How to Rock Mom Jeans
I am totally okay with “mom jeans” being back in style – I’m a sucker for high waisted anything! I love looking at old pictures of my mom and seeing her in the exact same style. I use to make fun of her and now I’m the one wearing them! It’s funny how trend come full circle. Let’s just hope the giant permed bangs don’t make a comeback…I don’t think I could get down with those 😉
It’s important to accentuate your waist since they are bulky – you definitely don’t want to look like you’re drowning in them! A tucked in top or crop top looks best with them. Something simple like this or this. Adding a belt would also be super cute!
Bodysuits are easy to wear with them because they stay tucked in. I love this one from Revolve – it also comes in a gorgeous red!
They look super stylish with heels but can also look super chic with a pair of sneakers. If they are too long, be sure to roll them a little so you can see some skin.
What are your thoughts on them? Yay or nay?

A few more pairs I’m loving…