1. I’m looking for new lamps! Meggan – where did you get your bedside lamps and the one in your sons room?
Both are from good ol’ Target and are on sale here and here!

2. Curious what site you buy your designer bags from and are there any you’re crushing on for spring/summer?
Meggan: I’ve only bought from Nordstrom, Farfetch, and Gucci. A few bags I’m currently crushing on – this mini crossbody (ahh so cute!), this Gucci, and this bucket bag in blush (I’ve always loved this one!).
Brooke: I’ve purchased mine from Farfetch, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Bergdorfs, Barneys, the Celine store in the city, the Gucci store, and the Chanel store in Soho. I love to look at Farfetch b/c you can find really good deals from time to time (I’ve mentioned before). I’m loving this little bag for spring – I love it in all the colors & the beige is perfect for spring. 

3. As bloggers, we have to put ourselves out there and getting mean comments comes with the territory. But how do you girls deal with mean people and negatives comments? I got my first one on my YouTube video and it’s really affected me. I can’t help but take it personally and feel like crap. 
It comes with the territory, you’re right! We ignore it – there are always going to be people who want to spread negativity, and if you give into it, you’re just letting all that negative energy into your life and it can be a downward spiral. We appreciate constructive criticism (everyone is entitled to their opinion), but just have to ignore the ignorant comments (especially when they’re far from the truth- most are). Try not to let it get to you…that person said something negative, but they were still checking your video, so that tells you something! Kill with kindness and move on 😉

4. I’m on the hunt for a high chair and was wondering which ones you guys use/recommend?
Meggan: I recently got this one and really like it!
Brooke: We have this one and I still use it every day for Avery. The material is easy to clean.

5. I just bought this chair for a corner in my living room – I want to make it a cozy reading nook. I need help picking budget friendly accessories. I need a table, basket for books and a floor lamp. My house is pretty boho…I have a moroccan leather poof and Anthro blankets. I love your guys home decor style and would LOVE your help!
We love this little side tablethis tablethis lampthis lamp, and this basket.

6. My friend is having a baby in a couple months and waiting to find out the sex. Any suggestions for cute gender neutral baby clothing?
This bunting is SO cute, and could easily be boy or girl with the black and white stripes. We loved getting clothes that were a little bigger (not newborn) because they grow so quickly! This little gown and matching hat is so cute (gown makes for easy diaper changes). These blankets are the softest things ever, Avery will not go to sleep without hers – ours was a gift, and such a great one! Another idea is zip sleepers (love these!) – they are easier than buttons (especially in the middle of the night lol). My sister-in-law didn’t find out the sex either and I got her these Freshly Picked mocs in grey.

7. I’m heading to Denver next month and looking for the best faux fur coat. I’m looking to stay under $300 and want something I can wear with a ton of stuff (staple piece) but FURRY, lol!
It’s a good time to buy faux fur jackets because most of them are on sale! This one is big and furry (only $70), love this cropped one, and this grey one is cute too!

8. Do you have a product that your recommend for helping makeup stay put? I keep getting it on the collar of my shirts and jackets (not to mention others’ shirts!), and I’m wondering if there’s a spray, powder, something that will help set my makeup better so it doesn’t rub off.
Both of us use this setting spray, and feel like it works really well. We definitely notice a difference when we use it!

9. One of you posted a bright colored rug outdoor – where is it from?
That was me, Meggan! It’s from World Market (here) and just went on sale! Also, I was browsing online last night and saw this outdoor rug at Target which is also on sale – it’s so cute!

10. I’m looking to find a black puffer coat (live in Minneapolis so need something warm!) with real fur. I’ve looked at Mackage and some other similar brands but wondering if you have see any cute ones that are within the $500-$600 range? I like a sleek design and I don’t care for the style of Canada Goose. Thanks!
We love Mackage but they are definitely a little pricey! SAM. has similar styles and a bunch are on sale here. Soai & Kyo also make cool coats. Now is definitely the time to buy because there are so many sales happening!

11. I work 2-3 times a month in an outreach clinic for an ENT doctor. We are only allowed to wear black, white, grey or cream clothing. I struggle to find pieces that are fun and stylish but still work appropriate. I’d love to be able to mix and match, dresses too.
At least it’s a good color palette lol! This dress is stylish and work appropriate! Ann Taylor has a lot of pieces that are classic but have a little flare – like this shirt, this blouse (I have and love), and this knot top.

12. Who are some of your favorite interior designers you follow on instagram?
Becki Owens, E. Interiorsoh.eight.oh.nineAmber Interiors, Nicole DavisKathy Kuo Home, and Justine Ash to name a few!

13. I live in Arizona now (moved from Chicago last summer) and my wardrobe is mostly cooler-weather clothes. As you know, Chicago doesn’t have that many super hot days. Here in Phoenix, it is already in the high 70’s and is only going to get hotter. You basically have to live in sundresses/shorts/skirt – Brooke I think you lived here, so you know how it goes! I don’t really like buying summer clothes but when I do, I gravitate toward feminine, flirty, lightweight sundresses. I want to start building up my wardrobe for the upcoming hellish heatwave – can you give some ideas?
Yes, I (Brooke) lived there and Chicago! They are so different, and the heat in AZ is insane – you can’t even imagine what it feels like until you experience it, right?! The worst part is that it’s SO hot outside, but once you go inside, the air is on full blast and I was always freezing…the struggle is real lol! I always brought a jacket with me, but some lightweight options that would be great are this dressthis dressthis romperthis jumpsuit (looove), and lightweight shorts like these + tank tops. I would avoid denim (even shorts), I remember it being SO uncomfortable when it was so hot outside.

14. Brooke, you mentioned going to Miami soon – any recommendations on places to visit?
For dinner – we love Casa Tua, Prime 112, Hakkasan, Makoto (in Bal Harbour), and Scarpetta. I’ll be sure to let you know if we find any new spots this year! We love going to the beach (lol if it wasn’t obvious), walking around Lincoln Road (tons of great shopping and restaurants), and soaking up the sun! There are a few restaurants we’ve been to on Collins (also a fun street to explore) that I can’t remember the name of, but I always look up the reviews on Yelp to find the best spots!

15. Do you have any suggestions on affordable maternity wear? I’m in the middle of my second trimester and am in need of some major fashion inspiration. Would love your recommendations on dressing the bump!
Asos has a lot of cute (and inexpensive!) maternity wear. A few things that would be cute for spring/summer: this t-shirt dressthis off-the-shoulder top, this sleeveless tank, and this pleated skirt. They also have a bunch of good basics like these comfy pants and this boyfriend tee!

16. I’ve started having back problems and can’t always carry my favorite totes anymore (so sad!). I’m looking for a stylish backpack and a smaller crossbody that won’t aggravate my back. I’m willing to splurge if it’s a simplistic and classic style I can use for years.
I have this backpack and I love it (use it all the time!), and for a small crossbody we love this one (worth the splurge!), this one, and this one (obsessed and a great price)! So sorry about your back! 🙁

17. I’m looking for a cute outfit for St. Patrick’s Day in Chicago (I’m on the petite side). I know you guys will have great suggestions 🙂
Ahhh I am so sad to be missing St. Patrick’s day in Chicago this year…wahh!!! You never know what the weather will be so I’d play it safe and do a pair of boyfriend jeans rolled at the ankle (LOVE these Levi’s), a distressed tee or tank (this or this), sneakers, baseball cap, and tie a lightweight jacket around your waist. Cute and put together…which might not be the case at the end of the day lol 😉

18. Any suggestions for a pair of boot cut jeans?
Love this pairthese, and this pair is so fun for spring & summer!

19. I’m attending a big benefit downtown Chicago at the end of the month and the theme of the party is “noir”. I’m thinking something red or black and either a midi or full length dress. I’d like to spend less then $100. Do you girls have any suggestions? I don’t want something with a low back, but I could definitely dig a deep v!
This black midi dress is pretty, this red maxi is gorg, love this knotted maxi (on sale), and this one is a stunner!

20. Meggan – what does your stylist do when she colors your hair? I have showed my stylist a picture of your hair the last three times I’ve been (I already have naturally blonde hair) and it’s still golden and dull. 
I just got my hair done yesterday (thank you to the follower who recommended Mina at Muse – she’s great!) and did highlights in the front, balayage in the back, and finished with a toner. I don’t know what colors I usually get so I’m really not that much help 🙁 Make sure you are using purple shampoo to help with dullness – I use this and it works really well!

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