How To Wear Culottes
Culottes are one trend I’m totally on board with – I’ve always loved them. A lot of people find culottes intimidating and aren’t sure how to wear them – styling them correctly is key to pulling off the look! 
1. Find the best fit. First, you want to make sure they fit properly – you don’t want them to be too tight (especially if you have hips and a booty like I do). Too tight is just not a good look. If I’m in between sizes, I always go for the larger size. 
2. Keep the top simple. Pair them with a fitted, simple top (tuck it in to accentuate your waist), and if you need a jacket, make it cropped. 
3. Wear heels. If you have super long, thin legs you can get away with wearing flats, but heels are best for most of us. It helps elongate your leg and keeps the look from falling into the frumpy zone. 
4.  Keep your accessories simple. Let the pants stand out and be the “hero” piece of this look. When it comes to culottes, try to adopt a minimalistic style. 
I picked up this pair at Zara before our trip to Miami and wore them to my favorite restaurant – Casa Tua. They’re a fun change from a dress and I loved the look. I just added this culotte jumpsuit to my cart – obsessed! A jumpsuit is a great start if you’re still unsure about styling the look. Meggan and I both got this two piece set and it’s so cute – another great option! 
pants + top both found in store at zara | sunglasses | sandals | bag

My favorite culottes: