1. Meggan – do you mind sharing what bridesmaid dresses your girls are wearing, or a few that you decided between? I’m struggling to decide for my girls! We like a few SMYMM dresses but they are out of stock in blush in most of them 🙁
Ahh no! I’m doing the Show Me Your Mumu maxi dresses in ivory crisp! I didn’t even look at any other ones because I knew those are the ones I wanted. BHLDN has some pretty blush dresses and you should check out Lulu’s as well.

2. Who takes your pictures for your blog? And do you use filters?
Both of our guys take our pictures! We feel so lucky (thankful!) that they do it for us and save so much money not having to pay a photographer, but there are definitely some challenges. 😉 They both do a great job though, and for now it works for us! We use VSCO to filer our photos and highly recommend it!

3. What do y’all do for childcare when you go on vacation with your kids? Just take them everywhere with you or do you take a nanny or hire a babysitter via a service? We took our daughter on our last few trips to UK/Eu but haven’t had childcare and are exploring options so we can get out and have some fun…curious to know others experiences!
Meggan: We’ve never brought a nanny along with us (although that sounds kinda amazing lol) but we have hired a babysitter. A lot of times hotels have a babysitting service but the time we got one, we used a recommendation from a friend. It made me feel a little safer because we were out of the country 🙂 But I know so many people who use the hotel babysitters and have never had any problems!
Brooke: We have done both – brought a nanny with us and hired a local babysitter, and I have to say I prefer to hire a sitter for only when we want to go to dinner without the kids. This is totally just my opinion, but it’s a little awkward to bring a nanny with you (unless it’s a family member) because everyone is out of their element, rooming can be awkward (or more expensive if you get multiple rooms), and the schedule can get a little sticky since you’re all on vacation together the whole time. If you do take a nanny with you, I’d recommend sitting down & setting expectations and hours ahead of the vacation so everyone is on the same page (this also has to do with ordering food/drinks at a resort – guidelines need to be set before the trip). When we were in Miami, my friend Andy recommended a nanny, and we hired her to babysit a couple nights so we could go out to dinner at some of our favorite places and I loved that setup – it was perfect! We got to enjoy vacation with our kids, spending the whole day swimming/on the beach with them, but we weren’t stuck in our room after we put the kids to bet at 7:30. Like Meggan said, a lot of hotels offer babysitting services, so I would look into that! It can be scary for sure, but we checked references, and purchased IP cameras so we always knew what was going on (and of course let the babysitter know if you have cameras lol). Good luck and have a great time!

4. I know that stars are a huge trend right now and I was wondering if you have any suggestions of ways to add the trend into my wardrobe (something budget friendly please!)?
Yesss – we are loving the star trend! We both have this tee (both bought without telling each other, ha!) and I just got these star espadrille sneakers (on this post). A few other items that have us starry-eyed (haaa) are: this choker, this lace-up topthese leggings (so cute for being active!), this necklace, this clutch, and these booties.

5. Meggan – I saw you have the Roomba in one of your Instagram stories. I wanted to invest in one but wasn’t sure if it’s worth it. Which model do you have? Do you love it or would you recommend a different vacuum?
I have the 880 model (here) and I am OBSESSED with it! We have dark hardwood floors throughout the house and they show a lot of crumbs/dust/dirt. The Roomba is nice because you can let it run while you are getting other things done around the house or while you’re out running errands (just make sure there aren’t any clothes or obstructions on the floor). And it’s also amazing because it goes under furniture and goes into corners you don’t always get with a regular vacuum. I run it at least once a day and am always amazed how much crap it picks up!!

6. How many off the shoulder tops can one girl have? hahah I seem to have an obsession. An suggestions on some white OTS tops under $100?
Lol we feel you there!! Kinda obsessing over the following: this eyelet one, this ruffled one, this bell sleeve one, this mesh one, and this tie shoulder one.

7. I’m wondering if you have any favorite store-bought dressings or dips? I don’t always have time to make my own dressing or I’m not in the mood for a salad and looking for some kind of dip for my veggies. Hummus has been my go-to so far, but I’m starting to get tired of it. Any ideas for something healthy and low-cal?
Brooke: I usually make my own dressing and it’s super simple – olive oil, lemon juice, red pepper flakes, and red wine vinegar or balsamic vinegar. So easy, clean and delish! I am obsessed with these dressings from Organic Girl.
Meggan: While I was doing Whole30 I got hooked on the brand Tessemaes (sold at Whole Foods). The green goddess and sesame ginger salad dressings are SO good. Their habanero ranch dip is another fav and perfect for dipping your veggies. You should also try black bean hummus dip, it’s so yummy!

8. What are some Mother’s Day gifts you’d like to receive? I need to buy for my sister (she’s 29 with two boys) and my mom (who has great modern style).
Meggan: I would love to get some art (love this or this from Minted – they have a huge selection), framed family pictures (Framebridge does an amazing job), or planters with plants for our patio. I’m also a sucker for photo books, calendars or mugs – Shutterfly always has good Mother’s Day deals on those!
Brooke: I would love a candle, earrings (I actually just got these and love them!), some easy to throw on sandals like these, a tote (we both love this one and you can personalize it), or anything from Lulu since I’m always in my workout clothes during the week!

9. Best pale grey couch?!
Brooke: I love this one from West Elm and this one (love the tufted look!) as well!
Meggan: My pale grey couch is from West Elm (here) and so I’m biased 😉 This one is pretty cool too and it looks cozy!

10. I have a bachelorette party in June in West Palm Beach. Any outfit ideas for during the day at the pool (swimsuits too!) and an outfit for going out at night?
That will be funnnn! A few pool options we’d pack are this one piece (seriously obsessed), this strapless bikini, and this coverup. For nights out we love – this dress, this one, and this one!

11. I love your girls decor and I’m in the process of re-doing a small patio. Seeing if you have any good outdoor rug or decor suggestions? The patio furniture is black and white, so open to any colors!
Meggan: My rug is colorful and I found it at World Market (here) and they have a ton of other cute ones. I love this geo print one and this diamond print kilim.
Brooke: Love this rug & this one, and this planter!

12. I’m attending a wedding in June and looking for a unique/affordable gift. Any ideas?
Someone gave us a really cool & unique gift – clear Christmas ornaments with our wedding invitation cut up and spiraled inside (like this). It’s so fun when we pull them out every Christmas! Also love this wine carafe and the idea of a custom wedding illustration – so cute!

13. My boyfriends birthday is coming up and I’m seriously struggling to figure out what to get him! I really wanted to make his birthday special since this is his first one we’re celebrating together. He will be 28. Would love your suggestions!
What about planning a full day of fun for you guys to celebrate him – breakfast or brunch at his favorite place, an activity (hiking, boating, biking – anything he loves) during the day, and maybe a concert at night? If you’re looking for other gift ideas we love this bluetooth speaker, this wallet (my hubs loves this one), or a new watch.

14. Meggan – my husband got a new job and we will be moving from Seattle to the Fort Worth/Dallas area. I’ve never been and we need to check out some potential neighborhoods. We’re in our early 30’s and coming from owning our own home very close to the city here. Would love your input on a good neighborhood, with fun restaurants and shops, hopefully good schools, and that’s clean and safe. Also, do you like it there?! 
Ahhh Seattle and Dallas are so different but I think you will love it – especially the weather! I grew up in Seattle so I know how it gets 🙂 We live in Dallas (about 5-10 minutes from downtown) in Preston Hallow and I love it! University Park and Highland Park (great school district) are also great neighborhoods for families and have tons of shopping + things to do. If you want to be downtown I would look into the Uptown area. We really didn’t do very much neighborhood exploring before we moved because we knew we wanted to be in my in-laws neighborhood.

15. I would love to see your selections of summer clutches!
This Cleobella one is so cute and perfect for summer, obsessed with this Cult Gaia one, this pom pom one is amaze, and this coral one is pretty!

16. Can you guys share what type of vitamins and protein supplements you take? Do you find anything to work well if you’re trying to lose weight and tone up? 
Brooke: I’m looking into vitamins right now and a lot of people recommended HUM or Ritual, so I’m going to try both of those! I’ve been adding collagen to my coffee every day (just started recently), so excited to see how that makes me feel/if it makes a difference.
Meggan: I don’t take vitamins but here’s what I do daily: put these chlorophyll drops in my water (in the morning and afternoon), take charcoal pills, and I just started drinking collagen again (been putting it in my coffee). I’m also looking into the Hum vitamins.

17. Meggan – what are you putting in your wedding welcome bags?
We got these welcome bags and were stuffing them with sunscreen, chapstick, water, cell phone fans, trail mix, cliff bars, advil, emergen-c, and bloody mary kits!

18. I know you guys will sometimes post your smoothie ingredients, so I was wondering if you could do a round up of your faves if you haven’t already? I love having smoothies but I feel like they don’t always fill me up so any good protein powder suggestions would be helpful. I like using almond butter but you can’t really use that in everything!
Meggan: I usually just do vanilla protein powder, a chia/flax seed blend, kale or spinach, half a banana, and one other fruit (usually blueberries). If I want to switch it up I’ll do a banana, PB2 powder, and kale. Kind of boring but it tastes good and it’s pretty healthy!
Brooke: I usually do the same shake every time (because it’s so good): almond milk, chocolate protein powder – I use Garden of Life (vegan, found at Whole Foods), 1/2 frozen banana, handful of ice, cinnamon, chia seeds, and 1 Tbs almond butter. OH so good and super filling!

19. How/when/where did you learn to cook? Your food snaps always make me feel like I need to step my game up in the kitchen!! My poor hubby gets the same three meals or takeout 😉
Meggan: Ha!! I don’t know how to cook either, I’m just a really good recipe follower 😉 I love watching Top Chef and cooking shows and always wish I could just throw meals together like them…they make it look so simple! Honestly though, I make a ton of Skinnytaste recipes (I have both her cookbooks) and they are so good and most are quick/easy to make. Or I will just search on Pinterest for “easy healthy recipes” and see what I can come up with.
Brooke: I didn’t really start cooking until (later) in college. I’ll be honest, I don’t love to cook (but I do 5 days/week), but I love eating homemade meals (they always taste better) because they are healthy and I know what’s in them! It just takes time, and the more you cook, the easier it will become for you. I follow recipes (love Skinnytaste cookbook), but not exactly as they are written. I like to add my own ingredients, and you will start to realize what flavors/ingredients you like together. I would recommend starting with a couple easy recipes, and go from there! Some easy recipes I love: this chicken curry (amazing), and spaghetti with meat sauce (so easy, and always a hit!). It just takes trial & error and practice!

20. Brooke, where is your new lamp that you put on instastories from? Also, the roman shades? 
The lamp is this one from C&B and here are the roman shades!

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