “mommy”?
Retiring the diaper bag is the best feeling 😉 We are both obsessed with the Mansur Gavriel bucket bags – they are roomy enough to fit diapers/wipes/snacks and have a shoulder strap which is key with littles. This Saint Laurent tote is gorgeous and functional (also one with fringe) and we love this hobo tote.

Hope you all have an amazing weekend! We will be finishing up our Christmas shopping and spending time with our families. Leave your questions below for next week or email them to us at brookeandmeggan@somewherelately.com with #coffeetalk in the subject. XO


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