Bell Sleeve Sweater
It was a little chilly in Dallas this weekend (and extremely windy – I’m talking hurricane like winds lol) which meant I got to break out this Lovers + Friends sweater. I seriously need to unhook my Paypal account on Revolve, every time I see something cute it’s on its way to my house with just one click. Anyone else?
You guys…these Marc Fisher espadrille sneakers are one of the comfiest pairs of shoes I own. Not to mention they are freakin’ adorable. I’m loving the espadrille sneaker trend – such a fun way to switch up your sneaker game! How cute is this perforated pair (just went on sale!) and this olive green pair? There’s a ton more to browse here.
Brooke has mentioned this before, but we found a reputable site called SmartBuyGlasses that sells Celine! These aviators are a favorite of mine and you can get them here. I originally bought this pair at Nordstrom but broke them on my friends bachelorette party (that was bound to happen – damn you Nashville). I found them on SmartBuy for a lot cheaper so decided to order, which made it a little less painful ;) I’ve learned my lesson on bringing nice sunglasses to drinking events. I lost my Quay aviators on my bach party and stretched out another pair lol. I need to buy $10 ones for Cabo (less than 5 weeks away)!!
On another note, we took Cam’s paci away (just has it for bedtime) and he has been a little jerk! Please tell me this is short-lived?! Yesterday was tantrum after tantrum…like on the floor in public screaming and kicking his feet. We cut the tip off to see if that would make him less interested but he doesn’t care at all! Or maybe it’s not the paci and the terrible two’s have just started early ;) Praying for a “normal” day today!