This jacket has been one of the most worn items in my closet the past 6 months. I love it because it seems to go with everything & it’s so easy to wear. They just released a new color here for spring and it’s sooooo good! I wore these booties for the first time over the weekend, and was surprised by how insanely comfortable they were – I walked all over the city and my feet were perfectly fine at the end of the day.
This scarf is warm, chunky and soft – the perfect combo!
Love the laces!
jacket (wearing xs) | sweater (perfect layering piece!) | jeans | booties (so comfy!) | scarf | sunglasses (amazing budget-friendly option here) | bag (love this one under $200!)


 Have a good day everyone, I’m off to barre class (not looking forward to how sore I’ll be tomorrow lol).