1. I’m on the search for some band tees! Any favorites?

Brooke: I just got this one and love it! Also loving this one & this one!
Meggan: I love Junk Food’s band tees – a couple favorites are this, this (just ordered), and this. I always go up a size in this brand.

2. Meggan – I’m coming to Dallas in a few months and would love your recommendations. What are your favorite coffee shops, restaurants, and shops?
Okay so I feel like I don’t have a ton of recommendations yet but here are a few of my favorite places so far. Food: Uchi, Dolce Riviera, Pie Tap , Pecan Lodge (best bbq!), and Happiest Hour. Some fun bar/patio scenes are Katy Trail Ice House, Truck Yard, and The Rustic. Coffee shops: Local Press + Brew, Bird Bakery, Weekend Coffee, Sip Stir Cafe, and Houndstooth Coffee. Shopping: Esther Penn, Milk & Honey Boutique, NorthPark Center mall, and Highland Park Village. Sorry I didn’t link the coffee shops – I got lazy 😉

3. What are your favorite scents for your man? Looking for a new one for mine and also any other Valentines Day ideas?
Meggan: Kyle wears Yves Saint Laurent L’Homme and I love it!
Brooke: This one is my absolute favorite, but definitely a splurge for a scent (no idea why it costs so much, but it’s seriously amazing lol). I also love this one and this one and these are a little more budget-friendly! But if you’re looking to splurge, Creed is amazing!

4. I have a wedding to go to in NY at the end of March. It’s kind of that weird in-between seasons time of year. I would love your dress suggestions!
March is definitely hit or miss, it could be a beautiful spring day or it could be snowing lol! Here are some safe options: one, two (on sale!), three, and four!

5. Now that you’re doing Whole30, what do you order at Starbucks/any coffee shop?
Brooke: I only went to Starbucks a few times during Whole30, but I brought my own creamer (lol nerd alert) in my travel mug & ordered the light roast coffee. This creamer is seriously amazing, and I’m planning to stay dairy free, so this is my new favorite! I tried almond milk, but the creamer tastes so much better to me!
Meggan: I drink black coffee so I just stuck to that during Whole30 but I did miss my occasional soy latte from Starbucks. And I actually saved quite a bit of money – those $6 lattes can really add up! You could do an almond milk latte but ask the barista to see the ingredients first (not all are compliant!).

6. Meggan – I just decided on a destination wedding to Jamaica – what are some of your wedding clothing essentials you plan on bringing? Also, are you and the wedding party wearing shoes? 
Yay, that is so exciting! We are wearing shoes because we’re putting a boardwalk down on the beach so we don’t have to walk in the sand (Kyle hates sand, lolol). Definitely not doing anything fancy though – probably just a small wedge! I’m going to be bringing tons of swimsuits and coverups because we will be spending lots of time at the pool, a dress and/or romper for the welcome party, bridal luncheon, and rehearsal dinner. I haven’t really started ordering anything yet but have book marked a few things like this suit, this maxi dress, these sandals, this hat, and this dress. I know feel like I’ll overpack!

7. Have you guys ever tried to fix a makeup powder that cracks? I saw some remedies on Pinterest but don’t want to ruin it more if they don’t work!
Brooke: No I haven’t. Last summer I had a highlighter break and so many people on snapchat told me to try that trick! I was traveling, so I ended up tossing it b/c it spilled everywhere.
Meggan: I hadn’t butttttt was curious after you sent this question so I tested this trick last night on some broken eyeshadow and it worked like magic! And no alcohol involved like a lot of the remedies I saw.

8. I’m looking for a dress to wear to my rehearsal dinner in Nashville in late April. The theme is “Draper James” (Reese Witherspoon’s southern inspired stores in Nashville/Dallas), so navy and white stripes with pops of bright yellow for the decor. I’m looking for anything – white, southern, preppy,  yellow, navy – I just need HELP!
Such a fun theme – I’ve been to her both store locations and they are so cute! You could do this striped off-the-shoulder dress with a bright pair of shoes or earrings (BaubleBar has an amazing selection right now). Another option is this white ruffle dress, this mini, or this navy jumpsuit.
9. I’m going to a Valentines Day masquerade ball – any outfit suggestions?
For a masquerade ball we love this dress (awesome neckline), this one (perfect for V-Day!), this one (simple & sexy), and this one!

10. I often see that you guys wear clothing from Shein.com but I have heard mixed reviews on what my friends have ordered from there. Most have said the sizing is whack or that the clothes smell like the factory when they arrive. How do you decide what is worth purchasing? What are some of your recent purchases that were worth it?
We have never had any major issues, but have heard some negative reviews as well. So our honest opinion is that it’s hit or miss. The only issues we have encountered are that shipping takes a loonnng time and sometimes sizing is a little off like you said. It’s really important to look at the size chart of each individual item, because they are not all the same. Take your measurements and order based on the size chart! We have never tried to return anything, so we can’t speak on that process. Some recent ones that have been great for us are: this vest, this cardigan, this sweater, and this cardigan!

11. I’m heading to Portland for a short 3 day trip over Valentine’s Day. I am a little nervous about the cold weather and I’m wondering if you guys have any cute/functional outfit ideas for strolling around but staying warm. Also a fun Valentine’s night outfit would be great too!
We would go with jeans or leggings, comfy sneakers, cozy sweaters (love this one!) & cute beanies (obsessed with this one!) for daytime walking/exploring – obviously bring a jacket as well!. For Valentine’s Day we love this dress, this one (so gorgeous and on sale!), and this one!

12. Do you have a recipe you follow when you pickle cabbage and jalepeños?
No – I just shred the cabbage and mix it in a bowl with a little Bragg’s apple cider vinegar or red wine vinegar. It adds just the right amount of tang!

13. I’m on the hunt for a great new makeup primer. I like something light and fresh, but still with a light to medium coverage where it can sometimes be worn alone on a day with little time for makeup. I’ve used Bare Minerals and the original Smashbox one – both are good but I’m interested in other options!
My absolute favorite primer of all time is this one (I’ve also used BareMinerals and Smashbox). I tried it recently, and am ob-sessed! It’s only made up of 14 essential oils, 10 lipid-rich plant oils, and four vitamins! It feels soooo good on the skin, and it lasts forever (a little bit goes a long way). When I don’t want to wear makeup, I will use this primer followed by this skin illuminator all over my face (in shade opal) and it seriously gives the best glow! Highly highly recommend both of these for radiant, healthy looking skin. I recently learned Sephora is like Nordstrom with returns – they will return anything with a receipt, even if you’ve used it! I love customer service like that!

14. I’m looking for some new sunnies for vacation, preferably $150 or under and would love your suggestions!
We both have Quay and Le Specs sunglasses and love them so much (cute and all under $100)! A few of our favorite pairs that would be perfect for vacation are these aviators, this mirrored pair, and this pair that looks identical to Celine.

15. Brooke – where are your glasses and jeans (Levi’s I think?) from that you posted on Snapchat?
Both are from Revolve – these are the jeans & these are the frames!

16. I know one of you mentioned using Wedding Paper Divas for your save the dates. Did you use one of their templates and just add your info or did you design one completely by yourself? Trying to figure out what to do, there are so many to choose from I’m getting overwhelmed!
That was me, Meggan. I kept my save the dates very simple but I used a designer to help me with them because I was overwhelmed too! I would try to narrow it down to 2-3 designs and order a sample of each (they do free samples!). I’m horrible at decision making so I just picked one and never looked back 😉

17. Are you guys going to NYFW in February? 
No, we’ll be missing it this season! I (Meggan) am going to NY in less than a month for my birthday, and without a nanny or any family to watch the girls it’s impossible for me (Brooke) to get to the city during the week for events. We plan to go again in September when the weather is a little better ;).

18. I’m hesitantly loving the Marc Fisher ‘Adalyn’ wedge sandals in either olive or tan colors for spring, but am stumped as to how to wear them with a dress or shorts/top combo. I’ve seen them styled with white skinnies and an off the shoulder top (a look I love), but I am 36C, and have not yet found a good strapless bra offering the support I would need to pull off the look…any suggestions there would be welcome!
Both of us have the Chloe version of those wedges (they are identical), and here are a few looks we’ve worn with them: one, two, three. They honestly go with everything, definitely get them! As for a supportive bra, have you tried the brand Natori? I have this one and love it. It doesn’t fall down and is really supportive!

19. Meggan – you posted two new super cute pairs of black booties and I think I want to get one of them. One is the Joie pair from Nordstrom Rack and the other is the Lola Cruz pair from Revolve. I feel like they are both similar, I can’t do both! 
I would do the Joie pair! They can easily be dressed up or down and are super comfortable! I usually wear a size 7 and got the 37.

20. I just bought the Korres gold serum but never know how much to use at night. How many drops do you usually use?
We usually just do 3-5 drops of our serums. A little goes a long way!

Thanks so much for sending in all your questions – we love hearing from you guys! For next week leave your questions below or email us at brookeandmeggan@somewherelately.com. Xx