1. What are some staple items you buy at the grocery store/what do you always have on hand to make? I would love it if you guys did a “what’s in my shopping cart” or “grocery hall” blog post or even on insta stories. 
We can definitely start posting whats in our grocery carts – we love when other bloggers do this too!

2. Meggan – I am also getting married in Cabo. I think our attendance will be around 100 guests. What is proper etiquette on who to invite to the rehearsal dinner for our destination wedding? If we invite everyone, it will be like we are having two weddings. We thought of having our immediate family and wedding party come to the rehearsal dinner and doing a cocktail hour and welcome bonfire for all our guests after the dinner. What are you doing? Do I need to follow a certain guideline?
Congrats! We have around 85 people and felt the same way about the rehearsal dinner feeling like the wedding if everyone was going (plus $$$). Wednesday night we are having a welcome party cocktail party for all our guests so we can properly greet everyone. Thursday night is the rehearsal dinner which is for the wedding party and our immediate family. So basically almost exactly what you’re thinking about doing 🙂
3. Brooke – Where did you find your throw pillows you posted on insta stories?
They are from Restoration Hardware. We ordered them about 8 months ago, totally forgot about it (because they were backordered for so long), and they just started showing up lol, but we love them! We have this diamond pattern in ivory, these, and these and I love all of them together. The moroccan wedding pillows these ones from PB – I’ve had them for several years and still love them! These are the pillow inserts I got, and am happy with the quality (and price)!

4. I recently finished reading The Slight Edge, after you ladies snapped about it awhile back. It was SO GOOD! Any other recommendations for “personal development” type books?
Meggan: I’ve heard good things about You Are A Badass and The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck so I ordered both but haven’t got started yet. I will let you know how they are!
Brooke: Looove The Slight Edge! Rich Dad Poor Dad is a great book if you are interested in financial freedom/flexibility, and I’ve heard great things about The 7 Habits, The Subtle Art, and 10% Happier (just added this one to my cart!), but haven’t read any of these yet!

5. Meggan – you mentioned on insta that you’re going lean for you wedding. Do you have a specific diet you’re going by? Any tips on fighting “bad food” cravings? So excited for you!
Thanks! I’m not following a specific diet just trying to eat clean/whole foods – fish, chicken, turkey, eggs, nuts, veggies, and fruits. Plus the occasional glass of wine…it’s a fruit right? 😉 I’m kind of starting to get in a cooking rut but a few of my go-to recipes lately are: spaghetti squash pad thai, blackened salmon salad (SO good), salsa verde chicken over cauliflower cilantro lime rice, stir-fry, thai chicken lettuce tacos, and balsamic chicken with roasted veggies. A lot of nights we will grill chicken breasts with roasted veggies or naked turkey burgers with sweet potato “fries” and steamed veggies. Easy and healthy! I have a major sweet tooth so if I feel like I need something after dinner, I grab a few of these Larabar Bites or a Yasso frozen greek yogurt bar which helps kick the craving.
6. Did you get your website done professionally? 
Yes we did, and we will actually be having it re-designed soon!

7. My boyfriends grandparents are having their 60th wedding anniversary party this June. It’s on a farm in a small town in Iowa. I’m nervous that I’ll wear something too nice, or either too casual. Anything right in between and under $100?
We are both from Iowa 🙂 So fun! This floral maxi would be cute with some lace-up sandals (like these or these), love this cropped jumpsuit, or this off-the-shoulder dress would be a good option too! Also, check out the maxi dresses we linked on question 14!
8. I’m finally moving into a place with my fiancé which is exciting, but I have no idea how to start with furnishing the place. Do you have any resources/tips on where to start? Also, places that are low-mid price range for cute furniture? So, something a bit more trendy than Ikea but not at West Elm prices?
So fun, congratulations! For trendy but affordable pieces check out Wayfair, All Modern, Overstock, Rugs USA, and Etsy (for vintage rugs like this one – someone please buy this before I do!). We recommend purchasing neutral pieces that you won’t get sick of for the big ticket items (bed, sofa, etc), and you can always add/change fun accessories to change the look.

9. What are your favorite shorts/most worn so far for summer?
Meggan: I’m obsessed with this pair (see them on here & here), this pair of One Teaspoons, and this pair from Express. Thinking about ordering this pair from AGOLDE because I love my other ones so much!
Brooke: I’m obsessed with Meggan’s and they’ve been in my cart for two weeks lol! I’m also loving this pair and these (so cute, not too short, and under $100!).

10. I have a bachelorette party in Palm Springs in June (it’s going to be HOT!). Do you have any super cute warm weather outfit ideas for day and night? Also, any gift ideas for the bride? Will likely get lingerie and looking to spend under $100!
We would pack a couple rompers for the day – they’re lightweight and they don’t take up a lot of room in your suitcase. This one is super cute (Meggan just got it in an xs), need this one, and this one is cute! For night you could do this two-piece set (top + bottoms), this dress (love the low back), or this jumpsuit. Definitely pack a hat for daytime – we both have this one and are obsessssed. It’s a splurge but it’s perfect and gets so much wear! This Brixton one is a good option too and under $50. For gifts you could do this set (thong + bra) so simple but pretty, this teddy, or this lace bustier. And check out the Nordstrom Rack lingerie section – they usually have cute stuff and it’s not very expensive!
11. Meggan – do you have any recommendations for hair salons in Chicago? I’ve been to places both in the suburbs and downtown but haven’t found a place I love.
I tried quite a few salons in Chicago and my top two favorites were Kala Salon and Solo Salon. Lauren did my cut and color at Solo and she was hands down the best person that’s ever done my hair!

12. What are both your favorite hair products/everyday hair essentials?
Brooke: I use this purple shampoo & conditioner, this hair toner mask (amazing results – kills the brassy tones!), this ACV rinse, this heat spray (OMG smells amazing), this hairspray, and my favorite dry shampoos are this one and this one (really obsessed with this one)! For my waves, this is the curling wand I swear by!
Meggan: I feel like I have so many favorites…I’m kind of a beauty junkie/hoarder. My essentials are this purple shampoo, this conditioner, this leave in spray, this heat protectant, and this hairspray. Other products I love are this dry shampoo, this apple cider vinegar hair rinse, and this wet brush. I also ordered this Pureology shampoo last night – I used my moms yesterday and LOVE the way it made my hair feel. So soft!
13. Meggan – I’m getting married next May and trying to change up my fitness routine. I exercise consistently at my apartment gym, but am bored with my routine and not seeing results I’d like. My issue is that I normally hate group workout classes. I always get self-conscious about everyone around me and worry about not keeping up. My closest Orange Theory location is in Preston Hollow and was wondering if you could tell me how “the vibe” is there? I’m worried about it being super competitive and not fitting in! Do you like the trainers there and any specific classes you recommend (not sure if that’s how it’s run)?
Omgggg no!!! It’s not competitive at all and the only person you compete with is yourself! Honestly I couldn’t tell you what other people around me are doing because I’m so focused on myself (and making it through the class alive lol). You can go at your own pace and modify the workout plus the coach helps you the whole way through. I don’t have the best form and the coaches are always so helpful with correcting and making sure you’re doing it right to get the best workout – they don’t call you out or anything! I’ve been going for a month and already notice such a difference. And finally feel like I’m in shape!! It’s safe to say I’m hooked!
14. What are your favorite places to travel in Europe?
Meggan: I’ve never been (insert cry face emoji here) but it I’m hoping to go soon. Kyle traveled internationally quite a bit before we met and we planned on traveling together…but then we had a little surprise happen and our plans got put on the back burner 😉 But a few places on my bucket list are London (obvi), Paris (another obvi), Greece, Madrid, Barcelona, and Italy.
Brooke: I’m sad to say I’ve never been there either – so crazy! But I really want to go to Santorini, Amalfi Coast, Southern France, Positano, Paris, and London! Good to have dreams right? 😉

15. Looking for some casual-ish summer maxi dresses (preferably around $100 or less) and would love your suggestions!
This Michael Stars one is perfect and comes in a few colors (would be so cute with a belt!), love this Endless Rose one, this NYTT one is cute, and need this one from Forever!

16. What patterns did you each get for your Barrington Gift totes? I’m looking to buy and need some inspo, there’s so many options!
Meggan: I did the St. Anne Tote with the grey geometric pattern, tan + pink stripe, initials, and light tan leather trim. It’s such a great bag for traveling!
Brooke: I also did this tote in the black geometric pattern with my initials (no stripe) in the lipstick-rose color combo and black leather – I really love it! I used it the whole time in Hawaii & Miami and had so many people ask me where it was from. It’s the perfect tote!

17. Brooke, we’re going to NYC this weekend (husband and two kids 7&5 years old) to celebrate my bday and Mothers Day. The weather is forecasted to be terrible! I’m not really sure what to do now or even what outfits to pack! We have tickets to the Yankees game but in case that’s a washout where do you recommend going? Anywhere for the kids to get out their energy if we can’t go to a park? We’re staying at the W in Union Square and plan to hit up Eataly for dinner on Saturday night. Any recs for Mother’s Day lunch/brunch on Sunday? Thanks so much!
UHG – sooo sorry it’s going to be such a crappy weekend! You could check out the museums and children’s museums – great places for kids to run around and do activities! Does your hotel have a pool? I know, not that exciting but a great way for the kids to have fun. Chelsea Market is all indoors and a fun spot to check out, and The Shops at Columbus Circle is an amazing mall (with great views) and a must-see on a rainy day! For brunch – Bubby’s Tribeca, Rosemary’s, and The Fat Radish. Happy Mother’s Day, fingers crossed the weather will somehow cooperate! xx

18. What are your go-to sunless tanner items/routine?
We answered this a couple weeks ago on #coffeetalk (question 15)!

19. Brooke – can you share the details on your lace-up sweatshirt and ripped jeans from instastories last night? 
This is the sweatshirt (so comfy and cute – I got an xs), and these are the jeans – I have been wearing these non-stop lately (true to size)!

Thanks so much for sending in all your questions ladies! For next week you can leave yours below or email us at brookeandmeggan@somewherelately.com with #coffeetalk in the subject. Have a great weekend and happy Mother’s Day to all the mamas! xx