1. What are the tote bags that the two of you have been snapping lately? They’re so cute!
They’re the St. Anne Tote and we love them! Perfect for travel, work, the beach, or everyday. The best part is there are SO many different options and you can customize the bag with your initials.

2. What hair dryers do you recommend for dry and frizzy hair?
Brooke: I have frizzy hair (naturally curly), and I love this hair dryer from Chi. I’ve had so many different dryers, and this one is definitely my favorite! Be sure to leave the nozzle attachment on, it will help reduce frizz.
Meggan: I just got this one from Conair but haven’t used it yet. I’ve heard good things about the Drybar ‘buttercup’ drier too.

3. Meggan – I love the cactus print wallpaper in your sons room! Where is it from?
It’s from LimeWallDecor and can be found here. And side note: this print would be so adorable for a little girls room!!

4. I was recently diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic and I noticed in a previous #coffeetalk that Meggan does a high protein, low carb diet which is more in line with what I need to do. Unfortunately my cooking skills are subpar at best. My husband is the cook in the house but he has to work evenings a couple nights a week so I have to fend for myself sometimes lo! Do either of you have any go-to, easy low carb recipes? Where do you find new recipes to try? Pinterest can be overwhelming at times!
Meggan: My doctor told me that’s the diet I should follow but I’m not always the best at sticking with it! A few easy go-to’s are baked chicken breasts (cook at 400 for 29 minutes – so good and juicy) with roasted or steamed veggies, chicken stir fry (this recipe is yummy), salsa verde chicken (eat in a lettuce wrap or over cauliflower rice), balsamic chicken with roasted veggies, and bunless turkery burgers (I’ve made these and these) with a side salad and steamed veggies. The key is to stick fill up with lots of veggies!
Brooke: I just made this chili last night, and it’s my absolute favorite low-carb + easy meal. I add mushrooms and vegetable stock & double the recipe so I have enough for lunches throughout the week, or dinners for when my husband works late. This curry recipe from Skinnytaste is so so so good and easy as well, I’m craving it right now! Substitute rice for cauliflower rice for a more low-carb option. Also, this pizza spaghetti pie was my favorite Whole30 recipe – don’t let the name scare you, it’s delish! Tons of low-carb recipes daily on the Whole30 instagram page!

5. Any suggestions on college graduation dresses in May? Preferably under $100!
This floral dress is super cute and under $20 (I’m wearing it in this pic). A few other options are this lace dress, this cold-shoulder, or this blush one!

6. What are your go-to workouts? I’m almost a year and a half post-baby (second) and have yet to lose my last 15 lbs! Also, have either of you tried Weight Watchers? Never tried but a few of my girlfriends swear by it.
Meggan: I’ve never tried Weight Watchers but feel like people are always saying good things about it! For workouts I usually stick to cardio (running, stair climber, or power walking) and doing weights (low weight, high reps). I’m also starting Orange Theory next week (going twice a week) and can’t wait. My sister-in-law did it before her wedding and I did a few classes with her. The workouts are intense and you feel so accomplished after!
Brooke: I haven’t done Weight Watchers either, but a lot of my family members and friends swear by it! I think the great thing is that you get to eat whatever you want, you just learn how to do it in moderation. I mentioned BBG before, and I think I’m going to go back to that b/c it works SO well and is great for busy moms (the workouts are only 30 minutes). I will say, in order for it to be effective you have to push yourself as if you were working out with a trainer, especially since the workouts are quick.

7. Brooke – I’m thinking about staying at the Four Seasons in Hawaii for our honeymoon. I would love to hear about your experience and if you recommend it!
I would highly recommend it! Everyone there is so nice, friendly, and helpful! The service was the best of any resort I’ve ever been to, the restaurants are great, and they have an adult-only pool that would be great for honeymoon! Plus, there’s a lot to do – it’s close to shopping, golf course, beach, snorkeling, etc. It was one of my favorite places for sure!

8. Any tips on how to break in your wedding heels before the big day?
Okay so after a little Googling, these are some tips that stuck out to me (I have to break mine in too!): wear them around the house for increments of 30 minutes, lubricate strappy sandals with deodorant  (put it on the area of your foot the strap rubs and irritates), or stretch them out with a hair dryer or by wearing them with wool socks.

9. Not a question really but do either of you girls have a home tour on your blog? Both of your decors look so good!
Brooke: I don’t have a full home tour, but I’ve shared some of my home herehere, and my last house (in CA) here. I still feel like my house is unfinished, but I’m planning to share more!
Meggan: I’m planning on doing some home posts once I actually get it finished! I’m still looking for wall art, decorative objects, and a rug for Cam’s room. I had to take a break after buying so much furniture but I’m starting to get back into it again!

10. I have an athletic fundraiser/auction to attend in April. It’s semi-formal, and the weather is always questionable (could be freezing, could be warm). I’m looking for an outfit to wear.
Loving this wrap dressthis one (you could wear a blazer or moto jacket over the top if it’s cold), this dressthis dress (love the blush), or this pleated maxi!

11. I’m flying for the first time alone with my 19 month old and was wondering if you have any tips for the plane/travel? 
Brooke: This is a hard age for traveling (I’m sorry, I’m right there with you!). If possible, I would get a seat for your babe especially since you’re traveling alone. At this age, it’s hard to control them on your lap without someone to help you out. But, if you’re doing lap I would try to get a window seat so they can look out the window, or an aisle seat so you can walk around with them. Bring a lot of snacks (maybe even a few treats they don’t normally get like suckers), and bring some new toys that they’ve never played with before. If you do an iPad, download some new apps – puzzle apps are Avery’s favorite (she’s 24 months). Most importantly, don’t stress! :)
Meggan: Definitely a busy age but you will be okay and people will help you :) I always bring lots of snacks, ask the waitress for cups (they are so entertaining – who knew!), bring new toys, and download kid games apps on the iPad. For our trip to Cabo last week we sat by the window and brought window decals and Cam was obsessed! It kept him so busy! I also bring suckers in case of a melt down lol.

12. I’m traveling to Grand Cayman in May and I’d love some ideas for swimsuits, coverups, hats, and sandals!
That’s going to be so much fun! Found a little of everything for you! I’m so in love with the first coverup…might need to get it for myself. And all three hats ;)
suits: one / two (just ordered!) / three coverups: onetwothree hats: one / two / three sandals: one / two / three

13. Can you share what book recommendations people sent you on instagram yesterday? I’m looking for a new read too!
Yes we got SO many! Buying a new book is risky so it’s good to have a good rec list! Pretty Girls, Kite Runner, The Kind Worth Killing, All the Light We Cannot See, All The Missing Girls, The Good Girl, Water For Elephants, Behind Closed Doors, and The Vanishing Year. A lot of murder mysteries!

14. I’m going to NYC in May and wondering what your go-to shops are? Any fun high-end consignment shops you recommend? 
I love Barney’s and Bergdorf’s – those are probably my favorite stores in NYC b/c everything is in one spot. But, there are so many amazing stores – I would recommend walking around Soho & Madison Ave. You’ll see tons of shops to visit, pretty much anything you could dream of! A couple great high-end consignment shops are 2nd Time Around and Michael’s, The Consignment Shop (so fun to browse here). I’ve never purchased anything from either of these, but I believe they are both reputable in terms of authenticity…however, I would check the return policy just in case lol!

15. I’m going to Miami in late April for a bachelorette party for a long weekend. One night I need to wear black but the rest is open – any outfit ideas for days/nights? I live in Colorado and want to be able to wear things again but the style out here is so different!
I am obsessed with this dress & it can be worn for so many different occasions, this dress is so cute in person & also versatile (runs big, size down), this jumpsuit is adorable and under $30, and this romper is so fun as well! For daytime, you’ll most likely be wearing a bathing suit and a coverup – love this one and this one!

16. I’m looking for a cute (on trend and appropriate) summer dress to wear for my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary party. Any suggestions?
This one is pretty/simple (in peach) and could be dressed up with wedges and jewelry. This one from Anthropologie is fun and love this ruffled one from Revolve!

17. Brooke – I think it was you who had the black Express booties (which are no longer available) and I was wondering if you know of any other just like them for under $100? I love how simple and chic they are!
I haven’t found any that are identical, but I found a few great options with the same shape/profile: here (love!), herehere (these are almost identical!), and here.

18. With Mother’s Day just around the corner, I would love some ideas for both my mom and mother-in-law. I’m a first time mom and since my daughter was born they have both been so helpful and I would love to do something extra special for them. Maybe something personalized (trying to stay under $150)? 
I recently got this makeup bag and I’m in love with it – you can personalize anything on their site which is awesome and so fun! We love this necklace (you could do their initial, or even the initial of your daughter for them), and this pendant necklace is great because you can really customize it – so pretty! How amazing is this fingerprint necklace?! You could use your daughter’s fingerprint, so cute!

19. I’d love your help finding a similar dress to this one. I’m obsessed with the white, low back, knee length full skirt look and cannot find a good look-a-like for under $150!
A few similar ones we found are: this crotchet one from Chicwish, this cami dress from Asos, and this Free People one. Not exact, but pretty close!

20. I’m going to Nashville for a country music festival in June and would love some budget friendly options!
This denim romper would be so good with some fringe booties (like these) or cowboy boots. Jean shorts are definitely going to be a staple item. A few pairs were loving are these Levi’s (on sale!), this pair from One Teaspoon, and this frayed pair. Some cute tops are this off-the-shoulder, this crop top or this bodysuit. I would incorporate belts (love this and this), bandanas, hats, and cute sunnies! Also, this dress would look cute with a bandana scarf and cowboy boots. Have fun!!

21. I saw you posted a designer bag on your FB page for under $400, I would love to see more of your (big) designer bag finds under $500/$600 (I mean ones that are on sale, not “designer” bags that are always under this price, if that makes sense!). 
This bucket bag is 60% off (love the details!), this mini is so cute, in love with this crossbody, and we love the studs on this classic!

22. I’m in desperate need of a rain jacket. Looking for something functional but still cute and (preferably) in the $100 price range.
This one from H&M is super cute, under $100, and comes in two colors! Also loving this utility one and this black one.

Thanks for another great week of #coffeetalk ladies! Per usual, leave your questions below or email us at brookeandmeggan@somewherelately.com with #coffeetalk in the subject.