1. I know both of you have moved to new cities at one point in time, and I recently moved to Denver and am trying to get acclimated to my new city! What are some tips you have for being new to a city and wanting to make the most all the new things to see and do + trying to meet people?

Brooke: I think it’s super important to get out there and meet people! I didn’t do this when we moved to NYC, and it was pretty depressing. When we moved here I didn’t really know anyone, my husband worked long hours, and I had a baby (I was also working PT from home for a recruiting firm). It definitely wasn’t the ideal situation to be going out and meeting people, but soon we starting making dinner plans with people (work friends or people we met through a baby music class I was in), and it was so much more enjoyable! Every weekend we made a list of a few new places to go (museums, parks, restaurants) and that was so fun! You have to put a little effort in, but it’s so worth it. We’re finally at the point now (3 years later) where I feel like we have met some great friends, and really feel like we know the city. It definitely takes time (especially if you don’t have family/friends in your new city!), but my biggest piece of advice is to just get out there, explore, and do your best to meet new people!
Meggan: I’m in the same situation right now! When I moved to Chicago it was so easy for me to learn the city. I was nannying and would go on long walks everyday and learned the streets/areas and got to bring the kids to museums, parks, etc. And I didn’t have to worry about meeting people because all my best friends lived there. Dallas is a completely different situation – I don’t know many people and want to explore the city! Kyle and I have been looking up neighborhoods/restaurants/etc on instagram we want to check out and started a list like Brooke mentioned above. I think the easiest way to meet people is through work or signing up for classes like cooking/photography or whatever your interest or hobby is. Meeting people at this age is definitely hard!

2. I live in Chicago and am in dire need of some cute winter snow boots! Would love your suggestions!
We both love Sorel boots (especially this classic pair and they’re on sale) and I’m eyeing this pair, or may end up just wearing these boots with these liners for the snow this year.
3. I’m wearing this Alexander Wang dress to a Christmas party next week, but I don’t know how I should style it. Any advice? SOS!!
Seriously love that dress!! We would do a sleeked back pony-tail, statement earrings (love these), a bold lip (maybe Russian Red or Dragon Girl?), and a pair of velvet heels!
4. Planning on going on a Caribbean vacation with the hubby soon-ish! Do you have any places you would recommend traveling to? Nothing too super expensive!
Meggan: I would suggest Turks and Caicos or St. Lucia. We went to Turks last year and it was the best trip I’ve ever been on. I haven’t been to St. Lucia yet (going on our honeymoon) but from all the research I’ve done it looks pretty amazing and I can’t wait to go!
Brooke: My favorites are Saint Thomas & Grand Cayman – both are stunning, but I’m also dying to go to Turks and Caicos and St. Lucia! I really don’t think you can go wrong with any of these places – and there are definitely affordable options on every island. Have so much fun!

5. I have been saving up for a while and have about $2,000 to spend on a handbag. I am looking for a classic, durable, well-made bag that I can use everyday. Do you have any suggestions? Would you recommend to keep saving and splurge on a Celine Micro Luggage? That is my dream bag but not sure if it’s worth the price tag!
We say go for a classic! My (Brooke) first designer bag was a Gucci bag that I still love 10 years later! If you go for a classic bag, you’ll never get sick of it & it will never go out of style. We both have (and LOVE) this bag – it’s probably both of our #1 favorite bags because it’s classic (people are always asking us if it’s vintage), durable, and so pretty! Other classic bags we love are this one, this one (on sale!), and this one (also loooove it in this color combo)!

6. I’ve been trying to get the wavy lived-in look that you have with your hair – can you share the curling irons/wand you use (what size barrel), and styling products, and describe the technique? Would love a YT  tutorial 🙂
Sure! I use this curling wand and this flat iron (I straighten the very ends AFTER I curl my whole head). I always switch up my product, but a good texturizer (love this one) is key for me to get the “lived in” look. I know I need to make a video (just have no clue where to begin with that lol), but promise I’m going to figure it out one of these days!

7. I’m looking for some inspiration to change up our Christmas tree. Just wondering if you guys would share pictures/details of your holiday decor/tree? Do you do traditional colors, flocked, etc?
Yes we will be sharing a few snaps of our homes for the holidays, stay tuned! We have both a flocked and an unflocked tree and love the look of both! We’re kind of dying over the blush & white combo this season.

8. I’m putting together my Christmas list and really want some OTK boots. I feel like the SW’s are way too pricey though – do you have recommendations for other brands that are similar but more affordable? Looking for a tan/sand color!
There are so many good dupes out there now! These Via Spiga’s come in the color you’re looking for and they’re 40% off. These are super cute (look at the picture of them on the model) and this pair looks identical to the SW’s (Brooke has them and loves them!).

9. Brooke – that bathroom in your Dior holiday post is AMAZING! Do you have more posts about your home coming up soon? I’d love to see more of that bathroom and any other gorgeous spaces you have designed in your home!
Thank you so much! It’s still not done (lol…literally 7 months later), but yes! I’ll be sharing my kitchen before & after next week, and as soon as the bathroom is done I’m going to get that photographed and up as well!

10. I’m desperate for a comfy pair of black flats – any recs? I love the Gucci mules but can’t bring myself to spend that much just yet!
Ugh we hear ya on that – those are on our wish list but $600 seems like so much for a pair of mules LOL. These Steve Maddens are super cute, similar to the Gucci’s, and under $100! A couple other cute options are this tassel pairthese oxfords, and these loafers.

11. I recently purchased a gold metallic midi skirt to wear for Christmas Eve with my family, but I’m having a hard time finding the perfect top to go with it. Can you help me find a few options?
I am obsessed with this top – how cute are the sleeves!? It would look super cute with a gold skirt. Some other options are this top (in black), this bodysuit, or this cashmere sweater!

12. I’m going to California over Christmas and am dying for a good NYE outfit that would be good in hot weather!
Lucky you! This crop top/skirt combo is amazzzzing (wish I could order it for myself) and perfect for warm weather. Also loving this romper, this mini (with some killer shoes), and this little number.

13. My family is heading to Disney World in January, and I am looking for wardrobe suggestions! Obviously it needs to be practical to be walking around the parks all day (with two kids) but also look nice for dinners and photos!
Junk Food has the cutest Disney tee’s (love this tank). You could do one of those, tucked into distressed skinny jeans, with a belt and converse (bring a cardigan if it gets cool). I would bring a lot of basics to mix and match – tee’s (stripped and solid), lightweight sweaters, jeans, and sneakers. And I would bring a jean jacket or leather jacket to throw on for dinners. I just got this tee which can definitely be worn with comfy shoes and would look nice for dinners/photos!

14. I love the Gucci belt but no way can I spend that kind of money on a belt. If you ever come across something similar (obviously it won’t be Gucci) but something similar, would love to know!
We found some great options for a similar look at a much lower price point here, here, and here!

15. My fiancé and I will be taking engagement photos in the snow! I’m looking for an outfit to match his black and grey plaid button down. Any ideas?
We think a pretty gray sweater would compliment his look really well (you don’t want your outfits to compete). We love this one, this one, and this one! You could add a fun hat or scarf to the look as well!

16. I have some holiday parties coming up & would love suggestions on how to style a brown faux fur vest, thanks! 
It would look really cute with a black mini dress (like this one) & black OTK boots. Another cute outfit would be leather leggings, pumps (love these!), a tunic sweater & the vest on top!

Hope you girls have a great weekend! For next week leave your questions below or email them to us at brookeandmeggan@somewherelately.com with #coffeetalk in the subject. xo

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