Cool Bombers
I’m sooo excited to leave for NY tonight…is it bad I haven’t even started packing yet? I am truly a procrastinator! We have a pretty busy schedule while we are there. Thursday night we are grabbing dinner and drinks with my bestie from high school, Friday night going out with Kyle’s cousin and Saturday we are hanging with Brooke and Chad. It’s Kyle’s first time meeting them which we can’t believe. Kyle always calls Brooke his “best friend he’s never met” lol! I mean she did help him with my engagement ring…
I pretty much live in jeans and a tee and like to dress them up pieces like this bomber. I thought the phrase was cute and a good reminder for Kyle – LOL just kidding!
A few other bombers I’m crushing on…
My velvet booties just got marked down to 50% off! Sayyyyy what! If you aren’t into the blue they come in five other cool colors – I love the grey. They also just came out in blush (here) and are sooo amazing. They aren’t on sale (wah!) but still under $100!
Straight leg jeans are my jam lately. I’m eyeing this grey pair – I think they would look cute with a pair of slides for spring. This pair and this pair are SO good too…ugh! I don’t mind spending money on jeans because they really make or break your outfit. 
I’m off to pick up my momma from the airport. She was supposed to get here yesterday but her plane had mechanical problems and cancelled. My hometown airport only has two flights a day so if your flight is cancelled, your SOL. I felt so bad because she was so excited to see Cam! You really get put on the back burner once you have kids 😉