1. How do you cook your zucchini noodles and what spiralizer do you use?
Brooke: I just stir fry them quickly (3 minutes or so) in 1 tsp of olive oil. I don’t like the spiralizer I have, but I’ve heard great things about this one – it’s supposed to be the best. I’m planning to get it.
Meggan: I cook mine the same way but will sometimes add a little chopped garlic or red pepper flakes for extra flavor. I have this one but it is way to much work! Lately I have been buying the pre-made zoodles in store.

2. I see a lot of bloggers attending the same events, are they generally competitive with each other or do you feel the community supports one another? I just moved across the world and I’m contemplating starting a blog so I just wanted to know what it’s like on the inside?

Both – it’s just like anything in life. Some people are going to be super sweet and kind, and some are going to be rude and too into themselves. It’s funny sometimes to see those bloggers who legit think they are celebrities…the way they act looks (and sounds) ridiculous to everyone else ;).

3. I’m getting anxious to start adding some new items to my spring/summer wardrobe. What are some must-have items you guys are eyeing?
Meggan: Me too girl! I want a cool pair of slides (love this pair), this bodysuitthese “mom shorts”, this maxi, and these wedges. I just got this hat last weekend and love it! I have a big noggin and got a size medium.
Brooke: Yaass! I can’t wait to start wearing spring clothes again (or just go outside without a coat, let’s be real), and feel like there are so many cute pieces out right now – love this dressthis choker top,  and some great summer sandals – how amaaazzeee are these wedges? These are def going to sell out, and I also love this color combo.

4. Sorry if you’ve already answered this but I’ve searched high and low and couldn’t find anything…are you guys best friends from childhood or college or just business partners? I’m so intrigued with how amazing you flow together in every single aspect!
We had mutual friends in high school (and met a few times), but we were really just “friends of friends” until we decided to start our blog together – now we pretty much text all day errryyday lol.

5. Brooke what did you do for your bachelorette party and Meggan what are you doing for yours?

Brooke: Mine was super chill. I got married pretty young (23), and had a destination wedding in California (we had just moved there the month prior, but 99% of our guests were flying across the country), so I didn’t want my girls to feel obligated to do a separate trip or anything crazy. So when my girlfriends flew out for my wedding, we had the bachelorette party a few nights before the actual wedding. We went to a dinner with a huge group and just partied at our resort the rest of the night, it was low-key & fun which was exactly what I wanted.
Meggan: I am going to Scottsdale for a long weekend in April. We got a Airbnb in Old Town (walking distance to bars and restaurants) with a pool. Not sure our exact plans yet but I know we’re doing a Sunday funday and I would like to do a hike one day if we aren’t in too rough of shape ;)

6. Can you recommend a daily facial moisturizer that has SPF in it? Preferably something that goes well under makeup and is anti-aging? Do you use SPF moisturizers during the day or do you rely on your makeup for that?
We like this one from SkinCeuticals and typically just layer it over our regular moisturizer. We haven’t tried a moisturizer with SPF that we love.

7. Meggan – do you mind sharing which West Elm sectional and fabric your ordered? How do you think it will hold up with a toddler?
It’s the Andes sectional in twill, stone. So far, so good with Camden! He has spilt milk on it and it came out easily and didn’t leave a mark. The twill color definitely helps hide any discoloration or marks. 

8. I’m looking for the perfect jean jacket for spring (not embroidered). Do you recommend something oversized or fitted?
We like both oversized and fitted jackets but if you want something more classic we say go with fitted. This Levi’s one is super cute (might have to order!), love this one from Forever, and this Asos one. If you do decide to go oversized, this one is pretty perfect!

9. I’m going on a Miami trip soon and need some new pieces! What do you girls suggest?
Me too – LOVE Miami! Some pieces I’m eyeing – this top, this hat (so cute and only $13!), this bag for the beach/pool, these sunnies (looove), this off the shoulder top, this dress, this romper, and this coverup.

10. Brooke – can you go over your full makeup routine from snapchat the other night? Specifically, what colors do you wear of the foundation and concealer and what bronzer/blush do you use?
Yes! I’ve actually received a lot of questions about this, so I’m going to be doing a full post on it next week.

11. I’ve never really been a denim shorts girl but I want a pair for a few trips coming up and for warm weather. All the ones I’ve ordered have been super short or way too tight (I have a bigger butt). Any recommendations?
Uhg – the denim short struggle is real! I feel you! What works best for me honestly is ordering a bunch to try on at home, and returning the ones that don’t work. A few pairs that look a little longer and not super tight – here (pricey, but they look like they fit really well), here, here, and here.

12. I carry my workout clothes with me to work and I’m looking for a cute bag to carry them in. Would love your suggestions!
I (Meggan) have this camo bag and love it – you can get it monogrammed too! A few other options are this MZ Wallace tote (Brooke has it and it’s so good), this small dufflethis Urban Originals backpack, or this fun tote!

13. I’m going on a bachelorette party to Nashville at the end of March and would love some outfit ideas. I’m in my mid 30’s!
My friend had her bach party in Nashville and it was so much fun. It was also pretty laid back and casual dressing wise. For nighttime, this dress would be so cute with a pair of western booties or wedges or this bodysuit with skinny jeans. For daytime you could do a casual top like this paired with shorts or a skirt (if it’s warm) or a tunic and booties (love this one). For accessories I would definitely get a western inspired belt. B-low The Belt has so many cute options!

14. I’m attending a wedding in July and they already have their wedding registry up. Is it okay to get something that’s not included on the registry like a crockpot or waffle maker? Brooke – what item did you and your husband get that you use/love the most? Meggan – what’s one item you are most excited for?
Brooke: I think it’s totally fine to get something that’s not on the registry – YOU are the one buying the gift ;). Some of the items we use the most are our stemless wine glasses and wine carafe & a pair of crystal candle sticks (that were not on our registry).
Meggan: I’m most excited for new dinnerware! I registered for a classic set and fun one :) Oh and a new knife set…the one we have now is so bad, ha!

15. I work in IT and we’re having a corporate ‘outing’ for the Big 12 Tournament. The event is all day and there will be clients as well as internal employees. I’m struggling to figure out what to wear that’s casual, cute and sporty,  and looks fine in front of executives (and a crowd of probably 99% men). Bonus if any of the options are red and/or gold since I went to Iowa State!
Okay this it tough b/c you want to look casual but not too casual. We would wear dark skinny jeans with booties or boots and a top like this one in red, this one, or this one (looove)!

16. What books are you currently reading?
Meggan: What Alice Forgot (so good I can’t put it down) and The Slight Edge. I usually always have a fun read and motivational one!
Brooke: The Slight Edge & Luckiest Girl Alive. I also have this one I want to start, my mom sent it to me and said it was so good! I know it’s a movie now, but the book is always better!

17. Looking for a large, comfortable grey sectional. Any recs? 
Brooke: We ordered this one (in performance velvet “shadow”- a dark gray) for our TV room & I loooove it! It’s super comfortable (down filled). The best part about the performance fabric is that it’s really durable and easy to clean. We built our own configuration – see the options here.
Meggan: I linked mine above in question 7. It’s super comfy and I’m glad we went with it. My sister-in-law has this one from Pottery Barn and it is very comfortable too!

Leave your questions below or email us at brookeandmeggan@somewherelately.com with #coffeetalk in the subject. We have been getting a ton of questions each week (which we love!) but couldn’t get to them all. If you don’t see yours, it will for sure be up next week. Xx

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