1. If you had to pick one, would you choose the Chloe Faye shoulder bag, Gucci Dionysus, or Givenchy Antigona? I know they are all so different but if you could only pick one based on versatility and classic-ness, which would you choose?

Hands-down the Gucci Dionysus! It’s our favorite bag in both of our closets!

2. I got the Skinnytaste cookbook for Christmas and would love to know what are your favorite, must-try recipes from it!
Meggan: I have quite a few! Cinnamon roasted butternut squash soup, loaded “nacho” potato skins, turkey santa fe taco salad with avocado crema, slow cooker jerk chicken tacos with caribbean salsa, naked persian turkey burgers, chicken enchiladas, zucchini lasagna, mahi mahi fish tacos with spicy avocado cream, spicy black bean burgers, and turmeric-roasted cauliflower. Now I’m starving, lol!
Brooke: I loooove the chicken enchiladas (prob my fave), the chicken marsala on the lighter side, cajun chicken pasta, and the mahi mahi tacos with avocado cream! Honestly I haven’t had a recipe I didn’t like yet, everything is so good!

3. I’m going to Napa in May and would love some outfit ideas!
For daytime jeans and tees or cute dresses. We are obsessed with these embroidered jeansthis dress (the perfect basic! just added to my cart), and this one (to conceal all the wine & cheese lol).
For night: this dress (so cute, I saw it on a sales girl) and this dress would be super cute, fun & a little sexy!

4. Do either of you have a classic Chanel bag? I’m thinking of getting a black with silver hardware to use and debating on size. Medium or large?
Meggan: I don’t but hopefully will someday 😉
Brooke: Nope! But If I were going to get one I think I’d go with the large – love it!

5. Do you guys take calcium pills since you are dairy free/have been doing Whole30?
Currently, no. We drink almond milk (50% more calcium than cows milk), and calcium is also found in the foods we’re eating – dark leafy greens, bone broth, carrots, and more. But we are looking to add supplements to our diets (need to do a lot of research), but would love any suggestions you guys might have!

6. I am looking for a “tea length” black velvet dress for a wedding – preferably not form-fitting. Would love your suggestions!
This was a tough one! This one is so pretty, love the neckline on this onethis one is a great length and not form-fitting, and we really love this one but it’s a little pricey!

7. My roommate and I are wanting to get cute matching pajamas (or nightgowns, sleep rompers, etc) but are having a hard time finding anything so far. Any suggestions?
This sleepshirt is super cute, love this buffalo plaid set, this set looks cozy, and so does this romper! I would check Target too, they always have the cutest jammies!

8. What are your favorite skincare products specifically for fine lines and wrinkles? Is there anything you do specifically to prevent them?
Brooke: Sunscreen/minimal sun exposure on your face is key (every esthetician I’ve talked to says that’s #1!). I like this one, and also want to try this one b/c it looks so easy to use and a lot of people love it. I love this eye cream, and feel like it helps plump up my eye area. Also, I don’t really know if you can do anything to actually prevent wrinkles (eventually they’re going to happen) besides Botox. I’ve never done it, but I’m planning to soon I think. I just heard that you’re “supposed” to start Botox (if it’s something you plan to do) in your early/mid 20s for the best results…oops. I’ll be 29 in Feb.
Meggan: Agreed with Brooke to keep your face out of the sun and to use sunscreen! I use this sunscreen and like it because it doesn’t make my face feel greasy. I just started using Elemis products which are pro-collagen and they help reduce wrinkles and improve skin firmness. I would really recommend them! Tula has a wrinkle defense serum I also love.

9. Can you give some recommendations on cute bathing suits for an upcoming vacation? Both one and two piece and budget friendly 🙂
We rounded up some of our favorites all under $100: one, two, three, four, five, six.

10. I bought a sweater with bell/flared sleeves but I am struggling to wear a coat with it. My arms start looking super bulky but it’s cold here in Boston and there’s no way to wear the sweater alone or with a light layer underneath. How do you ladies wear your statement tops in cold weather where a coat is definitely needed?
We usually drape our jackets over our shoulders if the arms are too bulky. It’s definitely not as warm but it looks chic and you still have that extra layer! The other option is to hold the sleeve together with your hands as you put on your coat (it won’t be the most comfortable, but it works if you’re really cold)!

11. Do either of you have an outdoor setup, like seating/fire pit, something cute? Trying to get ideas with what to do with our outdoor area!
Meggan: I’m in the process of getting our outdoor space done! So far we have these chairs + table from Target and this sectional from Amazon. We are still looking for a fire pit, planters, and a side table. I want my patio to be filled with tall plants! We put posts up around our patio and hung bistro lights which turned out sooooo cute (and when I say “we” I mean Kyle and his dad ;)). I will post some pics on our insta stories tonight! The cement is all cracked so we talked about painting or tiling it. I think something like this would look so amazing!
Brooke: We just got this dining table with two benches for dining al fresco & love it! It’s budget-friendly and super cute! I think CB2 has some of the best outdoor furniture, it’s all SO cute! We have this sofa & the matching chairs from RH and this coffee table in the middle. We have this firepit from Frontgate & are really happy with it.

12. I’m looking to get a sweater with my name embroidered. Have you seen any cute options?
Meggan: I saw Revolve is doing custom embroidery now! I don’t know if you can pick anything on the site or if it’s just certain items but definitely check it out.
Brooke: I haven’t seen any (I just looked), but I would love one also! I’ll keep looking and let you know if I do end up finding something!

13. I have engagement photos coming up in February and have no idea what to wear. Was thinking a casual outfit and then maybe some options for dresses? Please help!
This dress would be pretty (love the color!) and you could wear booties like the model or heels for a  dressier look. This jumpsuit would also be super cute with a draped jacket – so many colors to choose from too! For a casual outfit you could do a cozy sweater like this, skinny jeans, and over-the-knee boots (love these). Keep the looks simple and classic so you don’t look back and think what the hell was I wearing!

14. I’ve been using the Tula overnight cream on my face for a few months now and I love it. I decided to buy their cleanser and the day & night cream and having been using all three products for about a week now. I noticed I’ve been getting more blemishes than usual and my skin is usually crystal clear (used Cetaphil before because I do have sensitive skin). Did you guys notice a change in your skin when you started using the cleanser/day cream? Also do you still use these products daily? I saw a new skincare product review yesterday and am honestly just curios since you guys always raved about Tula! 
Brooke: I didn’t notice any additional breakouts when I started using TULA, I actually felt like it helped my skin improve. I use the cleanser & overnight cream every day. I’m out of the day & night cream, so I’ve been using this moisturizer during the day. I would continue using the TULA products, as it could be anything from food you’re eating to hormonal, but if it doesn’t improve you could stop using it. I always like to give new products a full month before I give them up just to be sure. I definitely don’t think skincare is a “one size fits all” so you have to figure out what works best for your skin.
Meggan: I didn’t notice any blemishes when I started using the cleanser and moisturizer! I still use my Tula products but have been mixing in some other ones as well. I use the cleansereye serum (in the am), and deep wrinkle defense daily. I started mixing Elemis products into my routine (the post you saw) but still rotate in the Tula day & night cream and overnight cream – I love both skincare lines! ALSO – you can use code slwinter20 for 20% off the eye renewal serum. It really wakes your eyes up in the AM!

15. Your snap with the cauliflower rice and salsa verde chicken – yum! Do you have a recipe?
That was my favorite meal I’ve made this month (and it’s so simple)! This is the recipe for the chicken and for the cauliflower rice I just got a bag from Trader Joe’s and cooked it with chopped garlic, cilantro, and 3 limes (no measurements just to taste). And I pickled cabbage and jalepeños for toppings!

16. I remember awhile back one of you was talking about chlorophyll water and how it has a bunch of great benefits. Well I’ve been hearing about it more and more recently so I stopped in Whole Foods yesterday and picked some up. Wondering, how many drops do you personally use and how often do you do it? The bottle says 18-32 drops but that seems like sooo much because my water tasted like seaweed haha!
I drink this one – once in the morning and sometimes at night (if I can remember!). I agree it tastes like seaweed if you add to much but I usually do 8-10 drops in my water and it is doable!

17. My friend is planning to have afternoon tea to celebrate her birthday. I’m not sure of the venue (possibly a hotel) since she’s still calling around.  Suggestions for possible outfits? It’s going to be in the 40’s this weekend!
A fun dress would be perfect since it’s going to be a little warmer & you can just throw a coat on top. We love this onethis one, and this one. Check here for some inspo also, have fun!

18. I’m going on a 10 day trip to Ireland at the end of February so the temperature will be in the 40’s. Do you have any outfit ideas to wear throughout the 10 days knowing that we’ll be doing a lot of walking/hiking but still want to look cute for pics!? Looking for cute looks at night too!
Definitely wear comfortable sneakers, and we would probably wear leggings (these are literally the best of all time and I promise worth the $$$), and you could wear a cute sweater (like this) and a puffy vest on top. We would bring this baseball cap (have it, love it) for bad hair days ;). Any athleisure looks would be perfect for daytime/still looking cute in pics! For nighttime we love skinny jeans, booties (or heels) with tops like thisthis for a casual night (we’re band tee obsessed), and this. Have a blast!

19. I have always been intrigued by the idea of surprising my guy with lingerie, but I’m embarrassed to say, I’ve never known where to start or how to go about it. And its a little scary! What are your recommendations and where do you shop?
To be honest, neither of us have surprised our guys with lingerie #badwife #badfiancé LOL. But we are always seeing so many pretty intimates on Revolve, Victoria’s Secret, and at Nordstrom. How gorgeous is this lace & mesh bustier and this teddy? You’ve inspired us to start shopping around for V-Day ;).

Please leave your questions for next week below or shoot us an email at brookeandmeggan@somewherelately.com with #coffeetalk in the subject. Have a fab weekend! xx