1. Do you guys use your “good” camera to take pictures of all things for your blog and instagram, or do you use your iPhone camera? Can you share the percentage you use camera vs. phone? Any any tips you have on shooting pictures for new bloggers?
Brooke: For my outfit posts, I use my Canon (my “good” one). But for a lot of instagram posts and certain blog posts (my makeup products I shared last week, for example) I use my iPhone.
Meggan: Pretty much the same as Brooke! I use my Canon 6D with this lens for my outfit posts and some beauty posts. Random posts like food/makeup/lifestyle I’ll just use my iPhone and same for in-the-moment insta shots.

2. Can you pleaaaaase tell me where you bought/what style your Celine sunglasses are that you posted about a week ago? I’ve been everywhere and I can’t find them!
These are definitely my most asked about pair of sunnies, and I bought them from a sunglasses store in NYC (I don’t remember the name). They are often sold out, so if you see them, I’d buy them (if you’re looking for them obviously)! Just found a pair here. If you’re in NYC, check Barney’s – they have a really great selection! This pair is almost identical in shape and color combo (and I also love this brand!).

3. I’m a newish blogger and struggling to get paid collaborations. How long did it take you to start getting paid/sponsored posts? Any tips are much appreciated!
We didn’t have anything sponsored for well over a year (we think it was around the 1.5 year mark). We didn’t start our blog to make money, we started it because we loved blogging (we each had separate blogs prior to this for a few years and made exactly $0 lol) and fashion. We understand wanting to make it a career, but (we think) in order to be successful with anything, it has to be something you absolutely love and would be fine doing for free. That being said, tips for getting paid collabs include: having an established blog with an established audience (this takes time, so don’t get discouraged!), reach out to brands (don’t want for them to come to you!), create a media kit to send to brands (this would include your stats and rates), and apply to work with media companies. There are a lot of companies that specifically link brands with bloggers, so definitely look into that option as well!  Also – when we first started a few companies reached out to us and offered free product (which we were so stocked about) but no payment. Now, a few of those companies we have great relationships with and they have done paid posts with us. It’s all about relationship building! Good luck babe!

5. Can you post some budget friendly (under $130 preferably) ripped boyfriend jeans for spring? I have the hardest time finding the perfect combo of loose and casual style that has a nice fit around the tush!
Ugh yeah, that’s no bueno! Brooke has this pair and said they fit like boyfriend jeans but they’re nice and tight around the booty (a little over your budget but a good option!). Also oneteaspoon – going on 3 years of wearing them! I (Meggan) have always had good luck with Blanknyc and Levis jeans and they have a couple cute pairs here and here.

6. How do you edit your photos?
We use a few apps for different editing purposes. VSCO to filter (a few favorites are F2, A8, A6, A9), sharpen, contrast, and brighten. Darkroom is great for playing with saturation (and editing out unwanted colors that may be showing up). If the picture has an orange tint, you can specifically lower the orange saturation with this app – it’s great! Snapseed is also great for adjusting saturation and dark spots in photos. If anything is too bright/dark, you can decrease/increase the exposure on specific parts of the image. We don’t use all three of these for every picture (that would be a lot of editing lol!) but each one for different photos/issues. Hope that helps!

7. My husband and I will be celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary this summer (eek!), and are hoping to sneak away for a getaway. Do you have any recommendations for travel destinations/activities?
Meggan: If you’re staying in the states I would do Miami, Seattle (it’s so amazing), or drive the California Coast (my cousin the trip and said it was the best). Or I would vote Turks & Caicos. We went in July and it was SO perfect, my favorite vacation to date.
Brooke: I agree with Miami if you’re staying in the US b/c it feels like you’re on a tropical island vacation without the hassle of leaving the states! Also love California – the Montage in Laguna Beach is so beautiful and relaxing & Pelican Hill is also stunning! Turks & Caicos and Anguilla are both on my list to visit as well! Happy Anniversary and have fun wherever you decide to go!

8. Looking for some chic, but mom-of-a-toddler, one piece bathing suits for under $50.
Some of our favorite non-mom “mom” suits are: this one, this one, this one (obsessssed with the palm print!), and this one…all under $50!

9. I’m attending a masquerade party (not a ball), and looking for a sequin dress that’s cute and affordable (under $100).
We love this one, this one, this one, this one, and this one – all so cute and under $100! Have fun!

10. Will you guys do a post about your bag collection? Pros and cons of each bag/bag review would be awesome! 
This is a great idea and we will definitely think about doing a post about our bags!

11. I’m heading to NYC and have already done all the touristy things so I’m looking for really great restaurants, bakeries, rooftops, neighborhoods, bars, shops, etc. that you recommend. I’m staying in Dumbo but will mostly be in Manhattan.
Restaurants – Tao Downtown, Buddakan, Jack’s Wife Freda (brunch), Bubby’s (breakfast & lunch), Balthazar, La Esquina, Vandal (so cool), Locande Verde, Nobu, Catch. Bakeries – Molly’s Cupcakes, Magnolia Bakery, Georgetown Cupcakes, Laduree. Neighborhoods – Tribeca, Soho, West Village (for non-touristy spots). Shopping – Soho or Upper East Side! Bars – Top of the Standard Hotel, Soho House, The Press Lounge. Have fun!

12. I love both of your home decor styles and would say my style is a bit of a mix between both of yours. Since you guys have lived in cities where living quarters are notorious for being smaller, I’d like your input! I live in a row house/town home that’s pretty narrow, the front door opens smack in the living with no entry way. There is a very narrow space behind the arm of my sectional where something like a console table may fit. I’d love to know what you girls recommend for storing a few pairs of my kids shoes and maybe their backpacks, also maybe a bowl or tray for keys or sunglasses? Would you recommend a runner or just a door mat? I HATE clutter so everything is neatly organized except this one space and I just don’t know what to do with it!
Thank you! It’s kind of hard to know without seeing the space, but a couple narrow consoles we love are this one (I have the larger size and love it!) and this one. You could put a tray like this one on top to catch your  keys, sunnies, etc. We love this zinc tray for storing shoes – the liner is perfect for wet/dirty shoes, and the reviews are amazing! For backpacks, you could either hang a couple hooks on the wall (which would be great to keep them off the floor) – love these hooks! Or you could store them in an oversized basket (just not sure if there is room) like this one. We love vintage runners because they are so easy to clean and instantly add character. A few we are loooving herehere, and here! Hope this helps!

13. We are going to Chicago in June for my work trip and bringing our daughter, who will be 8 months at the time. Any recommendations on things to do in the city with a baby?
Such a perfect time to visit Chicago! You could hit up the LP Zoo (it’s free!), see a movie in a park (the schedule isn’t out yet but it should be soon – here) walk along the lake and hit up one of the beaches, go to the splash pad in Millennium Park, or you could explore some of the neighborhoods and shop/have brunch (my favorites are West Loop, Old Town, Lincoln Park, and Bucktown).

14. Can you recommend a great pair of distressed denim shorts? I’m looking for something cute and stylish with a little bit longer of an inseam that could work while running errands with 3 kids. I feel like so much of what I see would be cute for the beach, not around tow, or the shorts are too long and feel like they’re meant for a different generation.
We’re obsessed with this pair (perfect length and fit), this pair is super cute, and the inseam on this pair is a little longer which is great!

15. I’m going to a bachelorette party in Florida and we are throwing the bride a “lingerie shower” though no one is actually giving lingerie. We are supposed to get items more so like cute PJ’s and items she can wear on her tropical honeymoon. Any suggestions on a cute present?
We love that idea…will probably get more use with those anyway lol ;). All of these are super cute (and I want them for my honeymoon!): these eyelet pajamas, this floral/lace nightie, this romper, or this set.

16. I’m looking for some type of wall art or mirror that will look good over our master bed. We currently have mirrored nightstands and a taupe headboard.
You could do a series of three picture frames (love these from Target), a simple round or square mirror (we both love oversized round ones like this), or wall art. For wall art we love browsing Minted. Not sure what the vibe of your room is but they have everything from abstract to landscapes to portraits! A few favorites are: this, this, and this. And it’s nice you get to pick your frame and matting.

17. Meggan – have your mom and future MIL found dresses for your wedding? Mine are struggling finding dresses for my upcoming wedding! Any good ones you have seen?!
No – the struggle is real over here too! I feel like it’s so hard finding dresses for them – the dresses look too old-ladyish or just blah! My mother-in-law has ordered a couple maxi dresses from Nordstrom but no luck so far. And my mom just ordered a couple maxi dresses from BHLDN and Nordstrom as well. A few ideas I sent her: this, this, this, and this.

18. I’m turning 30 this summer and want to plan a fun birthday trip. I was hoping you girls had some fun ideas for a getaway with my girlfriends. I am struggling to find somewhere that fits my vibe of spending the day at the beach or exploring and also has great night life. I am hoping to find something reasonably priced for all my girls so they don’t have to spend too much! Any suggestions would be awesome!
M-I-A-M-I! So much fun during the day and the nightlife is great as well. If you guys are able to share hotel rooms, you can keep the price lower. We’ve both done girls’ trips (on a small budget) to Miami in the past, and had a blast! Other ideas – LA and Palm Springs.

19. I’m going on a trip to Crete & Santorini this summer (finally living out my Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants fantasy!) with my mom and I’m looking for outfits to pop with the dreamy Grecian backdrop. I’m looking for swimwear, comfortable (cute) sandals, and outfits! 
So much fun, we’re jealous!! Swimsuits we love – one (hello Greece!), two, three – love!, four, and five. Love these sandals, also in brown (we’ve heard great things about AG sandals). For clothes we love: this dress, this top & this one, this dress, this palm print dress, and this dress. Have fun!!

Leave your questions below for next week or email them to brookeandmeggan@somewherelately.com with #coffeetalk in the subject! Also – we’ve been getting a ton of questions about what to wear to weddings so we will be doing a monthly series on it. Stay tuned! xx

Picture by: Jennifer Avila