1. I’m headed to Cabo for vacation in February – do you have any good spots you recommend for dinner? Or any local hangouts we can’t miss?
Meggan: Flora Farms (where I’m having my rehearsal dinner), Edith’s, The Office, Mango Deck, Nowhere Bar, Bar Esquina, and Cape Hotel (the roof bar). Have soooooo much fun, it’s seriously the best 🙂

Brooke: We went to Cabo for our honeymoon, and mostly stayed at our hotel (Esperanza), but went to dinner at the restaurant at Palmilla one night and it was SO beautiful – their property is stunning and the food was delicious. Super fun spot if you’re looking for an intimate, outdoor dinner! The Office is a great spot as well! We only went into town one day, but we took a glass bottom boat out to the arch and Lover’s Beach and it was so amazing, definitely do that!

2. Brooke – I’m considering starting the BBG workout plan, but I’m a little skeptical of the before and after photos all over instagram. I know you did the program and I’d love to hear about your experience. Did you see any major results/was it worth it?

Yes! Okay, I agree – some of the before and afters are pretty crazy, but they’re totally real! I think a lot of them are before/after photos of girls who have been doing it longer than 12 weeks. I’ve seen a few that describe their results as *Round 3 which means they’ve done the 12 week program 3 times. This is the perfect example (ps – I love this girl) of what I’m saying – each of these numbers represents the round (12 weeks) that she completed. BUT, I have done attempted it twice – the first time I quit after 7 weeks but I saw major results in those 7 weeks (right after I had Avery), and the second time was last spring I did 12 weeks (minus the last 2 workouts b/c I got shingles), and felt like I haven’t been in that good of shape since high school. It’s hard, and you find yourself cursing WTF throughout each workout lol but the results (for me) are worth it – and it’s only 30 minutes which is great! I wouldn’t be doing it again if I didn’t think the results were worth it. I remember starting to see results last time around the 7-8 week mark, hope that helps!

3. I’m going to Miami next month and really need some outfit suggestions for day/night!
For daytime: this maxi dress is perfect for shopping/lunch/daytime cocktails, love this romper, these shorts are cute, this skirt could be worn out or the pool, these sunnies are a must and so is this hat! For nighttime: this bodysuit is sexxayyy and perfect for going out, this dress is cute for a nice dinner, and this dress is fun, sexy, and not too over the top!
4. I’m trying to figure out a new skin care routine suitable for my pregnancy! What products did you use and can you recommend anything? I’m so overwhelmed of all the things to avoid already!

We highly recommend TULA – we honestly love all of their products & right now with a $30 purchase you get a free full-size cleanser (such a good deal)! Our favorites are the cleanser, the day & night cream, the new eye serum & the overnight treatment.

5. How do you guys keep your hair clean when working out? Do you wash it everyday?
Brooke: I only wash my hair 2-3 times per week, even when I’m working out. Luckily my head doesn’t sweat a lot, so working out doesn’t affect it that much. If I need a refresh I will either use dry shampoo, or (if I need a little extra) spritz my roots with a spray water bottle, blow dry them, and add dry shampoo. If you feel like you need to wash it every day, I would highly suggest letting it air dry, so you’re not putting a lot of heat on your hair.
Meggan: I also only wash my hair 2-3 times a week. I use dry shampoo (love this one from Aveda and this one by Dove) or wear a hat if it looks really bad. I love Brooke’s idea of refreshing the roots – need to try that!

6. I could really use your advice when it comes to picking a versatile, small, and affordable cross body bag to take on my honeymoon to Italy this summer. I want something cute and practical that I can wear with sneakers or a LBD!
You could do something simple like this saddle bag – it could definitely be dressed up or down. This camera bag is cute (on sale), this one (similar to the first but love the gold ring), and I saw this one in store last week and it’s SO cute – looks so similar to the Gucci Soho Disco bag (love the black and the nude)!

7. How do you two take care of your designer bags? Do you always apply a protective seal after you buy? I want my Gucci to last forever 🙂
Meggan: When I’m not using them I keep them stored in their dust bags and stuffed so they don’t lose their shape. When I’m using them I just try to be extra careful! For example, when I travel, I bring the dust bag so they aren’t sitting on the airplane floor. Just have to be more cautious!
Brooke: I keep mine stored in my closet on shelves – I don’t use the dust bags (probably should), but I’m careful to place them where they won’t get moved/beat up, and I also stuff them as Meggan said. I think the key is to have space – when there isn’t enough space, bags can easily get damaged (clothes/shoes getting piled on top). I don’t apply a protective spray or anything, just try to be careful when I use my bags!

8. My goddaughters baptism is coming up in February and it is more on the casual side, yet I still want to wear a dress or a skirt. Would love your suggestions!
We love the details and bell sleeves on this dress, this sweater dress is so cute and could be worn again and again, and this skirt is so fun (wear it with a dark gray, blush, or white sweater) and could easily be taken into spring and summer + it’s on sale!

9. I am in my first trimester and have two cocktail events coming up. I would love a dress that I could wear for both occasions and would grow with me for a bit in pregnancy.
This black dress would be perfect! It’s classic, simple and definitely something you could grow into. The back is also super cute! For one event you could do a slicked back ponytail with statement earrings and the other hair down with a bold lip. If you don’t want black, this red dress is gorgeous too!

10. I’m headed to Coachella this year and looking for some cute outfit and accessory ideas. I know it gets hot so I’m looking for things that are breathable and easy to dance in!
Ahhh so jealous…Coachella is on my bucket list! I always say I’m going the next year but something always comes up. This front-tie top would be so cute with a pair of cutoff jean shorts and gladiator sandals. This romper (probably better for night) would look great with fringe boots/booties, this wide leg jumpsuit would be cute with a wide brim hat, and this bodysuit is fun along with this tie-dye skirt. You could do fun jewelry like this bodychainthis choker bib necklace, or these statement earringsThese round Ray-Bans are super cool or love these aviators!

11.  How tall are you ladies? Would love to know for clothing size reference!
Meggan: Just about 5’4″
Brooke: 5’6″

12. My sister is turning 30 in a few weeks and I’m at a total loss as to what to get her! She’s the girl who already has everything, but want to make is special for a milestone birthday. Any ideas for $100 or less?
For the girl who has everything, we love the idea of a framed photograph of both of you – we love Framebridge. We also love the idea of a gift basket full of goodies – lipstick, bubble bath, a scarf, a face mask, pajamas, and anything else she might like! We love getting a basket full of goodies – so fun!

13. What type of protein do you guys use in your smoothies?
Brooke: I used to use Isagenix, but you may have seen me asking for dairy free suggestions on snapchat yesterday. I’m on the hunt for a dairy & soy free protein, so I’ll be testing a few and let you know what I think! If you aren’t dairy free, I highly suggest Isagenix IsaLean shakes – SO good, I mix 1 scoop chocolate and 1 vanilla with almond milk…YUM!
Meggan: I usually use this whey protein which I get at Costco but I ordered this vegan protein powder a few days ago. I haven’t had the chance to try it yet but the reviews are really good. I will let you know how it is!

14. I’m looking for the perfect brown/cognac leather handbag that would work for everyday use. Something that can be worn with casual/dressy outfits. Any suggestions?
We love this bag, so cute! Love the tassel on this bag, and if you’re looking to splurge we love this one!

15. I have an upcoming girls night and want to look my absolute best! Sexy but not overdone. Any suggestions for super flattering bodysuits or other outfit ideas?
Ahhh yesss there are so many bodysuits I’m crushing on right now that are simple yet sexy. Here are my top five favorites (in no particular order): one, two, three, four, five. I have number one and styled it on yesterdays post, I love it!

16. I’m preparing to go on a week long vacation abroad with my husband and three kids. I’m wondering if you have any recs for a stylish yet functional backpack that would work for the plane and sightseeing. I’m hoping to stay under $150!
Brooke: I have this one and I love it, it holds quite a bit and it goes with everything! Everyone always stops me to ask where I got it & can’t believe the price.
Meggan: I don’t have one but I almost bought Kyle a Herschel bag for Christmas – everyone says the quality is great. This backpack is cute (love the gold hardware) and it’s under $100!

17. I’m going on a ski trip to Aspen & Breckenridge and need help finding a ski outfit (or two) & outfit suggestions for nighttime – cute/cozy. 
So fun! I (Brooke) grew up going to Breckenridge – it’s SO pretty and fun & really want to make it to Aspen one day. We’re headed to VT skiing in Feb and I’m in the same boat as you! Here’s what I’m thinking: I love these pants (not sure if they’re worth the price though) & these snow pants, if you don’t want snow pants definitely double up on your leggings (+ find some fleece lined ones as well). I’ll probably wear my Canada Goose coat b/c it’s so warm, but layers are key! Cuddl Duds are perfect for layering under your ski outfit! For nighttime outfits – love this sweater (with jeans and boots), this sweater dress & this cardigan!

18. Looking for dresses to wear for a company anniversary party, any suggestions?
A few work party appropriate dresses we love – this one, this one, & this one!

Please leave your questions for next week below or email them to brookeandmeggan@somewherelately.com with #coffeetalk in the subject. Have a fun and safe (there’s the mom coming out in us lol) weekend! xo