Thursday Thoughts
I got this perfume for Christmas and I’m obsessed! Honestly it’s SO good.
We’re two days into our Whole30 challenge, and so far so good! I needed a swift kick in the ass to start off the new year and this is definitely it ;). I’ve always wanted to try bulletproof coffee, and came up with my own version of it – recipe above! It’s so good, I’m drinking it now. Read all about the benefits of ghee here.
 We got a new rug for our living room, and now we’re on the lookout for a new coffee table, pillows and lamps. I still love this coffee table, but we have so much natural wood in our home we want to tone it down a little bit (this room has a cathedral ceiling like this). I’m thinking this one or this one – thoughts? I’m planning to do this floor lamp on one side of the sofa and maybe a side table on the other side with a table lamp? Not sure! I feel like this room is hard to decorate.
For Christmas this year we went with a “grocery store” theme for the girls, and they love it! We bought this market stand (reverses to a lemonade stand also) for their playroom, and they got these shopping carts & play food from their grandparents. We gave them matching pajamas (these are the best quality & they’re on sale now!) on Christmas Eve & decided to make it a tradition. Maybe next year we’ll get the family matching set lol ;).
Thank you to everyone who sent me a message on snapchat about the Lululemon pants – I was trying to decide between the Align & the High Times. It ended up being 50/50 in terms of who preferred which pant, but here’s what everyone said: The align pants are the most comfortable pants ever and have a ‘naked’ feel, but they’re not great for working out (probably great for yoga, but not high intensity). The High Times suck you in and are great for working out/running, which is what I was looking for so ended up buying this pair! I also grabbed few more pieces (hoping it will make me more excited for the gym!) – this jacket, and this top in black and gray.
We’re still jet-lagged (and under the weather) from our trip to AZ last week, so we’ll be cozied up on the couch today! That’s all the rambling for now ;). Hope you’re having a great week babes!