1. What are you favorite drug store products (makeup, face washes, moisturizers, etc)?

Brooke: I just picked up more of my favorite makeup remover wipes (great for sensitive skin!) yesterday at the drugstore. My favorite drugstore lipsticks are this one (in matte naked) & this one (in shade 14) – both are perfect nudes! This is my favorite drugstore mascara and this concealer is another goodie! This lip balm isn’t at drugstores, but it’s a drugstore price so I’m including it – it’s the only thing that heals my (constantly) chapped lips!
Meggan: I always pick up a new mask when I’m at Target (just tried this one and love it) – they are my cheap thrills! This Maybelline mascara has been my go-to since high school. The NYX intense butter gloss (in tres leches) and NYX soft matte lip cream are some of my favs. I just got a couple of these L’Oreal eye paints and really like them (looks pretty in the corner of your eye). I haven’t used this blender yet (going to today) but it’s a fraction of the cost of the OG beauty blender. I will let you know how I like it! Anddd I cannot live without my Wet Brush!

2. Do you ladies have any weekender bags that you love? I’m on the hunt for a new one for my summer travels!
We both have this bag from Barrington Gifts and looove it – it’s so durable and can hold SO much, plus you can personalize it!

3. Brooke – you recently answered a question regarding sitters while on vacation. I’m wondering what you and your husband do for date night? Also, what type of questions do you recommend asking when hiring sitters? (I don’t have family in the area). 
We found our weekend sitter online (on a nanny website), and she’s great – we’ve used her for 3 years now. A few of my friends hire girls who work at the gym daycare because it’s a little more comforting, or I would try to get a referral from a friend. I think the #1 most important thing is that you feel comfortable with your sitter b/c they are going to be home alone with your kids. I always ask about previous experience, background check, and always always call references (and make sure they’re legit!).

4. I’m in need of inexpensive white t-shirts (preferably vneck and crew neck). Please help!
Three favorites are: this Madewell one (good quality), this one from A&F, and this Topshop one.
5. What curling wands do you girls use to achieve your waves? I love the beachy casual vibe it gives off. I’ve been hearing so much about hte T3 wand but have a hard time with the price tag. Also, a hair tutorial would be great 🙂
Brooke: I use this one (in the 1 inch) and then I use a flat iron to straighten the very ends. I’ve had this curling wand for a few years now and it’s my absolute favorite!
Meggan: I’m probably the only person who doesn’t know how to use a wand! I have this T3 wand and the one Brooke has but hardly ever use them because I always burn my hands or the curls look backwards (please send help lol). So I usually use this cheapo 1 inch Conair curling iron that I’ve had for years!

6. What app/software do you use to design rooms in your home when remodeling?
We didn’t do any of the re-designing ourselves, I basically sat down with the kitchen & bath designer, and said what I wanted and what I didn’t want. They had all the software/fancy stuff, I’m not sure what program they used.
7. Meggan – I’m curious about the Detox Body Oil by The Organic Pharmacy you posted on insta stories. Have you noticed any great results from using? Also, do you (or Brooke) have any other body oils you like to use after showering? I don’t love the feeling of using lotion afterwards and tend to use oils myself so I’d love any recommendations!
Meggan: Yes, I love it! It is so refreshing and keeps my skin moisturized all day. It’s supposed to be used with a dry brush but if I’m in a hurry I just lather it on with my hands. I haven’t tried any other oils but will definitely buy this one again and again.
Brooke: I just got this body oil in a sample size and I’m obsessed – it is SO great! It’s for hair and body, and smells amazing! I’m definitely going to be buying the full size bottle.

8. I’m going to the Hamptons next weekend and looking for a few fun daytime outfits. Any suggestions?
This romper is super cute and summery, love this jumpsuit, this two-piece set (top + skirt) is a must, and we are totally into this maxi! Accessory wise we are loving this hat, these sunniesthis bag (just ordered!), and these sandals.
9. I’m getting married next summer (planning ahead!) and need help finding more formal looking jumpsuits/rompers for a junior bridesmaid. My adult bridesmaids are wearing jumpsuits instead of dresses, but I can’t seem to find anything formal enough for my 10 year-old junior bridesmaid. Every jumpsuit seems to be to casual or made for toddlers or adults – no in between! 
Congratulations! We found a couple rompers/jumpsuits on the more “formal” side, but you’re right – tough to find! Here are our favorite finds: one, two, three, four, five, and six!

10. I’m going on a girls trip next month and would love suggestions for fun dresses or rompers for nights out!
A few options we found and obsessed with are: this lace dress, this silk romper (sexxayy!), this set (top + skirt), and this crochet romper. If you need a new/fun pair of heels these are super cute!
11. I need inspiration for bridesmaid gifts. I have a large group and would love to do something they can use/wear day of. The bridesmaids dresses are taupe, if that helps. Any ideas for groomsmen gifts are appreciated as well!
We know it’s kind of cliché, but we still love the idea of gifting jewelry to your bridesmaids that they can wear the day of – everyone loves jewelry, it’s sentimental, and you get to pick it out! 😉 We love this necklace (personalized for each girl), and this bracelet (could personalize to the location of your wedding – so cool!). You could give them the jewelry in a monogram jewelry dish too. These are simple and cute! Groomsmen gift ideas – ties they can wear during the ceremony, cufflinks, fun socks (makes for cute photos – big selection here), and personalized beer mugs.

12. I need help finding a dress for my rehearsal dinner. I would like to wear red dress that shows some cleavage (but still modest) and under $100 if possible, thanks! 
This dress is so pretty, and would show cleavage but the long sleeves make it a little more modest. We also love this one, this one, this one, and this one! Congratulations!

13. How’s it going with having Vital Proteins every day? Are you noticing any changes/benefits?
Brooke: I’ve been having it every day for about a week, and so far I’m loving it. I’m not sure if it’s long enough to notice results when it comes to skin, but it helps me stay full longer (it has protein) & tons of people see skin improvements, so ‘ll be sure to keep you updated!
Meggan: This is the first week I’ve remembered to have it everyday and I agree with Brooke that it keeps you full! I can’t comment on the skin because I got a visit from mother nature this week and my skin is all out of whack. Not sure results show in just a week either? There’s a lot of info on it here!

14. I’m in the process of furnishing my first apartment and LOVE the look of big floor plants (anything from a cactus to palms). Any good places/websites to find plants that are reasonably priced & not fake?
Check out Home Depot or other home improvement stores in the garden center, they often have a great selection for super cheap! You can actually order online too (free shipping over $45)! We love this one and this one! Another place to check would be local nurseries/garden centers – just be careful, sometimes they overprice their plants by a lot!

15. Brooke – I saw on instastories that you’re meditating. Can you share favorite apps/guides you use? I couldn’t screenshot it fast enough ;). 
Yes, it totally helps with stress/anxiety (which both of us struggle with). We don’t have any apps (good idea though, we’re going to look for some!), but this video is the one I shared on instastories the other day – it’s really a great way to start your day!

16. I am getting married in November but currently shopping for wedding festivities because the current season may allow for more finds. I need white outfit options for bridal shower (Sept in Long Beach, CA), bach part (Oct in Palm Springs), and rehearsal dinner (Nov in wine country). Open to dresses, jumpers, etc!
Congrats girl! A few white dress options are: here, here (see it on this post), here, and here. Rompers/jumpsuits we love are: here, here, and here. This two-piece set (top + bottom) would also be super cute!! Anddd if you want to splurge, this Self-Portrait dress is SO good (and classic!).

17. I’m looking to jump on the Vital Protein collagen train, but have no clue which one to buy! Have you guys tried multiple ones? Any recommendations?
We have only tried this one (the collagen peptides), and the greens – love both and would highly recommend them!

18. Wondering if you have come across any good two piece outfits? I’m on the hunt for something that exposes a little bit of the stomach but not the whole thing!
We both have this two-piece set from Free People and love it (see it on here & here). A couple other favorites are this floral crop top + skirt, this striped top + skirt, and

19. What do you think of the oversized, distressed denim jacket trend? Have you seen any good options?
We personally love it! This one (love the pearls), this one, and this one!

20. I am loving the off-the-shoulder trend this year BUT I have a large chest and just cannot pull them off. It ends up looking like I’m wearing a tent because my bust is a size 8 but the rest of my body is a size 4. The struggle!! Do you have any suggestions for some trendy summer pieces that are not OTS? Tops that can be worn with a bra since this chest will not cooperate with a sticky bra 😉
Yes! A few tops we are loving that are not OTS are: this onethis onethis one (gives you some shoulder, but you can still wear a bra), and this one!

21. What are some great dresses to wear to a June wedding?
A few dresses we love for summer weddings: here, here (40% off!), here (in love with this print!), and here! Have a blast!

22. Meggan – can you link the new Quay sunglasses you were wearing on insta stories this week? Looking for a new pair!
Yes! They are this pair and I got the black/gold combo. The pink/gold look pretty cute too!

Have a great weekend loves! Feel free to leave your questions below or email us at brookeandmeggan@somewherelately.com with #coffeetalk in the subject. xoxo