My Makeup Routine (follow up from insta stories)
Happy Thursday ladies! I’m so excited for the weekend – can’t wait to meet up with Meggan and Kyle on Saturday night in the city (we’re going to one of my favorite spots!). After recording my little “get ready with me” video on Insta stories the other weekend, I had quite a few questions about specific products & shades I was using, so I decided to make it a full post since there’s a lot to cover! This is pretty much my go-to makeup routine for date night or girl’s night. During the week I don’t wear a lot of makeup, if any (unless I’m heading to a meeting or event). Okay, here we go!

I start with a clean face – I use this cleanser and this moisturizer or this one before I begin my makeup routine. I let it sink in for about 30 minutes before starting makeup (if I don’t wait, sometimes my face peels).

I like to prep my lips before I start (my lips are so chapped & dry – especially in the winter) so by the time I’m ready for lipstick, they are nice and moisturized. I recently bought this sugar lip polish and love love love it! It exfoliates your lips and gets all the dead skin off. After using the lip polish, I slather on my favorite lip salve of all time! If you have chapped lips, you need this in your life! It’s inexpensive ($6!) & by far the best balm I’ve ever used.

PRIME: I prime my face using this primer which I’m obsessed with! I purchased the small size first since it’s a little expensive, but the small size has lasted me 6 months – it’s definitely worth it! It’s my favorite primer thus far (and I’ve tried a lot!). It’s great for dry skin, but they also sell this one for combo/oily skin which I’ve heard great things about as well! After my primer sets for a few minutes, I add this illuminator in Opal. I don’t do this every single time, but when I do I always think to myself, “I should do this every time!” lol b/c it seriously gives you such a perfect glow! 1 pump covers your entire face and makes your skin look so great! I also use this during the week sometimes when I don’t feel like wearing makeup, but want something on my face, and you can also use it in specific areas on the face for a highlight! A great purchase since it’s so versatile!

CORRECTOR, FOUNDATION & CONCEALER: The next step is using this color corrector for my (extra) dark circles. Both Meggan and I have and love this color corrector, and use the shade Bisque. Next, I use this foundation in shade Ivory – this is my current favorite foundation. It’s so creamy, full coverage and sinks so well into the skin, it doesn’t sit on top. I discovered it after one of my favorite beauty YouTubers was raving about it. Love! I also use and love this foundation & this one as well – these are definitely my top 3 when it comes to foundation. After my foundation is on, I use this concealer in shade Vanilla under my eyes (you need to apply concealer over the color corrector or it will look straight orange), and on any blemishes/redness I have. For all of these products, I use the beautyblender – this needs to be damp in order for it to work it’s magic. If you don’t use a beautyblender, you need one! One of the best beauty tools ever!

SET: I use this setting powder to set everything I’ve put on my face up to this point. Setting is SO important because it keeps everything in place and allows the rest of your makeup to go on smoothly! This is my favorite setting powder hands down! I’ve used others, but this is the silkiest and the brush is essential in my opinion (softest brush I own!). I only use this brush for this powder – this keeps it clean and ensures no other powders/colors are going on my face when I’m setting it. I never used to want to spend money on brushes, but it makes all the difference!

BRONZER & BLUSH: I mix up which bronzers I use because I have three that I love – this one in Fresh Light, this one in Ritual, and this one. I don’t remember which one I used when I was filming for insta stories, but it was either the Dior or the Urban Decay & I used the Laura Mercier for blush that night – you can see it has a lot of beautiful colors, so it works great for a blush as well! I apply my bronzer with this brush and love it. My favorite blush is this one from Fiona Stiles in shade Valley.

BROWS: I use the Brow Wiz in dark brown to fill in any sparse areas on my brows. I’ve re-purchased this pencil more times than I can count. It’s the best!

EYESHADOW: I was super skeptical about this eyeshadow palette, but I have to admit I love it! The pigment is great, and each color goes on very smoothly. I use the black as eyeliner on my top lid with this liner brush.

MASCARA: I always switch up my mascara, but I’m currently using this one from tarte and I love it! This type of brush is my favorite – it really separates the lashes and doesn’t give you that clumpy look.

LIPS: Before applying liner & lipstick, I dab off the rosebud salve (the liner won’t really stick when the salve is on your lips). I used this liner in Subculture and this lipstick in Oblivion. I looove this combo – it’s the perfect mauve-y-nude. I get a lot of questions about my lip color when I wear this one in shade Rosecliff – this is a perfect daytime nude.

LOCK IT IN: When everything is done, I brush on this powder from Laura Geller with my bronzer brush. We are both obsessed with this powder, it blends everything really well and gives the most amazing finish. Finally, I lock everything in place with this setting spray.

WHEW! That seems like a LOT when I write it out, but it’s nothing too crazy and usually takes around 15 minutes from start to finish. Let me know if you have any other questions!