Finding Your Scent
We’ve said it before – scent is such a personal preference, and it’s so true! While there are definitely ‘cult favorite’ perfumes, and we have our favorites…the truth is everyone smells things differently (it’s true!), so while you may love a particular perfume, your BFF could hate the smell! Buying perfume as a gift is a great idea, but can be tricky! We’ve both been hunting for a new perfume & put it on our Christmas list, but we’re definitely not leaving the decision up to our guys ;). We’re always the girls in store trying 50 perfumes on those little test strips and eventually feeling sick (lol), and forgetting which one was which…anyone else?! This year, Sephora came up with the most genius idea ever – try before you buy! Yes please!
I got the Sephora Favorites Perfume Sampler – this kit has 15 samples for you to try, then you can turn in the included voucher to redeem a full size bottle! Is that not the most genius idea ever?! I love it! I think it’s hard to smell 15 scents and choose one right away, so I’ve been sampling a new perfume each day by actually wearing it, and seeing how I like it throughout the day. My favorite so far is the one from NEST – ‘Indigo.’

I’ve always been a Chloe girl when it comes to perfume but I found a few others that I’m loving from the travel sampler. The YSL Black Opium smells so yummy along with Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue.
Having a scent testing party over here 😉

Kyle asked for new cologne for Christmas but honestly I don’t want to pick a scent for him – I feel like it’s such a personal choice! I’m putting this cologne sampler in his stocking (comes in a leather travel bag!) so he can pick out which one he loves the most!


In collaboration with Sephora