1. What are some of your favorite casual flat sandals for summer?

Brooke: I just ordered these in nude – I wanted something super casual (but not a rubber flip flop). My SIL has them and said they run TTS. I’m also loving lusting after these slides, love these (just went on sale!), and these – obsessed with both colors!
Meggan: I have been wearing these mules nonstop – they go with everything and under $20! I have these laceups in my cart (just found this pair of dupes though!) and thinking about getting these (need some new pairs for Cabo!).

2. Do you ladies have cleaning ladies? Your houses always look really clean in your snaps – I can’t keep it clean with kids and it drives me nuts!
Meggan: I have minor OCD so that’s why my house is usually pretty tidy. I cannot stand when it’s messy (can be a blessing and a curse)!! My mom is the same exact way lol. I always pick up while Cam is napping and at night after we put him to bed. However, I would like a cleaning lady to come once or twice a month to do a deep clean. I’m very tidy but I’m not good at keeping up with bathrooms, floors, etc. Hoping to get one when Cam starts school in the fall!
Brooke: No, but I feel like I need one for everything Meggan mentioned above. We keep 95% of toys upstairs in the playroom, so that helps the kitchen/living areas stay clutter-free. I clean for about an hour at the end of the day every day – this basically consists of picking up toys, clothes, books, playdough, etc, vacuuming anything that needs to be quickly touched up (I use this little handheld & love it!), and cleaning the kitchen – I can’t stand dishes in the sink! My husband is really good about helping me clean on the weekends (like the deep cleaning), so that helps a lot & Sophia helps me clean the playroom and unloads the dishwasher. But it’s definitely a challenge and I never really feel like my house is “super clean” for more than 30 minutes – it’s inevitable with kids!

3. You both always post the cutest outfits! Do you ever repeat outfits? Just because from social media, it does not seem like it, which I get is part of being a blogger, but was just curious!
Brooke: Yes, I definitely repeat outfits! I probably just don’t put it on instagram again b/c I feel like everyone has already seen it ;). If I have an outfit I love and feel great it, it’s definitely going to be on repeat!
Meggan: All the time! I repost basics (tees/tanks), jeans, shoes, and accessories. But I usually don’t post a old dress or romper because people always want to know where it’s from and I have to tell them it’s old :(

4. I know you’ve both been using collagen powder and putting it in your drinks. I’m wondering why and what you’re using it for and if you’ve noticed a difference?

Brooke: Yes, so far I love it! I add it to my coffee every morning – it has protein which helps me stay full longer (I swear I’m always hungry after breakfast). Benefits of collagen include – improved skin (hello, collagen!), joint & bone health, hormone balance, and digestion. Just check out all of the amazing reviews, I would highly recommend it!
Meggan: I definitely notice a difference when I use it continuously! I try to put it in my coffee daily but sometimes I forget. It’s not supposed to have a taste but I think it does so I can’t drink it in my water. I’m mostly doing it for the improved skin and the joint health (I have the joints of an 80 year old).

5. I’m looking for a great pair of white or beige sneakers to wear this summer. I’m thinking of getting the Marc Fisher espadrilles I spotted in your feed, are they comfy? Any other recommendations?
Yes they are sooo comfy!! I highly recommend! A few other favorites are this pair (on sale and in my cart!), these Pumas, these espadrilles, and this pair of New Balance.

6. Any suggestions for a light colored area rug for the bedroom, under $200?
We are loving this one, this one, and this one – all under $200 and very neutral!

7. I know you both wear Levi’s and I’ve recently started loving them thanks to your blog! My only problem is that the legs are soo long and tight at the bottom that it’s impossible to get them on (I’m super short, so that doesn’t help). Brooke, I saw you cut an inch or so off the bottom of one of your pairs. Do you suggest doing this, or would you get them professionally hemmed? I’m so impatient and want to wear them now, but want to make sure they won’t be ruined!
Brooke: I have cut so many pairs of jeans myself, I think you could totally do it! If you’re nervous, just start longer – you can always cut them shorter, but you can never make them longer ;), and be sure to use fabric scissors! Here’s an easy tutorial you could follow!
Meggan: I have cut a couple pairs of jeans on my own (Not the Levi’s though) and they turned out cute! My Levi’s are too long too and I will probably get them hemmed just because I don’t want a frayed hem on that pair. For now, I just roll them.

8. I’m looking for fun/sexy dresses to wear for a bachelorette party, preferably under $150. Any suggestions?
We love this one (Alexander Wang dupe under $100), this one, this one (obsessed, just went in my cart!), and this one is so fun and under $30!

9. Who are some of your favorite pinners on Pinterest?
Meggan: I’m obsessed with Pinterest and prob spend way too much time on there. A few people I’m always repinning are Judith Marilyn, Damsel In Dior, Becki Owens, and Public Lives, Secret Recipes. Love all their aesthetics!
Brooke: I don’t really have any favorite pinners, but Nicole Davis’ pins are always so good (she’s my favorite interior designer evaaaa), and Natalie Merrillyn’s feed is always amazing. I’m always loving the way our Pinterest feed looks when I log on, so if you check out who we’re following that’s a good place to start!

10. Any suggestions for a cute diaper bag around $150-$200 – preferably one that doesn’t look like a diaper bag! Looking for something chic and unassuming :)
A lot of really great options here – we are especially loving this one, this one, and this one (love)!

11. Brooke – Where did you purchase the Wolffer Summer In A Bottle Rosé? I’m in NY and no stores around me have it and the prices to ship it online are outrageous. It looks so yummy!

It’s so good – one of my favorite rosés for sure! My husband picked it up at a wine store in the city (I’m not sure which one), but if you check this site you can (hopefully) find a store close to you that sells it! I love this site b/c you can check local stores for wines you want and compare pricing!

12. I’m going to a country festival in a few weeks. I have a super cute tank and pair of coral skinnies to wear, but I’d like to find a lightweight kimono/shrug to wear in case it gets chilly and to help prevent sunburn. I’m struggling to find a good one to fit with the coral – any suggestions?
This one in white is super cute, and this one and this one are great options as well! Have fun!

13. How do you make your avocado toast? Is it literally just smashed avocados on toast or do you add any seasonings?
Meggan: I always add red pepper flakes or sometimes if I’m feeling fancy I’ll add radishes or tomatoes with lime juice. I got this seasoning from Trader Joe’s yesterday and put it on my toast this am. It is SO good with it – definitely my new obsession.
Brooke: Before I went dairy-free, I loooved cottage cheese & avocado toast with salt, pepper, and red pepper flakes. Now, I usually just do avocado (always salt, pepper, and red pepper flakes) with tomatoes or with a fried egg on top – so good!

14. Where do you shop for black tie gowns? I need one for this summer and having a hard time!
Rent The Runway has a ton of great options plus you don’t have to buy a dress you will probably wear once. Some other good sites are Revolve (love this one), ASOS, and sometimes you can find some on Lulus!

15. I’m going to Vegas this summer and am in dire need of shoe recs. I keep hearing there’s a lot of walking involved but still want to look cute! Would love your suggestions!
We love checking out this “comfort” section if we’re looking for comfy shoes, and you’re probably going to want sandals for Vegas in the summer (hot!). We love these in nude (would go with everything), these (if you don’t think they’re cute, see this pic for inspo!), and these in black or nude!

16. I’m hosting an engagement party for my BFF next month. It’s taking place outside in Miami at night. Do you have any cute dress suggestions that fit the venue but aren’t obnoxiously tropical looking?
This red ruffle dress would be cute with some statement earrings, love this maxi dress, such a cute jumpsuit, and obsessed with this halter dress.

17. Meggan – I read on the blog that you have done IPL treatments on your face and chest. I have really bad red acne scarring from serious hormonal breakouts (that have finally cleared) and I’m going to get IPL! Did you notice a difference in acne scarring after it? How many treatments does it take to see results? And also, does your face peel afterwards or do the dark spots just sort of disappear? 
Yes I’ve done two treatments on my face and three on my chest. I honestly can’t tell you how many treatments you will need – it depends on how bad the area is your treating! Each treatment will be four weeks apart so the skin has time to recover. All your damage is pulled to the surface and it doesn’t peel but kind of flakes off. My face looked like I had black pepper flakes on it and they gradually disappeared. Make sure to stay out of the sun before and after your treatment – that is crucial! I hope you are happy with the results :) I’m going to keep going once or twice a year for preventative!

18. I’m getting married in the fall and looking for suggestions for bridal shower dresses. I’m interested in white but also open to other colors (hopefully under $100)!
Okay, just found some amazing dresses all under $100 for you: here, here (amazing!), here, and here! Congrats love!

19. Would either of you ever consider a breast augmentation? I have two kids and are feeling like I’ve lost everything I had in the chest. I am struggling with finding a bathing suit that doesn’t make feel like a boy (even with the double pushup ones). :(
Meggan: Okay call me crazy but I love small boobs lol! I’ve always wanted a flat chest and in high school I thought I could actually flatten them by hitting them (so embarrassing, don’t even ask). Someone also told me if you eat mass amounts of corn your boobs shrink…..I ate A LOT of corn. So I personally wouldn’t get one because I’m dreaming of A cups but if you want one, go for it! Especially if it’s going to boost your confidence and make you feel sexay again! (p.s dying I just admitted to hitting my own boobs).
Brooke: OMG lol’ing at Meggan’s comment about high school! I don’t know whether or not I’d consider one, I guess it depends on the situation. I’m pretty flat-chested and (for now) I’m totally happy because I can wear pretty much any top/dress and it works, but I’m all about doing whatever makes you happy and feel confident! In the meantime, bikini tops like this and this are great at disguising a small/deflated chest!

20. I’m attending my in-laws 40th wedding anniversary party next month. Any cute outfit ideas?
This dress is pretty (comes in a few colors), love this jumpsuit, this wrap maxi dress is cute, and so is this green mini!

21. I have a July wedding in North Carolina and it’s semi-formal. The ceremony is outside and the reception is indoors. My husband is a groomsmen so we’ll be attending the rehearsal dinner too. Any suggestions for dresses?
Some dresses we are loving for a semi-formal wedding/rehearsal: herehere (for rehearsal dinner), here, and here.

22. I have been dying to find a pair of shoes like these, but I’m having no luck! Do you know of any similar ones?
This pair is the most similar we could find (pretty good!), and we’re also loving these and these!

23. I remember awhile back one of you (I think Brooke?) had been  growing some succulents! How often do you water them and how much water do you give them? And do you keep them in the sunlight the entire day? Would love some tips for keeping them alive!
Yes and I’m so sad because they’re all dead, but I’m going to replant them again this summer! I tried to bring them inside for the winter, but there were sooo many bugs it was grossing me out (I  kept finding them all over my kitchen counter), so I put them back outside and obviously they couldn’t survive the snow and cold. Anyway, they are so easy to keep alive – I honestly just planted them, left them outside in direct sunlight & shade (1/2 the day the sun is beating down and 1/2 the day is shaded) all summer and they tripled in size! I didn’t even water them once (it did rain from time to time, but I know they live best in super dry climates and hot sun). I did ask about watering them when I purchased, and they recommended watering once/week and soaking the soil (like if it were to rain) until water drains out of the bottom of the pot. I would just be careful with over-watering, and honestly since I didn’t even water mine once I’m not sure if I’m giving the best advice here – just telling you what they told me! Promise it’s super simple, good luck!

24. Brooke – I LOVE the white Saint Laurent bag in your “summer uniform” post, but definitely don’t have that kind of money right now lol. Have you seen any good dupes?
Yes! Here are a few similar white bags I’m loving – herehere (this one is most similar), here, and here (loooove this one even though it’s a little different, it’s a perfect Fendi dupe!).

Wow, so many questions this week! Thank you for the love babes, happy weekend! And as always leave your questions below or email us with #coffeetalk in the subject! xx